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Meditation increases prana (life energy) Prana (the vital life energy) is the very basis of health and well being, for both body and mind. You can gain prana…


AAD-10 says:

“Open your third eye” me: 0_o she wants the D

Luke Lovett says:

It worked

Laura Botsford says:

Wonderful meditation! Soothing and energizing my whole being. Truly love
your voice and pace. Thank you. 

Phoenix Swanson says:

I really enjoyed this I listened to it w/ headphones and was completely
relaxed the rest of the day. Thanks. And I added it to my favorites!

C. Perdue says:

I was tense and getting so worked up a few minutes ago but I opened up…
it really helped thank you

Eva Morales says:

That is so relaxing in summer/spring. Thank you :-)

Lisa Bird says:

This is the sort of thing I listen to for my escape. You should try it for
relaxation. Light some candles and lay in a warm bed for added comfort.
Enjoy x

fayxaan says:

she meant mouth 😀 to yawn

LowleyUK says:

This is very relaxing but all I can hear is a damn police helicopter flying
around outside!

GoldenAngelDragon says:


wagner primo says:

nice video to watch stoned

TheJBoy73 says:

In the suggested part is Suicidal Angels album Bloodbath…..YouTube you’re

arendfieldx says:

Amen to that boner XD

pinknick82 says:

Wow, I’m surprised to see how many people that think singing birds are
annoying. I guess those people avoid forests?

Harley Meekins says:

@imcalledjon This uses chuck norris when it has stress problems. 🙂

blancbard says:

How many times did you say “Energy”? -_-

00Jabberwoofles00 says:

@imcalledjon lol

AdamWade01 says:

Funny how its had over 200,000 Views but only 219 Comments..They drifted of
half way thr…

FailingEconomy says:

I’m experiencing trouble with this. I’ve been using antidepressant
medications daily since I was a small child. Is it possible that this is
preventing me from connecting fully with the universe?

TETSUO Lawliet says:

I can’t feel my eyes……..

DrFeelGood6667 says:

For Farore’s sake, do you know how long it took me to find something like
this where they don’t explain that you are meant to go to sleep? THANK YOU

Marissa Rubin says:

Well done! Your voice contains lovely energy and effectively transmits it
to the listener.

HeyItzMeDawg says:

@cabalfish Modern anti-depressants by their very nature cause permanent
changes in the chemical balance of the brain, such as causing addiction:
SNRI’s inhibit norepinephrine uptake, causing a lasting overproduction in
response, causing a harder relapse if they are ever taken off. Given that
your brain continues to develop and grow until around 23, and the exact
functions of NE in brain or body development haven’t been established, it’s
a reasonable conclusion to draw.

BrosephMG says:

I -can- fap to this.

hungerfeast says:

tuning into the universe is kinda depressing, my insignificance becomes a
little too real for my ego to handle, might let myself get eaten…suicide
by lion…that’s a rare death.

Toni Panzella says:

I love her I’m relaxed and energetic at the same time god bless her kind
words it’s Toni’s sister ai

Patrick Franceschini says:

@vesevio That is some funny but true shit!

sven smither says:

This was very nice, thank you. i fell very refreshed

Stephen Broughton says:

What kind of sophisticated flame war is this?

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