Self-Esteem: A Guided Relaxation Session

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A guided relaxation session affirming the theme of love and self-esteem. Hope someone out there finds this helpful/enjoyable!


b41984 says:

cannt stand her vocie

Billdev Parkher says:

Thank You!!

Alexandra Stuardo says:

That was beautiful. I feel much better. Thank you! *_*

Message of Peace & Greatest Classical Music Ever says:

The goal is to enjoy every moment for the rest of your life. So, discover
your heart and start gathering the joy. 

Bundesagentur says:

Any chance to be your subject? Maybe you like the idea to help me relax and
after a while you knock me out completely into a incredible deep state of
trance, without a choice to resist, just the desire to going deeper for you
and deeper, even deeper,,no way back just drifting DEEPER and if you like
it you can give suggestions to feel very numb, submissive and obedient to
you,,too weak to resist and become more and more addicted to listen to your
voice as much as possible every day. Pls let me know what do you think
about my friend. Greetings from germany

Antonella Pippia says:

beautiful meditation, thank u!!

Laura Crawford says:

That was really beautiful, thank you.

Sunanda Thali says:


Marcus Logan says:

Written and performed by TequilaKitty86 really??

Lisa Shea says:

Wow that was a lovely guided meditation. More ideas for doing my own. The
“hiss” on the audio does need to be fixed – Self-Esteem: A Guided
Relaxation Session

RomanceClass says:

Wow that was a lovely guided meditation. More ideas for doing my own. The
“hiss” on the audio does need to be fixed – Self-Esteem: A Guided
Relaxation Session

Asa Parker says:

Borgore ?

trininigerian says:

mean could not hear

Jason Gray says:


Nii Martey says:

first of all get out a sheet a sheet of paper and write out 10 things u are
greateful for and get into the this every morning and
evening..untill it becomes a habit..

Lecinemaataviste says:

Just lovely! Beautiful photos, where are they from?

zenithkid95 says:

Where r u?

keatonf0x says:

first thing on my daily routine, unless i have to pee

ChicagoGene1 says:

Grateful for it.

hoynoseloquemepasa says:

I love it. So sweet and so gentle. It is so kind of you to share this with
me and the rest of the world. Thank you so much.

lollopisemis says:

Favourite marked! Thank you very much!!

Lillie McDonald says:

Loves it

Aimee Tweddle says:

Omg I am 12 and that is the best

Lael Laning says:

This is a gentle and lovely meditation. Thank you.

Richard Skinner says:

hay maple,don’t be hard on yourself,everyone has highs and lows,and I mean
everyone,if you have bad thought ,don’t or feel negative,,you will get
through it ,but do one or 2 things a day,that ya like doing,I should
know,just came through the dirty D word,did not think I would make it.
Spiritual masters even talk about negativity

elroyblackbean says:

Very very nicely done. Thank you for putting it together…although I was
hoping there would be both tequila and kitties involved.

Melina Dio says:

I feel so amazing after this meditation. I have big day ahead if my and i
feel like I can take it on with these thoughtful words. Thank you

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