Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

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Close We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, p…


Karen Bracken says:

It al sounds funny and nice BUT what he is saying is we need to change the
way people think. How do we do this? We start with our children. This is
an extremely dangerous premise. If we can change children’s brains to be
happy we can also change our children for evil purposes. People need to be
left alone. What people like him want to do is control people. Allow
people to be what they were born to be naturally is what made this world
the amazing place it is. This many should scare the crap out of people.
But sadly way too many are already brainwashed.

Dan Ellis says:

*Positive in the present* . . . This guy is a riot and has some great
points to ponder!

Judy Wiley says:

Shawn Achor speaks on the correlation between happiness and success. His
video will make you chuckle but the fact is, many travel the route to
success in reverse :)

Doba says:

*Motivating, Fast-Paced, and a new way to look at why we do what we do . .

Rich LaDuca says:

*What we are finding is that it’s not necessarily the reality that shapes
us, but it’s the lens through which our brain views the world that shapes
our reality.*
*~ Shawn Achor*

Jeffrey Watkins says:

Funny. Genuis. Revealling. Brilliant.

Tanya Brayer says:

“Amy, I think this means you are a unicorn!” #ShawnAchor +TED

petecabrina says:

I wish this whole talk did not use endless connotations about ‘negative’
and ‘positive’, it comes across far too much like a pop psychology or
motivation type speech when in fact the essence of it, especially learning
to rewire the brain are important messages and tools to learn. At the end
of the day it is about getting to an improved and balanced state of well
being, we should be trying to find a neutral ground where we can learn to
deal with all kinds of life events without having to try and be ‘positive’,
it is about how we literally absorb and react in the end, thoughts are just
secondary chatter. Of course many ancient cultures have know all this for
millennia who have provided us with many techniques to create change and
rewire the brain, but as always the general populous is always too busy
chancing after stuff and tickets to notice.

If anyone wants the real meat on the bone they should look at Robert Anton
Wilson’s book Prometheus Rising, he covers the whole human condition and
states of consciousness in detail, along with providing all the techniques
you will ever need to shift awareness. 

ObeyHipHop says:

def one of the best

Julius Fawcett says:

Fabulous, change the lens through which we perceive the world and allow the
happiness to flow more easily. Specifically, letting go of thought patterns
that get in the way of happiness, letting go of fear, anger, jealousy,
blame, guilt, sorrow, irritation, resentment, frustration, criticism,
bitterness and other negative thought patterns, and instead choosing
thought patterns to do with peace, love, harmony, passion, purpose,
strength, confidence, kindness, encouragement, compassion, thankfulness and
other positive thought patterns. Our perception lens can give everything an
enjoyable visage, it’s looking at the fullness of water in half the glass,
it’s a self fulfilling prophecy in that what we focus on grows. I wish you
all peace, love and harmony. I love you xxx :)

Eric Morrison says:

If Tosh.0 gave a TED talk

Jalanda Smith says:

Wicked awesome talk

hans hyooman says:

nice talk! 🙂
well then..
lets go back to being depressed and sitting at the computer all day.

Yask Srivastava says:

Well , that was intuitive wasn’t it?
Busy life , hectic work schedule , and suddenly we forget how to live the
Thanks for refreshing my memory , and be Happy ;)

CPA Site Solutions says:

Watch this entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor
argues that actually happiness inspires productivity.
Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

paul jackson says:
Peter Tonkin says:

Great Video on Happiness and how our brain perceives it. 🙂 Be Happy!

KaneyoshiSouji says:

I feel so fulfilled mentally and yet, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

I want to hear more speeches! XD 

Klash Song says:

Fantastic! Awesome talk!

Melody Hiatt says:

An interesting, and funny, look at positive psychology and how to exceed
the average.

Kenna Ortega says:

One of the best and definitely the funniest TEDtalks ever!

Tammy Plunkett says:

One of my mommy bloggers said she wants to write about “Choosing Happy” and
I immediately thought of this Ted talk. 

zwr9ne0fh8pk4bt635245 says:

What you know about being happy is probably wrong.
Happiness in school, work, life and mind, is by changing how your perceive
happiness and your work and life goals.

Trevor Anderson says:

Its amazing that by consciously changing the way we look at the world we
can improve our lives both physically and emotionally. Great talk!

Dustin Kines says:

Just be happy

Elizabeth Mueller says:

An awesome talk…

matt whitman says:

“Raise your positivity in the present and your brain experiences a
happiness advantage” – Shawn Achor

Virginie Boutin says:

HI everyone, Does anybody’s got the reference study where the “30% more
performance when happy” is explained? Thanks :)

Steve Mattoon says:

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE…. “HAPPINESS”… and the science (funny but
true)… way to BE happy!

Piotr Bazan says:

Before you start blindly listen to your manager watch this ;)

ToxicHyena says:

So what I’ve taken away from this, is that if I eat more chocolate (which
makes me happy) I will feel more positive and be more successful in my
life. Thank you TED Talks for validating my love of chocolate.

Phil Matson says:

Excellent Ted Talk regarding Positive Psychology. 

Anne Wenstrom says:

Love this video! I’ve made lots of connections with what Shawn Achor says
and what we’ve chosen as important “social/emotion wellness” actions to
focus on during our SAS W.O.W 30-Day Challenge. :)

gummula rama says:

Let know the secret!!!!

James Turrell says:

Wait, where are all the angry and hateful comments?!? Nice to see that
everyone is in a good mood after watching this video. 

Teresa Proctor says:

I like Shawn Achor, he is cool, funny and informative! Check it Out Now

Zoraya Cruz-Bonilla says:

A marathon towards happiness, in less than 13 minutes. 

Kathryn Sampson Graves says:

A very good listen!

Angie Wisk says:

So true!

Greg Sachs says:

*Positive Psychology*

Premise: Society says Success –> Happiness. (should be flipped)
Core message/principles: Start with Happiness –> Success

How to achieve happiness first, perform daily:
1. Write down three things they are grateful for
(in life, not just Thanksgiving)
2. Journal about one positive experience that happened today
3. Exercise daily
4. Meditate daily
5. Perform at least one random act of kindness
(write an email, compliment, etc.)

Simon Davies says:

Funny and interesting

Nathanael Avakian says:

Nice really nice. 

Niamh Shields says:

12 minutes of your time well spent! Fascinating video. 

Heir Holiness says:

Love Love LOVE!!! Many Thanks Sir!!! 🙂 Yayyyyy!!! 

RCStudiosca says:

My thoughts exactly.

Gabrielle Pullen says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the material AND for so generously
role modeling the sense of humor that can make it kick in even deeper!

Calvin OnEarth says:

Finding Happiness.

Marina Tudoran says:

very useful

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