Routine for Stress Relief | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

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Carrwn Lenore says:

this is the only yoga video that I have found to be extremely sexy! D; 

Mashael Alqorashi says:

the music is not for yoga

DesTheFashionEater says:

Very helpful!

Carla Snow says:

I’m hooked to destress it works

Noel White says:

Stress relief for a break up?

Justin Adderley says:

Carla Snow says:

Girl u got a hood chick doing yoga my friends lol at me but this is sooooo
gooood for my body my mind n my sleep now holla back girl

Carla Snow says:

O I’m a single stay at home mom very stress but I feel good after this and
our deep sleep yoga THANKS

Single mom with disable son

Hippie Train says:

By clicking on the video..?

fesic1 says:

or you smoke a joint!

mrthompson878 says:

The Avengers brought me here. How did that happen.

rayvenbattles says:

How old are you? Most importantly why would you allow this to continue? I
hope that you’ve spoken with one of your supervisors about your co–workers
behavior. Good Luck.

vortic says:

You speak too fast.

panthercat38 says:

I came from a cat attack video. O_o

Loyal Royal says:

5 star

AJ Alejandro says:

Hi Tara. I just wanted to say that i’m training as a dancer and your videos
have helped so much with flexibility and strength! Thank you! But i realize
that my ankles and archiles heels are really tight and they dont stretch
and straighten out as yours do in the videos. Are there any yoga routines
that help stretch and strengthen them? 🙂 – AJ

Susana Rowe says:

You’ve been very helpfull, thankyou! And p.s. you’re beautifull!

skyylia kinley says:

im a model and this is something that helped em lose wiegth!!! i have a
casting for acting and i need to be thin!!! do oyu have any hard core yoga
work out videos?????????

1911GreaterThanALL says:

…Well if the shoe fits…and I apologize on behalf of my gender.

Priyam Das says:

You are awesome!!!!!

sharizeemily tatumhoult says:


itsmethatguyuknow says:

came from Lonely Island….

EBAMF24 says:


NixonRdr says:

She looks very pale. Thanks for the video, I am very stressed from school
projects overwhelming me. And how many perverts are on here? For heavans
sake, are you THAT desperate to look at a YOGA video? LOOK AT
YOURSELF…you obviously already soiled yourself. Your mind is in the
gutter already,,,you dirties.

rcmodder says:

The Hulk fight sent me here?!

abba desdunes says:

i got hear from an angry guy messing up thanksgiving for his family

CleanTrickery says:

To Miller 64!!

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