Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 3/6

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8wealthyone8 . says:

Thank you for such great video. I love it. I wanna be super rich! I will
get the very soon. hehe!

Shaun Kwong says:

I like this quote: “The only way to change your financial life is to change
you financial thermostat”.

kittiliciousanime says:

he likes making people do what he wants. “everybody, say inome!” but he has
a point.

haggard969 says:

this guys making millions bby making people go to his shows

Tom Davidson says:

interesting theories about money and how we handle it, also how our
childhood also creates a blueprint. This is very refreshing to be exposed

Washington4241 says:

See my video on how to make money with ShareCash: watch?v=SaMrhzV5KiY

trism hermes says:

Their is nothing like fate or destiny in the life . Life is all up to mind
, free will .

spider28 says:

he cant keep his story straight. in the book, the story about the women
with the ice cream is his wife. in the video it is about some other lady.

larry2299 says:

It’s funny how most people will watch this but go back doing the stuff he
says not to do. it’s just entertainment for some people.

clintonskakun says:

that’s called effective speaking

Christopher Hoffman says:

Thank you for this. I love it!!!

happybear8773 says:

Alot of energy. Very nice.

Ell Muuz says:

check out Daddy Muss new song titled “Lack of money” (is the roots of all
evil). just go cd baby .com and search daddy muss. This song can be a very
great affirmation song.

kittiliciousanime says:

XD I just saw I spelled income wrong. and it’s still annoying as hell.

Mr.Zomzak Zithipornpan says:

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