Self Motivation Video – Go Do It

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Overcome lethargy and procrastination… watch this 4 minute video and get energized to complete any task of your choosing. Produced by Meditainment.


Dusty Crophopper says:

I feel really good after watching this :)

Abbie Royal says:

…to do nothing :/

videogames rock channel says:

This didn’t really motivate me

Jay Bone says:

I live, in a van down by the river !

Fairytaleprincexy says:

I little personal here, but here it goes. The first time I saw this video
was around the first week of August in 2013. I was in a very depressive
mood; my best friends rejected me because I am gay, I was completely alone
in a foreign country, I hated my job, and I didn’t like how I looked
physically. I even thought of ending my life. But I stumble across a flier
for a near Crossfit gym and I started researching about the topic. One of
the things, other than getting fit and healthy, was that the gym becomes
your family, a community that is not only working out, but also support and
friendship. I wanted to join, but many negative thoughts crossed my mind
and neglected me to call and participate on the gym workouts. Thats when I
decided to research self motivation videos and information. There came this
video telling me to push myself and actually achieve a goal that is just
steps away. I did and its about six months later and I feel and look ten
times better, I made great new friends who accept me for who I am and
actually found a boyfriend who also supports me and helps me defeat the
daemons of rejection and neglect. Thanks for this simple video who had
actually changed my life. THANKS!

Jay Bone says:

I live, in a van down by the river !

Jabberwock87 says:

great vid =) has been helping me study for my exam =) 5 stars!

Samantha Strick says:

Meeehhhh. I dont wanna fo myyyy homeworkkkkk

Sayaueda says:

was motivated to do hw for a second, then the other videos on the sidebar
which got me distracted

Sterling Lowery says:

Let us not wait for the iron to become hot. But let’s strike to make it
hot. tagged dot com/sterlbo

Thyshon Reyes says:

@Meditainment you think you can send me the song or put it on itunes so i
can buy it….i really the music to it and i am willing to pay for the song
with out the women talking in it.

hgfjyrdetryu says:

lol 1:55 “silicon implants” and thats why we love you captions 🙂

Mircea Dochia says:

siick video i will comment =) and do that

Hedda D'Class says:

I need to finish my painting i will let you know if i finish it. 🙂

K3VERZ says:

The sense of achievement *ooh sss sss sss sss sss sss* – favorite part of
the video lmao

i0love0monster0dolls says:

wow! the animation is so cool!

devft31 says:

lol i went on facebook while watching this. you can’t stop procrastination

PiPphiltitley says:

good graphics but Top gear just started on Dave and iv only seen it three

Momina K. says:

I will do my HOMEWORK!!! yeah

irunmadn says:

This music is making me horny.

appledempinar says:

Whooaa.. feel the music. Downloadable?

QuickAsScope says:

helps me with cigarette cravings

Pavle Dujmovic says:

Still not going to study

iamtherisingsun says:

It helped me learn for Latin!!! Very Great!!!

LUXAETERNA6603 says:

I still don’t want to do my lab report ;(

Screwer Thiser says:


CR33P3R32 says:

This video just made me motivated to turn off youtube..

Wegdan Rashad says:

nice 🙂 I..will…do…this just after i have a cuppa tea, and perhaps
visit my grandma hehe

Georgia Patterson says:

Meh….. I’ll go do it tomorrow…. Just kidding.

crazygeo81 says:

@Cornampoo same here !

ro0ter says:

Please someone tell us what is the soundtrack. Thank you, Meditainment 😀

girl43 says:

@sudeepkumarjain That’s the purpose 😉

rob hutton says:

borrrrring video

YallaFinance says:

You should check out legendarymoves articles on motivation

David Roads says:

It’s strange but I do feel like getting my stuff done… Anyone else?

Hedda D'Class says:

i’m getting my brushes out…. oooooh

Jernespand says:

wow… very cool vid, the animation, voice and music is amazing

luciousgurl168 says:

woow amazing video this is gna get me through my exams

Koekjebakker says:

mee ttoo…. internet and computers are ruining my life 🙁

Tyler3298 says:


DeesBnuts says:

maid me go to the washroom eventho i did’nt need to

Erin Parker says:

It is motivating to follow a mentor like John David, he taught me the step
by step approach in order to succeed. He changed my financial life through
Proper Income Dot Com.

Michaela Newbill says:

Wow 🙂

Hedda D'Class says:

Went out and spent some dosh, so the vid just made me spend spend spend.
Darn it!

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