Secrets of effective time management

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Tips and techniques for managing your day created by


Robert Bair says:

Pretty good video. I really appreciate that you would take the time to make
this and not try to sell me some random product. I’ll start by making my
plan for tomorrow. 

steven robert christopher says:

well explained. This as help me to understand this learning topic and the
objectives with the topics of time management. Most recommended for BU130
you and your learning

Trevin Ross says:

very good I will use this in my day to day life.

Successful Personal Growth says:

[9min VIDEO] Secrets of Effective Time Management : Secrets of effective
time management

Successful Personal Growth says:

[9min VIDEO] Secrets of Effective Time Management : Secrets of effective
time management

HeartyOne17 says:

I love your power point presentation. This is helping me tremendously.
Thank you. PS: Does anyone know how to copy and paste just the slide onto
Microsoft Word and blow it up to fit the page? If you do, please let me
know. Thanks!

jas891 says:

I use schedulefire to save myself tons of time. It lets my customers
schedule themselves into my schedule, plus it’s free.

3azm0 says:

10 minutes but worth it. It will save my 1440 minutes a day

Sanjay Dhaundiyal says:

good stuf… please send me the powerpoint slides…

Lisa J. Peck says:

Effective time management is something that I struggle with. Thanks for
sharing! One of the lessons I think we as a society are learning, is that
having it all is not so fun. There is a shift in society where people don’t
want to be told how to do business or how to do their life. What they want
is to do things their way. More and more people want to build their
business working when they want, playing when they want, being with their
family, and doing things they want.

Syed feroz says:

Hi, Pls send me your ppt

umar yousaf says:

Great help Thank You

hmfarhan says:

Very informative. I would like to have a power point slides and appreciate
your help. Thanks

Carola Ruiz says:

I LOVED IT!!! May you email me the Power Point version?

Monika Makhija says:

This is a really amazing and hel pfull stuff in terms of preparing for a
Presentation.. Thanks a Lot……

Ravneet Chawla says:

Very good stuff! Thanks for loading this up

linear47 says:

very powerful info great! can you sent me the power point version?

Flute Raman says:

Can I have this pp pl ??

Flute Raman says:

Hi this is great Can I have this power point Thanks

Mohamed Refaat says:

Did anyone have the power point slides??

tommytino says:

Your presentation is great. Could you email me your powerpoint slide?

TJ Chaudhry says:

This is very useful, It wouls be great if you can mail me the last summery
slide at

Cucumber Juice says:

Wow…this is great stuff! Can I have the powerpoint slides? Thanks for

dvananh79 says:


Sri says:

Thank you for a great presentation. Really like the way tips are given to
handle time.

Corinne Perkins says:

I liked this video! Not being sarcastic, however, to me, it is plain common
sense…i love being organized!

haal001 says:

If you have got it, please send me the ppt

hyunwook nam says:

Please to send me your ppt. Thanks

resumeserviceplus says:

Very constructive presentation with a very good explanation. Great job!
Keep up the great work!Resume Service Plus

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