Silva Meditation For Deep Relaxation

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This meditation will bring your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. Access the full program here: Laura Silva will guide you throug…


Stan Rosen says:

Meditation is essential for self-development and empowerment

Rita I. says:

This was amazing. Thank you very much Laura. I look forward to daily
listening to this. :)

Thing says:

It’s the same words used in cantering excercise but with a different
background noise 

Alex Guerriero says:

This method of relaxation works very well for me. It took 4 days of 3 times
a day to make effect. So if you find it irritating at the beggining I think
it’s a little bit of ressistance from your part., but don’t give up. It’s
worth it. 

Katerina Grofova says:

I really liked this. It really worked for relaxing completely. It worked so
well, that I fell asleep after 20 minutes into a very peaceful deep sleep
:))) (on a Sunday later afternoon, which I never can do! :)))

Eren Mckay says:

Mirta Baires says:

wonderful exercise ¡

khaled khunaifer says:

if you can’t concentrate with the existence of that noise, then your
current sense of focus is a false sense focus

defaultize says:

Can someone answer this question for me? I know what the Silva method says
about alpha and theta brainwaves but I have read that neurofeedback (used
for kids with ADHD) trains them to make more beta waves. So, does that mean
that it is opposite to the Silva method?

Rosinia Couturaud says:

Thank you very much for this beautiful meditation thank you again.

mortimash says:

it worked

DolphinsSpirit says:

first comment? =P

DolphinsSpirit says:


Joeos5 says:

ADHD is a brain condition different to what normal people have. I’m not
familiar with biofeedback for this purpose but medications for ADHD either
speed up or slow down the brain. I imagine that the more beta waves work
much in this manner, speeding up the brain. Actually, not sure if I a
emembering correctly but I want to say ADHD kids may have some abnormal
Delta wave activity. No idea how they may correct that however.

Raghunandanan Menon says:

How nice of u madam T he meditation program is excellent and without any
parallel in the world.

Marija P says:

I like this meditation so much ! I had tried other ones but this is perfect
cause is combination of deep meditation, some kind of hypnosis,
affirmations and the sound behind is in coordination with brain frequents .
You are always in control of your mind. Thank you madam Laura !

TirrellGx5 says:

I do frequent meditations on my own using isochronic tones and enjoy them
very much, but the fact that I hear constant swallowing and at one point
sirens in the background make me feel like the recording could of been done
much better. Overall, i’m not saying this to be negative, but just making
you aware as you take your journey through meditation you will find other
methods that allow even a deeper sense of relaxation. Nonetheless, this
audio is great for people new to meditation.

taylor smith says:

the background sounds is what made it ! It’s terribly long, and to be
honest I got bored and started laughing half way I thought it was so dumb.
but the ending is what really does the trick

Dragos Tomescu says:

Urmăriţi acest videoclip pe YouTube: Jose silva relaxation

AhKow Lai says:

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