Silva Method- Glass of water technique

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Prof. Moiz Hussain explains the use of Glass of Water technique developed by Jose Silva in the GEO TV Program KHUWAB.


ezm555 says:

this host is sooooo irritating .. let the man speak!

Moiz Hussain says:

@geniusnoki7 Agreed Friend. But when you are sick you take medicines and go
to a Doctor also. these tools are like additional help. Of course Healing
is only with the grace of ALLAH almighty

waleedyguy90 says:

“All i want to be power and power is WHAT , WHAT I know” my dream is like i
want to be MAHDI or somwht hero of nation…so plz tell me MR.moiz wht it
explians….i m student of electronics engineering…03319735129..u may
contact me…

Ananta Sesa das says:

is this technique similar to scrying or is it more like the use of hado as
in “messages from water”?

ileanaboom says:

please, either spanish or english!!! but i would love to know what he says
and i can’t get one word !!! pleaseeeeee !! if there is a site in which i
can hear and understand this , let me know!!!! now, i am very interested in
finding out WHAT DOES HE SAY!? thanks.

patelchirag6567 says:

thank sir but i wanna learn whole teq …………………..proper way plz
e mail me, sir. plz sir, i must got my goal

Moiz Hussain says:

This course has been done by millions of professionals around the world.

Autumn2487 says:

The lady is very annoying and interrupted the speaker like there is no
tomorrow. grr grr grr.

alizedd says:

Sir Moiz is great but no doubt the lady is very annoying, constantly
breaking in to a great advice. I attended Sir Moiz’s 4D level I & II course
in Karachi on 22, 28, & 29th of Jan 2012 in Karachi. 4D blew my mind away,
WOW, people this course is highly recommended.

Moiz Hussain says:

@alizedd Thank you dear Bless you

K V says:

@moiziziz – Dear, THANK You very much…… Excellent. May I make a humble
suggestion? When we have an expert who is speaking it will be nice if we do
not interrupt the expert half way through his sentence… hope you do not
mind…. Thanks a lot

ehabtouch says:

wow look at the smoke at the floor

shab z says:

Respond to this video… HI Moiz sahab , i am not sure you would reply to
that or not but after seeing this program let me ask you my situation. its
not a problem for me but i am very curious about it. i am 26-27 years old
and since my childhood i see dreams of myself falling down from different
random places that could be a tall building, jumping from wall, even while
running when my body is in the air. But interestingly i get same feeling
which make me wake up from dream(TBC) word count limit

Hussain Shah says:

Sir what are your charges for complete silva package ?

azas1949 says:

say what ?

StreetEnglishTV says:

great video. Thank you for uploading this.

silverkula13 says:

@moiziziz feel sorry for you, on the other hand, you have the ability to
understand them 🙂

fancygremlin says:

For you english speakers only, he is saying to take a glass of water, made
from glass, hold it by your fingertips in front of you, look up at a 40
degree up from your normal vision, hence, up at your third eye, think of
the thing you want, whether its a goal or to have a lucid dream, and this
is for problem solving, drink half the water, and then place the other half
on the table and cover the glass, you have programmed the water to fulfill
your wish and programming your mind too.

Anrirua says:

Thanks for the video. Hey, if you can do English subtitles, great. But
otherwise, no big deal. Urdu is the primary language for millions of
people. As an English-speaking IRISH man, I respect your right to speak
only Urdu. Crazy that people EXPECT things in English or European
languages. The world is turning and I say ‘better & better’ to Pakistan,
India, China and Asia in 21st century. Looks like the wisest cultures are
moving into the driving seat for the Aquarian age 🙂 Peace.

jennye raza says:

I am watching prof Moiz and have notice These tv show presenter ask one
question butt never let him answer always stop him and try to show that
they know all so plz if you call some one in your show let him talk he have
only few mint to say some thing u have lot time for to show off

Hussain Shah says:

Sir can you please add a video demonstration illustrating silva method more
clearly ?

Moiz Hussain says:

@Anrirua Dear we are working on hacving subtitles in English soon

silverkula13 says:

listening to them is already a brain exercise

AlfaAxel says:

What language is this?

Moiz Hussain says:

SAY ” This is all I need to do to find the answer to the question I have in

Belinda Kaysac says:

what is the point if we don’t understand what she’s saying

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