Relaxation Music – Self Esteem – Simple Truth (with Positive Affirmations)

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Positive affirmations and relaxation music to enhance and build self esteem.


Mary Flores says:

Affirmations can create a change inside and outside of us, I wish to get a
wonderful life.

Relaxation Music says:

Positive affirmation can have a powerful effect upon our lives, if we are
willing to be consistent with them and not let any negative thoughts take
hold whilst building our strong foundation of positive thoughts and energy.

Gisela Besenbruch says:

It took a long time to say that but id feel so rigth

Ashley Bellina says:

I really love this, I feel amazing..I Love Myself 3

Chessie Roberts says:

Welcome home! Here is your Moment for Meditation. CR Evolution of Self;
Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance #in
Relaxation Music – Self Esteem – Simple Truth (with Positive Affirmations)


pl try this………..

Dottie Green says:

Helpful affirmations for the mind, body and spirit.

Raphael zindondo says:

we need more information from our spirit

UKLewis001 says:

this guy is so arrogant

Serouisly says:

you’re right and I’ve cried myself to sleep before… but still… youtube
searching “positive music” is really missing the big point

Lisa Marlene says:

Very nice..

Serouisly says:

once they stop using their mental illness as an excuse to not try in life,
they can achieve great things. Some of the best athletes have asthma. But
I’ve heard numerous kids with asthma say they dont do sports because of it.
Give me a break, yes you are unfortunately at a disadvantage in life, now
quit crying and fight for yourself! Weakness is not the answer

jcliveron says:

thank you satan for letting this positive thoughts to come to the world

Carla H says:

Thank you! This helps a lot right now… a good start!

Muhammad Khawar Nazir says:

Wonderful contribution…Thanks for uploading such a great n lovely

Adriana Veliz says:

@jcliveron …How disgusting, your comment, keep it for yourself would
you?. Satan have no room here for anyone else.

danielademarchii says:

I LOVED!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

joelle siemers says:


caramelpropeller says:

why does he have to sound so freaking serious..? For me it has so much more
power when the narrator is feeling it just a tad more.

goodstorylover says:

@awencelebrian Thank you so for your kind words and advice, I know you are
probably right, just it takes longer than expected. All the best to you,
thanks for taking your time to give courage to others

hejjagheterpal says:

sometimes u need this.

Jericho Ortiz says:

thank you

wisdomforthe1212 says:

Thank you..

SASSYBABY411 says:

Thank you I have watch about 4-5 of these video’s tonight and found this
one most help, Thank you again!

appy85 says:

Thank you I needed this an it is so helpful to me, I listen to it

patwil101 says:

Hey man, Everyone has flaws this is about loving everything about you and
accepting your flaws because nobody is perfect that is just an illusion but
if you can love yourself even with your flaws then your flaws will
disappear because you won’t be spending time picking them out in yourself.

Courtney Long says:

Wow, AMAZING!!! Thank you!! Courtney

visiblenergy says:

a robot cannot love, is that na robot? someone please

caramelpropeller says:

I was signed in from someone elses account when I replied by mistake…
anyway, thanks for the tips, hope you got the other reply from me. im not
used to youtube comments, but I think i hit the reply button so you should
get it i guess. thanks!

toretsblaby says:

I need this, cuz I feel extremely sad on the inside. I really hate people
and I’m soo tired of life. Imma need this more often aswell.

Robert Williams says:

Excellent message. Thank you. My best ten minutes so far today.

channelBraddy says:

May God bless u.Jesus loves you.

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