Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 2/6

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T. Harv Eker (Author) shares his techniques for understanding the psychology of money and how to think like a millionaire


WealthWithinReach says:

The reason lots of people do not get the results they want is because they
think knowing it is enough, they dont actually practise it. You have to put
yourself out there and believe you can achieve and actually do it! I’ve
found a way that you can use to create the wealth and abundance you want in
a practical approach. It enabled me to quit my job, work from home and make
over $12000 a month. See my channl to know how..

BBradshawProductions says:

here some ideas on becoming a millionaire for FREE 1. Smuggle 10 kilo of
coke across the border 2. Rob a good armored car 3. make your own meth lab
4. make a weed farm 5. sue a big company or someone rich 6. sell bullshit
ideas of becoming a millionaires to dumbasses LMAO

toshtao1 says:

Learn how to become a millionaire with this free network marketing

Blitzzard says:

by the way, u DIDNT post EARLIER bout investing.. u jst said “havin a
savngs acount” w/c ends u up as a SAVER.

dubbymacky says:

this is absolute crap he hasnt once suggested hard work and building up a
savings account!!!!

gymboy20008 says:

Hi, could you please do something as this EXCELLENT video is not working.

dubbymacky says:

you have to save the money first before you can invest it!

dubbymacky says:

your right this is bullshit as i said in another comment nowhere does this
guy mention working hard and building a savings account because thats a
sacrifice lol

Mongodelight says:

He actually made me aware that i ve been conditioned by modelling to be a
provider. I wasnt aware of it, maybe that is another key reason that i ve
no girlfriend. Never underrate the power of your subc. My dads no.1 value
is to be a provider. Argh, Eker is awesome i want it all!

tanio12 says:

@ToSeeThingsClear dumb desperate people you mean the same ones that get up
in the morning and go make a CEO rich yet they get pennnies and the CEO
unlike this man ain’t telling them a damn thing but will get rid of their
asses when need be.

raymontrealutube says:

he speaks well,actually he is good 🙂

dubbymacky says:

of course warren buffet worked hard you have to do the research on the
stock you dont just pick a stock and buy it! when i say hard work i also
mean sacrifice like not going to the nightclubs every week or as soon as
you get some money buying something expensive to show off thats all in the
term hard work!

Blitzzard says:

u dont really understand it. u shud never underestimate the power of the
mind and emotion. by controlling how u act, u can change a lot to urself.
this change leads to a change to ur physical world. f u think that by doing
“hard” work wil make u rich , then u’ll end up ALL ur life working HARD to
have money. i didnt say anything bout nightclubs or burning money so dont
post a msg bout it. warren buffet didnt worked hard. he worked SMART. just
by studyng the cash flow.

Blitzzard says:

u nid to be more open minded dude.. we’re lvng in the information age, not
in the industrial age. u myt get left behind!

dacouk says:

I agree but there’s a difference between working hard only and think
positive and big PLUS working smart and hard. It’s seems to me that a
father, an employee, with 3 kids and a housewife works probably hard to pay
the bills for his family, probably having more than 1 job. Isn’t that
working hard? He’ll probably never be rich though. Other people think
different, work smart and hard and get different risults….So working hard
is just a component, a tool. Everything starts by the way you think.

Shaun Kwong says:

I like the idea of a money blueprint, a relationship blueprint, a health
blueprint and even a happiness blueprint.

Blitzzard says:

yeah, its that easy.. but its NOT easy to DO IT.. with all the negativity
the world has, its almost impossible. like what ur doing now, ur
encouraging negative things in ur mind. y dont u just try it and see the
results, anyway u wont lose anything f u try to be more positive. f u
continue to be such an asshole, u wont get anything good in ur life dude. U

subbtopp says:

@Pasteldqueijo maybe something like..In some european countries ..norway
denmark sweeden frsnce germsny..they circulate the money for the benifit of
a larger proportion of the society eg socialisted health care, so a more
equal society creates a healthier and happier and consequencly more
productive one..where in america its more about money being power, the
health care system where the acumilation of money is more important than
the sanctity of human life.

Mpampis Papadopoulos says:


Blitzzard says:

we hav difernt meanings of hard wrk.. ok? 4 me creatvty and knwldge on
money maters s better than hard wrk.. bcoz from the word itself w/c is
“hard”, it implies working HARD to have money.. u’ll just end up as a SLAVE
to money.. instead u shud be the one to CONTROL it. when u know how money
behaves, then u can be rich.. look at warren buffet.. did he work hard to
have money? no! he had knowledge bout stocks and he invested on that

Lex_Ka says:

could someone give me an example of how different cultures think
differently about money? that doesnt seem right to me.

Skaffaaah says:

Sounds like a Tellsell commercial to me. He became a millionaire by selling
this stuff and not by his blueprint. He got some valid points about growing
up dough.

KickSomeAss says:

@nilsskk He is Canadian.

Mongodelight says:

whats special about this guy? he really wanted to make it easy. I dont know
if he s going to explain all it takes – BUT his presentation is great. Even
if he s not profund – i would admire him for fooling the people so damn
great 😀

Blitzzard says:

it doesnt take money to earn money. u jz nid to be creative and wise. ur
mind is set for LOW.

dubbymacky says:

of course you have to work hard to make money what you think richard
branson was out getting drunk having fun every weekend no he was working
hard on his bussinesses! you dont get rich by spending money although the
marketing people would like you to think that! this isd the formula to get
rich thertes no other way work hard =save your money=and invest none of
this mumbo jumbo about the way you think and all that rubbish although it
does help to be positive

clintonskakun says:

this is very true.

tomeucap says:

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Robert Butler says:

What an inspiring video. This so true we have all been programed from birth.

dubbymacky says:

if it was that easy everybody would be doing it!! nothing thats worth
having comes easy in this world!!! maybe in fantasy land where alot of
people live in there heads!!

Washington4241 says:

See my video on how to make money with ShareCash: watch?v=SaMrhzV5KiY

dubbymacky says:

i dont see how i was being negative! ask any successful person and the
common denominater will be hard work!! im sorry i dont fall for the notion
that positive thinking alone will make your dreams come true! as i said
anything thats worth having does not come easy if it did every one would
have it!

Blitzzard says:

as what he said, u dont have to work hard to make money. do u really think
that working hard would make you rich? u need to read between the lines
dude.. building a savings account doesnt make u rich.. what happens to ur
money when u withdraw it 10 yrs later? do u think it’ll grow that much?
last of all, after u withdraw ur money 10 yrs later, do u think it’s worth
is still the same? ur $1 ten years before, has much worth than ur $1 now.

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