Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret Is A Scam!

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My critique of The Secret’s fallacious concept of “law of attraction”. How to make a million dollars by writing fluff. UPDATE: May 19 2013 My continuation on…


progmanmike says:

4:00 The real secret

progmanmike says:

Right in the first minute – Real Talk

Nicola Jerbas says:

Ohh and thank you for puting this video togeder. U gived as another way to
espress the way the secret changed ower life for the better. Now when
people like u see me after a couple of years thay feel ashamed that they
hade a bad opinion about me and what i can do. Just becaouse i acoumplished
so much by using the secret. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf says:

Total Bull Shit Video


Loosers are the perfect one !!
Best example is u 🙂

If u cant support, dont give the lame reasons :/

cruiser2party says:

Why did you feel the need of making this video and sharing it with us ?

mikertones says:

i have a giant cock

SirenUndine says:

you are wanting. You are more apt to notice it, your more apt to notice
opportunities and you’re just more in tune to hear, see, and come across
things related to what you are thinking the most about. Here I thought that
was just some common psychology knowledge.

james dean says:

Have another listen to it and you’ll see.

Spiegal5562 says:

@minervx I heard you say “You hope for the best” I’m telling this for your
own good before you go off and work hard and gain nothing. Hope and I want
and help don’t get you anywhere listen to Abraham Hicks she said when you
say no to something your actually saying yes to it because its your main
vibrational focus. Whatever you want you have to believe that you’ve
already achieved it and thats it’s already yours. Example – thinking of
money” I’m so happy and grateful money comes to me frequently.

rana deep says:

u look like a negativity searcher…

rrdab1 says:

When a person, as you have done, starts an argument with; “The bible says,”
their argument is groundless, childish, and cannot be taken seriously. And
when they end it with; “All prayers are answered,” they are deluded,
wishful, and ignorant. Education is the key, not “faith.” Faith, by its
very nature is believing something without evidence, which is bronze age
stupidity. Get educated and join free thinkers in the 21st century, you
might enjoy it.

Mygz T.R. says:

it is what you make of it. 🙂 That’s all you need to know.

love83forever says:

Good video

matlock12c says:

624 people are “blind believers” who can’t think for themselves….

AnonymousCowardX says:

I am really sorry to hear about that. How do you stand morally, or with
your conscience? I mean, I don’t know your story, or the circumstances, but
did you feel guilty? Do you blame the crime that you suffered on yourself?
Are you really, really sure you own the whole truth, and that I endanger
the planet by ignorance atoms splittin, you sad stupid little pretentious
fuck? Anyway, I am still waiting for your concrete, DIRECT explanation how
brain frequencies influence people to get raped.

Sibel Bloom says:

Hi Jack! I understand what you are saying, but I have another thought of
the Secret, like Crisommer state: the secret is just the tip of the
iceberg. Yes you cannot become a billionaire overnight, but that is NOT the
message. She is telling us the secret on how to become more positive and to
learn the creative visualization technique which takes time to master,
proffessional olympic athletes use this technique…

winstanley010 says:

You should buy it and focus on getting a life. Who knows, one day it may
come true !

blue velvet cake says:

My dog was psychic, most definitely.

Terry P. says:

You can not spend money that is not there unless you are president Obama.

elcrinos says:

@Jake Howard: thinking positive does not mean you will not make bad
choices. That’s part of the learning process. Knowing how to apply the law
of attraction does not mean to be greedy, invest everything blindly and
expect to become billionaire overnight.

Correlation ImpliesCausation says:

Oh wow looks like someone gamed your like/dislike poll. Good vid, thank you.

Jessica Hayes says:

Remember, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is ONE of the Laws of Success in
Napoleon Hill’s book. Would you also like to suggest that Think and Grow
Rich is Scam? I personally experienced life changing situations from The
Secret and Think and Grow Rich. From earning Zero monthly (bec. I’m a
housewife with no income sources), I’m now a working mom and a
businesswoman. Money comes in and it just does every time. I practice LOA.
I am happy with it and it works for me. But I can only speak for myself.

Orlando Coombs says:

The secret is real. But things take time, and take work. But with the right
thinking and right and correct positive action, you can and will achieve

AnonymousCowardX says:

Thanks a lot!

KomicGenius says:

Dude, you sound like your life SUCKS. Good thing I know a little more about
The Secret than just a base rudimentary understanding, or else I would be
prone to actually believing this negative rant. It seems you have chosen
your lot in life. I, for one, am choosing a different route.

Brett Burke says:

I started using the law of attraction. I started winning money all the time
everywhere i went. then i stopped thinking about it and havnt won anything

Saptaswa Chatterjee says:

U dnt beliv in LOA..and hence the universe says..’ur wish is my cmmnd’ and
u dnt gt 2 c ne miracle of it..

minervx says:

i’m back, my people. more videos coming

ZacharysGamingExp says:


masked virgin n-qh says:

the law of attration is real but its involuntay attracting what you wantyou
want using the methods of the secret book is whats bogus

Terry P. says:

You raise some very good points here. I worked with a person who told all
his friends and family that he is rich… then he tried to prove it by
writing checks with no money to back it up and he got into big trouble
fast. Another important thought is that we are not the creators of the
universe as the movie states. People who have died for a moment and came
back to life all have the same story to tell…God has the universe

Shaun Daniel says:

Speak what you want out loud or in your mind. Write it down. You can think
it in any way…. Visual in mind like day dream… all four ways work…God
bless you and keep you. I do not know how or in what way…. but ” I have ”
……….______ ////// right now today. There is only now. If you live in
the past you have no present or future. I am the dreamer and the dream. I
am the observer and that which is being observed

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