Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 5/6

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T. Harv Eker (Author) shares his methods for understanding the psychology of money and how to think like a millionaire….


monster1134884 says:

this is good i wonder when can i meet mr. Eker

huanderbassi says:

Learn more about jar system jarsofmoney. com

TheTriple88 says:


buzzclick500 says:

Reality: inflation is currently at least 98% at the present time. Is that a
bad thing? Not necessarily….something good and something huge is

LawoftheLandPA says:

My god what idiots.

flower1921 says:

This is a lot of fun!!!!….

importonly says:

invest in your financial education!!!! if you are thinking like a loser, it
doesn’t matter where you invest $2000 you are going to lose it. if you are
thinking with wealth, abundance you would not even have to ask that

psalm079 says:

thank you for this..

Khanh Duong Ngoc says:

@importonly good

thiscreepingmalaise says:

I will have the chipper chicken please and a large glass of water.

Shaun Kwong says:

I like this quote: “Who you become, in character, in mindset, in habits to
be successful enough in any arena as to create wealth from it.”

icognito01 says:

Stocks, mutual fund, real estate, etc. First, he’s a motivator speaker of
generating a wealth mindset — key word – mindset! It’s up to you to apply
it to your areas of life.

Edwinaso Guzman says:

this videos are mentors, thats how i look at it.

TVaclavicek says:

The importance of not saying you where to invest is that it helps you think
on your own. That way you can become successful. Good luck with it.

Kamna Mayank Tiwari says:

very nice and effective serious of videos

Masum J. says:

Bless This Mann Fourty45Five X Times

thethirdq says:

What a great video. I hope you like mine and the power of the Third Q!

latoywri says:

GOOD STUFF!!! 5/5*

Ryokushindo says:

I this the “both declaration” is truly the core of changing or accepting
money into your life. As westerners, we create alot of dualities into our
heads, we need to clean out our thoughts.

Mongodelight says:

its good but if u re not aware of the importance of practicing the secret
of attraction you ll end up terrified and fail. The secret of attraction is

PurposePowerCoaching says:

Recognizing that you’re bigger than your problems is such an important
perspective. Thanks for this.

Pakman78 says:

9.22 good advice…growing or dying…at all times…

lucfayt says:

another millionaire mentor(jamie macintyre) says that wealth creation is
80%mindset and 20% strategies. which Mr Eker calls them outer and inner
laws of success.remember back then when we read the book “the alchemist”?
u’ll be surprised how things turned around and ideas just pop out in your
mind and start attracting what is congruent to your blueprint.Quote from
the alchemist “when you really want to achieve something,the whole

danik077 says:

this doesnt tell me in what to invest. say i have $2000. where do i invest
it into?

BBradshawProductions says:

here some ideas on becoming a millionaire for FREE 1. Smuggle 10 kilo of
coke across the border 2. Rob a good armored car 3. make your own meth lab
4. make a weed farm 5. sue a big company or someone rich 6. sell bullshit
ideas of becoming a millionaires to dumbasses LMAO

Mr.Zomzak Zithipornpan says:

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