Rocky Balboa’s inspirational speech to his son.

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The last “Rocky” film directed by Sylvester Stallone. This clip features Rocky Balboa’s inspirational speech to his son.


Kyle Nathan says:

I showed this to my penis, it grew 3 inches

Shawn A86 says:

Many people bash Sly’s acting, but the guy always delivered some great
moments, some great lines that really hits you to the core. Where you don’t
think of him as Sylvester Stallone, but as Rocky himself. Great scene. 

Victr Silva says:

What’s the exact title of the movie

The6thMojaveCourier says:

I showed this to my ps2, now its a ps4

Andrew Foster says:

A little motivation to get you through your day!

Bud Fudlacker says:

It’s a nice speech but I can’t follow this advice.

Vera Evans says:

Sylvester Stallone had one hell of a calling on his life.

Chaosga says:

This scene, hell all these movies have their moments when it just chokes me
up. Chokes me up and brings a tear to my eye. 

Cavs_Fan94 says:

Everytime I want to give up whether it’s college or working out I play this
and take the fucking hits and keep pushing myself farther and farther. This
is inspiration from a great man. Rocky.

Mohamed Bikary says:

my god! i feel like i wanna cry

John Medina says:

It sound like from the commercial of Xbox one.

prideofasia99 says:

Why can’t I hear something like this from my dad?

13al dav says:

Showed this to Chuck Norris now he’s…… never mind he’s still the same.

eddie mcmaster says:

dam right

Rocky R. says:

Rocky is the best role model in a movie..named my husky after him..

Nick Flor says:

I showed this to my Mac and now it’s a PC.

iiSinatraa says:

It’s 5:53 in the morning and here I am, and I just have one question, all
jokes aside. Am I the only one?!

Chris Velez says:

I showed this to Obama and now hes a walrus
I don’t know what went wrong.

MystifulHD says:

showed this to my fish
its now a shark

Mastermold72 says:

Wow, the guy playing Rocky’s son is really good. He even apes Stallone’s
mouth movements. Crazy

hulkhogan18 phonex fighter member says:

# Best Motivational Speech

greeneyedsoul71 says:

Be honest. Y’all kinda got a little emotional, yet fired up, while looking
at this, didn’t you?

Michael Manza says:

Show this to a single girl now she’s taken

XxLJay99xX says:

I showed this to my ps3, it’s now a ps4

Carl W says:

I showed this to an inanimate object/some guy/animal, it is now a
significantly better/updated version of the object/guy/animal it was

There, that covers them all, no more.

lovekeithurban12 says:

Excuse me while I go take over the universe!!!!

Stephen Dias says:

Showed this to a Magikarp, and now it’s a Gyrados

ItsJaffaCakes says:

Before Rocky died and his son realised he had to save the world from Sylar.

huzar237 says:

Name of movie?

TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

“That’s how winnin’ is done!” I’m going to bed with positivity in my head!

Ysabell Rojas says:

I love this motivational speech 

Jordy Ortega says:

“Like” this comment if you cant watch this full video without getting

blackburnkaz says:

i showed this to the people of scottland, they started something.

MrKarlozz says:

Goddamnit Ventimiglia is a horrible actor

Benllamin Sanlucas says:

I want to see A NEW MOVIE OF ROCKY BALBOA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali Aljoubory says:

Amazing. Simply amazing. 

Erik DiNardo says:

how could 323 people dislike this?

Laurent Desbois says:

“You got to take the hits… believe in yourself!”!
If I could bend the ear of the people of Scotland I’d ask them to sit down
and watch this short clip and listen to this speech. This is a big decision
aye, but don’t be scared for goodness sake. Don’t be scared incase we get
something wrong. Everybody gets things wrong, if nobody got anything wrong
we’d never learn a thing. At least if we’re managing our own lives, our own
country, then we can put things right.
If we’re not in control of managing our own country and Westmins…ter keep
making an absolute mess of things, as they’ve been doing, (£1.4TRILLION
debt) then we can’t do a thing about it when they start hitting us with
more austerity cuts to make us pay for their debts.
Take a good look at the UK. The UK Govt have been getting things badly
wrong for decades now. Really VERY badly wrong. Over the space of the last
two general elections in particular they’ve managed to somehow run up that
£1.4 TRILLION of national debt (that’s all they’re telling us about) and
they’re punishing the working classes and the poor by cutting millions of
public sector jobs, throwing folk onto benefits, then cutting the benefits.
In short, we, the ordinary people, are being punished for the repeated
mistakes of rich London based politicians and big city bankers. That’s a
These austerity measures have not had any impact on the national debt at
all. All they’ve served to do is cut out much needed services from the
public and move wealth and assets (like sections of the NHS and Royal Mail)
from the ordinary man/woman in the street over to the wealthy with their
big businesses in the private sector.
Apologies, this started off as a short note to get folk to watch this wee
clip and I’ve somehow branched out again.
Apologies once again but all these things are connected. See video. N-joy!

Wes T paintninjagc says:

Probably one of the greatest inspirational speeches of all time.

shredfan666 says:

Love this speech! Listen to ol’ Rock….you can do it!

ClaptonsWig says:

I showed this to the Dorsia, and I’m still waiting for reservations. 

Karthik Reddy says:


TM Arun Kumar says:

Fail is so sad,
It gives you pain,
Pain broke your heart,
Heart rises fire,
Fire give you idea,
Idea changes your life.

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