Silva Method Reviews – How To Use the Silva Method

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Click here to download a free Silva Method starter kit We ask a question to Silva Graduates from around the world. How do YOU use the Si…


Thedisgustingbeauty says:

Used this yesterday and I felt relaxed and restored. However to the lady
who says she uses it while driving doesn’t sound like a good idea. Driving
with your eyes closed is dangerous.

Bevyline Dodson says:

I WANT to be all that GOD made me to be.AMEN.

Ullash podder says:

i love that red dress- girl…restless…!

Robloxman226 says:

Depends. Although it actually works, so…

shotym34 says:

What the hell is the Silva Method?

Angel Caikes says:

I love Silva…I only got it a week ago and I used it today before my very
first client arrived for my new business. I suffer anxiety, especially
social anxiety and am a bag of nerves…I used it for the first time
without the tapes (I have only done the “Roadmap” part) and my nerves were
almost gone by the time my client arrived and the whole thing went so well.
I really wish I’d discovered it years ago. I don’t know if one thing every
works for everyone but this one definitely worth a try!

Dušan Cholvad says:


alaina grwe says:

I wonder how much they got payed to say all that

alaina grwe says:

oh really? how was it? i feel like its a rip off but ive also heard it
works from a few people, im not sure what to believe

Clara Oswald says:

Listen to me, it may help you and it may not, it worked for me but one
little thing doesn’t work for every greedy person on this planet.

Eric Ojukwu says:

Sounds good

L3z976 says:

Dear Everyone, most of u say that Silva helped u to achieve this and that
BUT it is U guys who help yourselves and I think he would say the same. The
amazing thing in him and his method to show a simple, easy way to master ur
consciousness and be a complete person. It is up to u and no one else. I
use his method as well. Love it 😀 Namaste

Robloxman226 says:

Hmm. Did you try looking your problems up? If not, there are other types of
meditiation out there. But here’s some advice: it may take a while to get
used to your mind being tottally silent, and your body actually
comfortable. You could also look up various positions (don’t do it laying

TehSuperBestFriends says:

needs more comments. Lol.

Vittoria10538 says:

L3z976, You’re right, it’s we ourselves who make the beneficial changes in
our lives. But that’s actually what makes Silva great. This method guides
each of us to a place where we can find the courage, trust, focus,
intuition and the other inner resources needed to make those changes. I
read, from time to time, that Silva was “disproved”, but I don’t understand
how anyone could make an objective statement about such a subjective
experience. Silva works, to the extent the person makes use of it.

Ariel Betancourt says:

I took the Silva Method in 1983 in Montreal Canada. I have been using it
every day. Living in Montreal many many times I used the 3 fingers
techniques so many time to find a place to park right where I wanted
DOWNTOWN it never failed. Amazing WOW.

amine hamdi says:
amine hamdi says:
amine hamdi says:

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