Rhonda Byrne and The Secret of the law of attraction

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Rhonda Byrne talks about the Science of Getting Rich book which inspired the movie.


Mario Kropp says:

Rhonda Byrne and The Secret of the law of attraction

manish suman says:

Rhonda Byrne and The Secret of the law of attraction

Pa Reidy says:

Why are half the comments here slating The Secret or Rhonda Byrne? I can
now understand why The Secret can only work for some people!

zakard114 says:

maybe he have thought too much. if he read book rather than video, he
would’ve know it doesn’t matter how much tangible limitation there is. the
boundry of capitalism has no meaning for this program. I think taking both,
watching video & reading book is better than just take one. cuz in my
opinion, book has some sort of detailer than video.

Warrensdisplay says:

I am very interested in all of this and would like to learn more, is it
that the Secret was designed just to inspire people?

featheon says:

The most morally irresponsible person in our time.

Nloveru says:

@steeeeever Nope, the cure always existed. The law of attraction just
pushed me in the right direction to find the person who had the required

kecskef6 says:

@steeeeever -.- … MAN I TRIED IT AND IT WORKS!!! because you can’t
understand it, (that your problem) it doesn’t mean it not works!! It is
working!!! But don’t you understand why this is not working for you??

Ian W says:

what a despicable person.

kecskef6 says:

The law of attraction is true, and possible. the law of attraction is all
around every person in the world, in the universe. I tried it. It’s not
that easy that like, but if you REALLY realize what is this, and how its
work, you can do BIG “magic” :). It’s true, not bullshit. Trust me, it
works. (

blackbook668 says:

It’s interesting that all the great minds she talks about are conveniently
dead and the ones that are alive are into self – help anyway. Trying to
keep an open mind you know – happy is as happy does.

mmjjddxoc6 says:

Its not all lies.

Sxnz says:

@corinium100 incorrect – its so secret, everyone IS it 😉

eduardiux007 says:

My German’s very, very poor, most of your comment I get but… what’s that
about Esoteric-Capitalism?

JerryBubbles says:

The secret, is top secret? 😉

DerrenBrown100 says:

No one reading this will ever be as rich as Bill Gates. Doesn’t matter how
much you use the bogus ‘law of attraction’

StruckDownByThunder says:

It’s mostly the language that we use and hear that programs us negatively.
I’d be a hypocrite if I said all I think is positive thoughts but I’m
making an effort 🙂

Drake Santiago says:

I read “The Secret” at the request of a friend, and I have to say that it
was the most intellectually lacking piece of prose I have read in my entire
life. The book actually does imply that the ultimate strategy to get what
you want is to just think about it, without any negative thoughts, and your
wish will come to pass. The author actually makes the claim that in order
to lose weight one does not have to change ones diet or exercise, but just
BELIEVE that food doesn’t make you fat.

Sxnz says:

@MakeArtAndShutUp good point mate, the media has drilled negativity into
most peoples minds and you could say that this book does a good job of
making us realise we can reassemble the minds data and choosing a better

Fouad says:

fuck you rhonda

Rénald Sunset Music says:

@alphacause it won’t happen like some magic but will bring ALL the things
you make it come true ! But I can understand your point of view !

eduardiux007 says:

Rhonda’s hot

StruckDownByThunder says:

That’s why tv is evil lol it’s all negativity except for a few fleeting

MVRIII says:

The Secret is really true. The problem is that both the DVD and the book
left different doubts to people.

Suee4567 says:

What a cheat

Samadhiatman500 says:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nloveru says:

@steeeeever And would that ‘reality’ be? Have you seen the matrix? What
makes you so sure your reality is the real one? Reality is just what you
have been taught to perceive. Nothing more than a conception, highly
dependent on assumptions.

TheEminemBase says:

@Avitinyourface I agreed with you up until the Jesus part. You can’t
criticize something for being illogical and absurd then induce RELIGION
into the conversation lmfao. S.T.F.U.

Michelle Meincke says:

con artist? i think not

Cyril Terry says:

sue take the plank out of your eyes before you spread your view pls

Pa Reidy says:

@luigiperso For many, The Secret saved peoples lives. Including my own.
Everybody is entitled to believe in what they like. If you referred to a
certain religion as ‘bullshit’, then there would be big controversy. The
reason it never worked for you, is because you gave up on it as you were
wondering where is everything for me!! So here you are on Youtube giving
out about it, but in truth, you are just a quitter!

Fouad says:

yea for a gran maybe

Beverly V says:

at least there are some people trying to help people lifting up their
faith, strengthen their hopes to live a better life. and for those who
criticizing it…what help do you give to the world???

TehConqueror says:

tiny hitch in the secret global warming, everyone thinks about banishing
it…….still there…..

Pa Reidy says:

@HuiChyr Nobody ‘created’ The Secret. It’s always been there, everybody
learns it from someone else. Rhonda speaks about the people that have
taught her The Secret. Her aim was to make people AWARE of it, she never
claimed she invented it!! She has changed peoples lives from passing it on,
and has made money in the process. People slate her for making so much
money, I take my hat off to her for doing it in such a great way. I believe
in The Secret. I also believe that you wish you did.

Axel Lee says:

rhonda your soo beautiful i think im in love :[

Drigou says:

Bogus?? Don’t be stupid!!

TheEminemBase says:

The science of getting rich for Rhonda Bryne: 1. Read ‘The Science of
Getting Rich’. 2. Write a self-help, new-thought book with hugely daring
claims. 3. Sit back and watch the controversy, debate and gullibility bring
you lots of cash.

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