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http://riccamente.blogspot.com/ The Magic is a book that can really make a difference. ” Gratitude is a gift from the Universe to You, and it exists in order…


Sofia Alonzo says:

great music

555dinamita says:

Madagascar soundtrack :)

Leo Cozijn says:

Gratitude a gift from the universe? Don’t make me laugh. The universe
doesn’t think! It has no “morals”. It’s neither hostile nor friendly; it’s
simply indifferent. Like in nature there are punishments nor rewards; there
are just consequences. The “jungle” is neutral ! So if you have some
decency left, stop manipulating innocent, trusting and unworldly people!
You immoral, capitalistic bitch!

priya kumari says:

Its a heart touchin vedio which inspires you to think more about your life
n b grateful for each n everything coz we r blessed n we shud b thankful
for it.I hope u will continue to add more such vedios..its really amazing n
powerful :-)

SilverBleed360 says:

Thank you so much for making this video and uploading it here. The music is
wonderful, and so is the message. I plan to watch it daily when I wake up,
and perhaps multiple times a day 🙂 As a friend in spirit, I truly thank
you so much for this, it’s going to help me so much to uplift and change my
life, and also to draw in and manifest all my desires. And make me a better
person. Thank you very much. Love.

Sonya Garnett says:

The power of Gratitude.

Bhaswati Mannekota says:

this need to be practice!!!!!

Lee COOK says:

Hey Rodney! This is what I was talking about. That book! I hope you do read
it! Please please do it for me! Im Going to be reading it too. And this is
for anyone, *who thinks life is not worth living or if you take life for
granted*! I think you will be interested in this book! I know I will! 

Leo Cozijn says:

First “The Secret” now “The Magic”. Prepare for another scam ….

Leo Cozijn says:

If everything is as factual and genuine as ms.Byrne and her cohorts
proclaim in “The Secret”, smart guys like Newton and Einstein would still
be alive today ! Eternal youth, remember? For god’s sake, ef off!

MrzsCeceBrown Red says:

l wish l had the book and thank you thank you very mutch but l wish l had
magic thank you

Kashmira Ranadive says:

Thank u it did help a lot

Paul M W says:

ps. And imagine the type of person that you want to be with. Visualize
yourself doing the things that you want to do together and keep playing
this mental movie so that it becomes a tangible reality. Never look around
for it and wonder where it is. Remove doubt. Replace doubt with faith and
expectancy. Act like it is already done without any strenuous effort.
Remember that you are the actor in your own movie and you choose to see
what you want to see on the screen of your life! 🙂

easyTree77 says:

thank you!!!

K Bryan says:

Thank you so much! This video was so very moving and captured the essence
of the book. It brought joy to me. Thanks again.

wonderfulight says:

Thank you very much !!! I am very happy for you !!!

Melia Fox says:

I love this video – thank you so much for sharing 🙂

GE1006 says:

I just went in Barnes & noble for a book was looking around and this book
caught my eye and I have to say I am happy I got it I am loving it more as
I go along . Thank you thank you thank you Rhonda Byrne !

amu k says:

thanku thanku thanku thanku so much rhonda your secret,the power has
completely changed my life….thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

bnlzach says:

Thank you ! To the maker of this wonderful video , and to my favourite
author Rhonda.

jeremier75 says:

I dunno what it is wrong with me… I give and gave love, my feeling were
there and some remnant are still present. think about someone everyday just
push those away more and more is all I see for years. You’ll tell me
because I focus on push them away. how can you deal with bringing your love
one to you? How can bring the person I love the most in my life? I just
have good memories about what happen between us and suddenly all stop.

Dee Vigga Muzik says:

Great upload – THANKS for sharing!

pavuvocomunicacion says:

Could anybody tell me where is this song from? Any kind of movie soundtrack
perhaps???? Thanks from my soul and heart. Thank you for the book, for its
incredible message, and for the inspiration you bring to all of us.

JustPeachy1955 says:

Thank you I am grateful

DmacsVLOG says:

thank you this is wonderful (:

agathauni says:

beautiful! thank you!

Sean Baran says:

Thank you… some say bs… but for the last 50 years… my life has been
fantastic.. and your video just confirms it.. I guess I’m on my way to an
even more fantastical life.

emeraldstream says:

I am grateful for THIS MUSIC! Where would the world be without music.

MrzsCeceBrown Red says:

l wish l had the book and thank you thank you very mutch but l wish l had
magic thank you youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

dsp202074 says:

yes be always…thanks to world…!!

jobbsheart says:

Thank you truly grateful and honored.

secretjewel oculus says:

thank u thank u thank u wonderfulight and rhonda byrne 🙂

Jenna Kenna says:

Thanks so much for sharing this video it is very nice.

Mary manaoag Brutas says:

million thanks to you for sharing this videos to us.. ilove it!

Edsel Valdez says:

Thank You!

Carollyn Rennie says:

I loved watching this. Im gonna add this to my DMO…Thanks!!!

Arbănaş Claudiu says:

It is amazing. Thank you !

DMLeyla says:

just great 🙂

wonderfulight says:

Hi. The first part is drawn from the song that is reported under the video,
the central part is Zoosters Breakout from the movie Madagascar.

keitaro3660 says:

cool channel!! and thank you for this video 🙂

steffiejoe says:

Thank you!!

Shasha8674 says:

In the Bible Jesus says to be grateful/love/forgive/thank/have faith and
don’t doubt. Love also your enemy…forgive then you are forgiven. Jesus
was thankful before the miracle happened. All commandments were summed up
in to love. He came to restore our relationship between us and God. Gift of
Holy spirit to all who ask…need to ask…free will. What you sow you
repeat is also in the Bible. Rediscovering these truths is good. They are
not new.

Da Epic BoY says:

Thanks you are very honored for sharing this with us

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