Simple “Pranayama” Breathing Pattern 4 Stress Relief

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IMPORTANT – Read This First – The pace of this video is breathe in, hold, breath out, hold. If the pace is too fast for you (i.e. you have greater lung capac…


Manuel Villar Lifac says:


Abbas_Abedi says:

Nothing. Just trying to break the monotony of repetition.

Vera wonttell says:

Paranayam-yam-yama 🙂 Very relaxing! Is there an invigorating technique in

aisyahcheers says:

This i soo clear crystal!thanks(:

TheRealTrueKapell says:

hold your breath than pause the video.

TheStfro says:

Even slower would be nicer still, breath in for 5 breath and out for 10,
slowly with no holds- partially close your lips or use your tongue to
narrow the opening. Breath with your belly- draw the diaphragm/ belly
slowly and steadily steadily down and out to draw air in and pull the
diaphragm/belly in and up til no more air leaves your lips 🙂

SuperALguitar says:

Hi, I am new to this and am finding it hard to find a video that is easy to
follow and works. Have you got any suguestions. Thanks.

aisyahcheers says:

I like this

oxford158 says:

waala lang

rometube says:

strange and dangerous

lilitanails says:

I guess he is talking about relaxing the body while holding the breath.

DaniaAlexandraOliva says:

Simple and to the point,perfect .Thank you very much breathing deeply and
holding my breathe and exhaling slowing is also very good . Almost forgot
to ask I would like to know if I should start with Kundalini or something
more beginner’s? What do you think I’m just starting to get the breathing

DaniaAlexandraOliva says:

Simple and to the point,perfect .Thank you very much breathing deeply and
holding my breathe and exhaling slowing is also very good .

thegreatsatirist says:

i cant breathe that slow!

1NX9 says:

I love the quality of this video. It must have been alot of work. Thank you
for sharing. Very useful and informative too. Cheers! ^_^

incogneterpeter says:

so does it help if i wear those under cause i am more relaxed when i am

Pradeep Atadkar says:


chessdude67 says:

Your model has very poor posture! One shoulder up…one down. Thumbs down
big time!

killerwaz88 says:

what is this rubbish. Anyone can say “breath in breath out” stupid waste of

Noe Berengena says:

This breathing pattern seems WAY TOO FAST. Long deep breaths would seem
much better than this pace.

alyoucha says:

What’s the difference between “breathe in, hold, breathe out” and “breathe
in, hold, relax, breathe out”?

G6600 says:

That was cool, I was listening to this, closed my eyes and was doing like
he says. At the end he say breath out, hold, and relax… and I wait that
he says breath in… and wait…and wait…for a minut… I almost died 🙂

SuperFenderfan says:

will this get rid of my asthma

markstar777 says:

this is too quick, its stressin me out

TheManolakis says:

maybe you could go faster what crap

magnet2money says:

way too fast i still inhaling then hold your breaththen breath it out and
relax how can i wen im only halfway thru filing my lungs way…..this is
too fast or maybe it been sped up or something somehow i dont think this is
propa yoga breathin xcise very strange

choileefut says:

thanks for that was very good. i get very very stressed at work as a night
club bouncer and i frown alot and get very tensed around my forhead and
shoulders.what can i do?

Pancharutnam Krishnamoorthy says:

This is a different version of Pranayama!This is illustrated and
instructions given this is fairly good yeta accuracy is lacking since it is
different from thoriginal by SHilpa. There is no left and right alteriing
which is very essential also lacks Humming Bee breathing which is
essential; only people who learnthrough Sanskrit or translation from
Sanskrit can do properely! That is originally from India. This is incoplete!

Abbas_Abedi says:

your welcome, thanks for listening

Tito Dutta says:

@alyoucha Breathe In, Take the air inside your nose (body), Your chest will
expand. Breathe out. You will release air. Re;ax means do nothing (breathe
in and breathe out), just relax your body. This is not a very well
demonstrated video. You may Google for more. Specially follow Ramdeb’s

Loris Langella says:

useful video ^^

clarityprevailed says:

the is the worst breathing video ever. if you’re new to this, please check
out something else.

bucci777 says:

Is this for real? I almost passed out!

Bohdibilly says:

This is a “simple prana yama” and this is a good place for a beginner who
may have not know what a breathing exercise is

Matt Dempsey says:

Weird, I do the same thing when I snort cocaine!

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