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The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation No matter what career path you have chosen, knowing the importance of stress management and relaxation is …


louise9187 says:

I agree munchkiin and Anne. It was the one with the picture of a japanese
garden. I used it all the time for meditation. :(

munchkiin2001 says:

NOOOOOOO!!! My favorite one was taken down from this channel, Idk where to
find it now! :*(

eternal time says:

what is the first ones name, does it have one ?

Carol Rosario says:

Most of the songs can be purchased at Amazon or iTunes. The CD name is La
musica de los dioses Vol. 3

Karol Herrera says:

This helped me good☺

Eric Geng says:


Andre Akbari says:

Is someone knows the name of the first 5 mins music or that song please.

Franklin Holbrook says:

I like track 1:09:56
-Start there ;)

Jennifer Coe says:

I would love to know where this music can be purchased as there are several
songs that I really like. 

Kris Hoti says:

Ke musica rilassamte <3

mc fireling says:

my meditation session benefited from this

Lavinia Blajovan says:

Thank you so much for uploading this video and songs! I love it ! <3 <3
it's perfect
By the way, could you please post the list of songs ? 🙂 Thanks

Madeline Steeves says:

This really helped me recover from heart break thanks 

Margaret Mogir says:

Good night. can you tell me what is the singer and song on 18-22 min?

o0xTHEcoPlayerx0o says:

feeling lonely is not in my mind. i reject society, i reject people. i
would rather be lonely, than be forever betrayed.

fucked up social circles, and undeniably controversial uninterested
depicted political persons. i dont care for this, and i dont want to take
part. i’d rather be the lone wolf with his hand on his heart.

for my hand will be the only thing to protect me. i cant trust another,
not even my family. for there’s not one person who can bring happiness to
me, for im secluded from society, a hermit in his shell livin the life he
doesn’t want to lead.

he just wants to fit in, wants to be free. but the truth is, thats
undeniably never guna happen to me. cause this’is a fucked up world, and
apparently, nobody gives a damn about nobody but “me”.

thats the truth. skeptic, but its been proven time and time again as i
rescind my invitation to be part of this vain community, there’s no unity
just individuality and selfish impunity. so ima build my self immunity give
myself the opportunity to live life by myself n try to be free from strife
and stress cause i’ve had enough. there aint no clause in life, for givin

so i say fuck you as i shut the door and sip from my cup. im not a toxic
person im innocent at heart, corrupted by this chaos that disrupted my
calm. now im rotting on the inside, decay has set in. and im plotting my
own chaos. from within.

Zdeněk Junák says:

pěkná hudba,relax

toni collazo says:

thank you

fairystars says:

thank you. to have a wonderful and full of LIGHT, summer as this WONDERFUL
music! it touches, my heart, like a rain of fealings, it relieses me and
healing me!with love from GREECE.

Mysterious horse man says:

I actually just woke up from a nightmare…this helped me calm down.

Lord Orochimaru says:

Fucking love this music 

Angelic Wolf says:

It seems like a sad.. but uplifting vibe to the melody. I like it and it
gives me many ideas to help me draw to keep things off my mind.

Michael Upsdell says:

Amazing music! It really helps to relax the mind and body at the end of a
long day!

Enterprise says:

This music makes me so emotional in a good way. it makes me remember what I
love. This reminds me of Ender’s Game which I love to death so this music
is the love of my life.

Gayathri athi says:

This is good

Alyssa Icke says:

Such beautiful music <3 I want to buy this

katie graham says:

Very relaxing. Love listening to it when I do yoga for relaxation, before
and after a huge test, or just to fall asleep and put my soul to rest!

Nikki Jo Lucero says:

wow it went from so peaceful to LIVELY …do not like that abruptness 

Petra S says:

Thankyou for this beautiful music .. I have cancer, and in so much pain,
this is a big BIG help.

Rainer Rustenberg says:

This is very, very good. Thank you!!!

Adriana Moreira Da Rocha says:

Gratidão! Namastê!!!

Brotherman says:

that was a great description very touching :)

BeHisLikeness says:

Sounds like Adam Hurst

Fran guimarães says:


Reddy Vvt says:

thank u for a very good song

Lorena Berruete says:

Very nice music

solonar11 says:

the first song is called Gulumcan

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