Robin Sharma – How I Beat Procrastination

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Robin Sharma shares his insider tactics on beating procrastination and getting big things done. It’s time to destroy distractions and take control of your ti…


JimmyGunXD556 says:

I’ll watch this tomorrow.

Michelle Abrahmz says:

Awesome 5 ways to beat procrastination.

shʍǝʇha sHaN says:

is it only me who loves him soo much fr the inspiration he gives me or

CherPsKy says:

I procrastinate watching this. 

Trepur349 says:

Does the obsession card remind anyone else of Arya Stark

Every night before going to sleep she whispers to her self her obsession:
“Ser Gregor, Dunsen, Raff the Sweetling, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei.
Valar morghulis.”.

David Lugo says:

I will watch it later… lol

MissSunshine221 says:

he is so inspiring

Fabiana Farcas says:

i love you man !!! thank you soooo much !!! it is really true and it is
helping me !!! 😀 thanks a lot 

afropick93 says:

how i beat procrastination: not watching a 16 minute video
sorry, had to be said. in all seriousness, good shit Robin.

Ketan Pathak says:

The 30-day willpower technique, and doing what you fear is something i’ve
never heard or seen before, but it appealed the most to me. I’ll be trying
out these techniques. Thanks Mr. Sharma

mjane4life says:

you are so freaking AWESOME! LOVE YOU! now i am motivated! wooo hoo

Successful Personal Growth says:

[17min VIDEO] How I Beat Procrastination : Robin Sharma – How I Beat

Melanie Santana says:

He knows The Secret.

adrian peirson says:

I should be painting the house but instead, I’m watching this video on how
not to procrastinate WTF !!!

Sam T says:

“Parents are doing the best they can do.”

Why do we always automatically make excuses for bad parenting?

How about, many irresponsible people chose to make the decision to have
children when they couldn’t handle the job emotionally, logically, or
economically and those children had to suffer greatly because of it.

And running around shooting children out like a ping pong dispenser should
not earn a reward.

Paree PREITY says:


jarred stuart says:

saw crocks, turned down video

Badriah Ay says:

Love u

Blazhe Spireski says:

I listen you speaking and have a question, for you or for anyone reading
this…. don’t you think that by setting goals and constantly thinking
about the future, you miss the moment. The only time the person feels happy
is the moment, you can’t be happy if you’re living in the future (and
realizing that you don’t have the things you want in that moment), when you
see that pictures in the morning you feel like you are missing something
which feels somehow constantly not good. Don’t you think that by constantly
living for the future, you miss the moment and the pure natural happiness
and that if you spend a great part of your life in that state that it may
be really bad?

Jeff Schnurr says:

We don’t know what we don’t know… straight out of The Landmark Forum –
like the 2WW trick…. to a video on how to write an Obsession statement
and how to use it.

Abby Mathew says:

Awesome video -thank You 

Ino Hs says:

Very inspiring video.It contains great tips to follow with great
explanations and examples.
Thanks for sharing.

Jay Sepehri says:

Do you procrastinate?

Marshmallows with Molly says:


Washingstone says:

It’s almost 2. I’ll watch this later.

KezzaDesign says:

Nothing to say really.. Watch it :p

TheKarroca says:

Your about to save my life. Im going for a walk

Figglehorn98 says:

Wrote a 30 day diet!! Looking forward to share my results.

Chris P says:

very good i will watch more!

4hisglory365 says:

Great stuff

ilaallstar says:

I’m procrastinating by watching this

Mohamed Frihi says:

does it work if i photoshop the collage then print the pages ?

DestinyPrevails says:

You don’t beat procrastination, procrastination beats you.

Cem Savaş Aydin says:

Just do what you need to do for god’s sake you arent children unless you
have severe obstructive adhd or ocd i am sure you are capable of not
procrastinating and getting things done.

maria fyf says:

Thank you.. Thank you so much

Louis H says:

what I wonder regarding Robin is whether he’s on drug and if so which one,
or whether he forgot to take his much needed medication, and if so which
his tsunami of nonsense is a pain to endure

Ashlee Brown says:

This video is awesome. I just created my dream collage .. And took several
notes from watching you speak! Excellent tips! Thank you Robin 

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