Self-Hypnosis Experience – Relaxation Stress Management

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Close Dr. Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH demo. Hypnosis Video This hypnosis video is from our basic hypnotherapy certification class. On the f…


David Nelson says:

That was a very positive experience. And most instructive. Thank you.

The great “Wiki-How” article, “5 Ways to Hypnotize Yourself Using the Best
Me Technique,” brought you to my attention and encouraged my to pay it.
They were not wrong in their praise.

Anita Martinez says:

I felt really relaxed when i followed your advice on self hypnosis, thanks
for the lesson of self hypnosis, I’ll keep it up…

ayoub slevin says:

There was actually something that happened and it felt so great to
experience it:) thank you !

amante pensanta says:

He was able to hyptonize me, but not able to count to 3… 🙂
Anyways, this is on my daily watch list now.

Prinze luz says:

Thanks it worked. 

Amal Tamimi says:

i didn’t feel it much, my brain is keeps interrupting the process and
thinking of different things??

kyösti kallio says:

Subbed,awesomeness shall keep on rocking!


i kind of got in a better state and kind of lifted my mood and my mind to
open up to study , thank you just subscribed :)

Jeffrey M. Brandler, EDS says:

here’s a great introduction to hypnosis that any one can do

John Garratty says:

i feel calm now thanks

Mojemi12 says:

Great stuff!

TheFirecracker193 says:

when ever i look at this video and i get done it feels like i have had a 5
hour nap

Audri Good says:

Yes, I feel much more relaxed and a bit happier – Dunno if I feel any more
receptive to learning. This seems like a nice guided meditation.

yeashaaa says:

my peaces was awesome….willow tree in the middle of a field w/ me laying
under it and a warm breeze passing me by….loved this

ronymexico1 says:

the instructions work, when followed, but the doctor’s voice is what really
does it for me the same,deep, mellow tonal quality is very relaxing, just

Natalie Ball says:

I followed all of the steps and such, but i opened my eyes and got up to
turn answer a text

freddy2437 says:

soooo helpful

itstehpwn says:

this was crazy i thought it was like 30 seconds or a min long i looked up
and saw i was at 6 minutes and was like 😮 wuuut lol

TheDmoney2121 says:

It actually works man!!!!

atonalism says:

I enjoyed it and relaxed nicely. Thanks!

EiranEireann IranIreland says:

well as he says in the video, you’re aware and alert during hypnosis; btw
it doesnt matter if you believe in hypnosis or not, it’s a psychological
state; it’s not like a myth or belief as in with fortune telling or

shecter diamond says:

Your videos are grear. This is why I like “YouTube” so much. I can glean
information about hypnosis and other modalities that relate to the mind
wihich is very powerful. I say this even though I never experienced the
deeper powers of the mind. I have already scratched the only surface of
hypnosis. I am enrolled in a hypnosis course and I have seen inprovements
in my life using self hypnosis. Again, Thanks for your videos Phill

Susan Prince says:


ABSNproduction says:

Lol okay.

immortalmortal1000 says:

wow, I feel so much more relaxed. im writing this sentence so contently

HellasRocks4Evar says:

Thank you so much for this, I even shed tears of happiness while I was in
trance, thanks so much

Titus Christian says:

This is the second time I have come to this video and for me it has worked.
I feel more relaxed and my mind is actually more receptive to learning.
Really cool and really odd.

Matthew Bill says:

Thanks for this video, I use it all the time to help me chill out & relax.
You’re really good at this, thank you.

ClinicalHypnosis says:

Broken today. Hypnomechanic has been called

Zyeni Teloma says:

Worked really well.

b says:

alan rickman?

MrJdubSmooth says:

thank u man i feel quite better in my own state of serenity

Keshimaru says:


Jon Engstrom says:

I have studied hypnosis and meditative trance work for over 30 years. I
don’t have any formal training and NLP is still largely a mystery to me,
but I found this and others of your videos helpful. I am always looking for
more efficient induction methods. Thanks for posting.

fantagejas123 says:

My eyelids kept twitching xD

luckygozer says:

i felt alot more relaxed and i believe in hypnosis only im never (so far
atleast) able to stop being alert like even when im relaxed and creating a
place in my mind im still fully alert and while i feel relaxed while doing
it when its done i kind feel the same as i did before

Steve Hernandez says:

This does work. After trying it I felt more relaxed and Mr worries seemed
to slip away. I feel that my mind was cleared of any thoughts. I simple
feel more relaxed

potatopeelingparty says:

This is sooo coool

UrbanGamer123 says:

Worked for me. Felt good too

Catherine Turcotte says:

Felt really relaxed. Wish it was longer!

Valstag04 says:

i felt like i was falling asleap…

Aaron Blanken says:

tht was awesome

Ellie Carver says:

>:( why cant I be hypnotized

Zac Butterbaugh says:

I can’t relax. I am too strong headed.

AwesomeKabir says:

I watched this and fell asleep for 2 hours

CodeNameVadim says:


namook100 says:

I was very alert but after trying this several times he made me awfully
tired, then I started to picture things even hear sounds to the paradise I
had created in my mind, works with practice in my case.

Aris G says:

Yes I can feel better after this. It helps us keep the good thoughts,
remember of good times, plan on nice things for life! It is some kind of

Marilyn Muckerman says:

Thanks, followed your every instruction and it worked like a charm.. very

ClinicalHypnosis says:

Its not. There are people who want to claim hypnosis and meditation are two
different things. They are not. Both hypnosis and meditation are words that
I call “umbrella” words. There are a lot of things underneath each of them.

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