Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 4/6

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Shaun Kwong says:

I like this quote: Comfortable does not lead to Rich.

jaguarllu2009 says:

if you watch this with an open mind makes a lot of sense and its helpfull

georgia507 says:

Seriously? Did you not listen? Its the same things Napoleon Hill (author of
“think and grow rich”) Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, The Secret,
Abraham-Hicks, anyone whose ever spoke or written about positive thinking)
is saying. It all ties together. This is one of hundred different
explantions of the same principles. I suggest you look some of these people
up and also look for the video on this site called “Quantum Physic applied
to Mind Power – Part 1 of 10”-Helps you to understand HOW it works

monster1134884 says:

hey! everybody who has negative comment about this video you will never get
rich if you think negative

georgia507 says:

To Connaissances3: I read loads of books, watched vids, listen to tapes on
all this stuff all the time. And each time i listen/watch/read etc i
understand things in a new way. Stuff i’ve heard 3 times before and really
thought i understood suddenly “clicks”.Did you ever feel like you wanted to
go back an take an exam? First time round you probably just learnt the
information but now you’ve applied it you “understand” it-theres a
difference. Watch it again. You can only fail if you stop trying.

Eriberto Arvin Soriano says:


mrdachandlerbing says:

I’s all about your thought mentality. Negative thoughts bring negative
results. “Change Your Attitude, Change Your Thoughts..Change Your Mind” (by
D.A. Chandler-Bing).

milliomoselme says:

I love this guy!!! Thank you Harv 🙂

mahouny1 says:

Amazing ! Very good and interesting ideas !

Alison Hornsby says:

seen him he is brill 🙂

chinaldo10 says:

“I’d be taking away from others…” LOL

Masum J. says:

Bless This Man 5Five x =

Ryokushindo says:

Just be honest here, this guy hits the nail on the head. He’s telling
important truth that we should all listen to instead of saying “This guy is
a fake” or whatever. THIS is the psychology of success.

sebendebi23 says:

yes or yes! hahaha…

crumcon says:

if he concerned about pople´s problem, make his shit seminar more
affordable, instead saying ´´buy my book and and come to my seminar @ 100$
a pop´´

Connaissances Sans Frontières says:

This guy has been speaking for more than one hour and still nothing on HOW
you will become rich ! How to defy the laws of economy and recession.
Saying don’t blame the economy is just not helpful.

crumcon says:

@crumcon 1000$

BBradshawProductions says:

here some ideas on becoming a millionaire for FREE 1. Smuggle 10 kilos of
coke across the border 2. Rob a good armored car 3. make your own meth lab
4. make a weed farm 5. sue a big company or someone rich 6. sell bullshit
ideas of becoming a millionaires to dumbasses LMAO

Mr.Zomzak Zithipornpan says:

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