Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 6/6

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Close – T. Harv Eker (Author) shares his methods for understanding the psychology of money and how to think like a millionaire….


drlex says:

One year ago I applied his teachings about 5 jars (money management
techinique). It’s amazing. I can’t wait to have children and teach them
what I learned so they can grow rich much faster. Thank you Harv. This is
so simple stupid but it works.

Marcos Carvalho says:

@clientsiken Yes I am. Damn, you got me. WIth those skills, you might make
it big reading tarot cards. Please do not bother me anymore with this
matter. Thanks.

Unicorncorp says:

@thundercross9 He’s a multi-millionaire… and you are… broke? Lol, so I
will listen to him instead. 😛

ALAN ANG says:

things are slow for me now. the uploads really motivated me

clientsiken says:

@thundercross9 You’re broke, aren’t you? You may also want to improve your
grammar and spelling skills.

Shaun Kwong says:

Continue Learning

Marcos Carvalho says:

What a bunch of bullshit. This is pseudo-spiritual-emotional-motivational
guidance, not a guide to wealth.

Unicorncorp says:

@thundercross9 Lol, he became a millionaire before he started coaching.
Intelligently dispute what he says that you deem “bullshit”. Everything he
says is applied by almost all the wealthy. Investment gurus? Lol, good luck
with that.

awesome2486g says:

Thank U for sharing these principles and knowledge and advise.

Ahmad khan says:

i m bigger than my problems….

xxXghislainXxx says:

Thank you for sharing very insightful indeed

ramona acosta says:

SUPERB !!! He isgetting in to details, deeper, really veru helpful!!

619millionaire says:

If it wasn’t for his book, “The Secrets of Millionaire Mind,” I don’t think
I’ll be in position right now managing & growing my firm. I stopped
thinking like an employee & like a businessman. Also, one of my greatest
obstacles was taking necessary action required to bring us contracts – i
was coasting for 4years until July this year when i hit crisis in terms of
my finances. I guess some ppl just learn through crisis & when your so
broke that it hurts. Now I’m well off. Thx to God & my Mentors.

nomovideos says:

This wouldn’t work because you just change your thoughts on the surface
level, even if you know every concept he teaches, thats where all the
learnings will be, on the surface level. The so called “blue print” is
determined on your formative years around 3-7, if you want to change it,
you have to go back to the source, to your child hood and change your
beliefs from there and everything else would follow. be well and be wealthy.

DanHarHar says:

Awesome! Hv never heard of him till I got a free ticket to his seminar. I
am truly blown away by what he had just presented.

Ladysweetness17 says:

This is brilliant!

xwing26 says:

Got to admit, being a level 10 person and always having a lower level
problem, is awesome way to go about improving yourself. The bigger improved
u, means the bigger plate u have to receive life’s beauty…Good advice to
keep within myself…thank you T harv

Shara Ashley Zeiger says:

Watch The Shara Ashley Show Episode 6: operation hot shit! (my channel)

buzzclick500 says:

@thundercross9 : He’s probably a millionaire off-and-on. I would guess he
carries a debt-load of 20-40%(you can tell by speech patterns, level of
enthusiasm and other signals). I tend to look for errors in presentation,
and detect virtually none; he’s very sincere. On investments: mosquitos
invest, and poison their “customers”. Humans provide quality services and
products to each other.

Liond947 says:

God bless Harv

src438 says:


buzzclick500 says:

Rich people are actually funny–at least the ones I know. They’re like
children. They like to show their possessions to people and to feed their
guests and visitors. They’re very quick to invite their friends on trips to
Chicago and New York, or to take a cruise on their boats. They get hurt
sometimes because they’re not cautious–an absence of fear. They laugh it
off and move on. I’m like all those things on the inside–next obvious
step, manifestation.

andreaoffshore says:

God Bless you Harv !! Thank you very much !! Andrea von Roth Chile

krimsonangel says:

I am so grateful to have come across this video series. Thanks for posting

sungyultaylor says:

T. Harv Eker is a god send to this earth. Plain and simple. I love this guy.

627pts says:

this sounds pretty good to me …actually somewhat motivating too…hmm Ive
got some work to do….. and some fears to confront. I’m tired of just
surviving and worrying about my financial future.

clientsiken says:

@thundercross9 LOL! Too funny!

toby gto says:

I draw and attract great health, wealth & an abundance of opportunity.I am
responsible for my life & the results i achieve in my life. I wish you a
wonderful healthy wealthy & successful life..take it its yours! Have a
Happy & prosperous New year.

Marcos Carvalho says:

@Unicorncorp I need proof that he is actually a millionarie. And even if he
is, it only because all the people that went into this charade of his and
payed the seminars. I’m not a millionaire, but I’m not broke as well. I’m
doing well in my life. So I think I will definately pass this and keep
learning from investment gurus, much more wise on their knowldge on hoe to
become whealthy in a financial stand point.

Mongodelight says:

when i have a good advice for you: the law of attraction can kill u. But it
also can support you in a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE way. So please make the law of
attraction a way of life. I know much about success techn. The law of
attraction is one of the 3 keys to success, the other two is dreams and
believes in!

katyone says:

Gotta say it T Harv Eker – you are a blessing! Thank you so much for this
incredibly clear lesson.

thethirdq says:

What a great channel! I can tell you spent some time on your video and
really respect that. Hope you enjoy mine

jez3belly says:

Thank you for the upload!

OneHeart2008 says:

Very very excellent advice.Thanks ever so much.

themillionairegirl says:

millionaire girl here. I’m already applying this in my life and its magical
how people, opportunity and money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Connaissances Sans Frontières says:

This is the wisest sentence this guy has said: act in spite of fear and
discomfort and doubt.

geoffrey igagamao says:

this guy has helped me a lot in terms of my finances and spiritual belief i

MrCassanova08 says:

stop wasting my time

Demain8 says:

incredible video

Ryokushindo says:

Same here! Never give up! 😉

Mr.Zomzak Zithipornpan says:

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