Secret Life of a Mermaid- Episode 2 ~Heat Wave

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The second episode of the mini series “Secret Life of a Mermaid”. In this episode, Amy vists her aunt and discovers something strange she can do.


Celeste Dube says:

Lol in the background I could hear Blame it on the a_a_a_a_a alcohol blame
it on the a_a_a_a_a alcohol!!! Lol…. I heard the song and then again in
this video… lol!!

sadie simmer says:

You got that from h20 just add water . Nice videos

DanceStarsxx says:

Her aunt (I think it’s her aunt) said Christine when Amy/Christine was
eating the strawberries. But anyways, I love the old episodes

Japanlover31281 says:

wow i rember watching this all day <3

teamjackrules says:

r u selling your tail

Chrystiellen Loretti says:

IKR S2 S2 

Delaena Milien says:

Funny this and last episode of season 5 are the only Times u see her mom

Hannah Elizabeth says:

She’s so little :3

ArtisticPainter2364 says:

That’s a jacuzzi, honey, not your powers, but nice try.

PeaceTTWorld says:


Cassie Somers says:


themermaidgirl132 says:

Say h2o seven times post this to a nother video and toch water

Cayla Noh says:

Dirty farm fingers

1dloveremily012 says:

Say h2o 7 times then repost this on another video then touch water

Autumn Clayborne says:

I love this show

Jesica Basha says:

I love tis

Kaia Poorboy says:

You got that from h2o didn’t you

Haley Cervantes says:

Wow 5 million views!!

Deborah White says:

Where do you get the tails

kandykorn911 says:

this is great i hope i can see the next episode

Klaus Peucker says:


Sandra Suarez says:

she said your real name christine

Leaf's Channel says:

Explain what? How wonderful you look in blue! Great line. Love this

Maeada King says:

hooow wonderful you look in blue, LOL nice save, i love that, im glad i
started watching again, i found this in 2011 and i just couldnt keep up, so
im restarting, and was that Blame it(On the alchohol) in the backround,
never noticed that…thats my song :D

Morgan O'Brien says:

She said I’ll be right there Christine she meant to say Amy 

jada jaliah says:

this was really stupid u touched a wet car door and didnt pop a tail plus
it was jacuise at 2:35 and in ep. 1 never knew hands could be cells

Maggie Snatcher says:


Ilse Johannsen says:


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