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VLaime25 says:

Oh, yes!

Ordrup Mourad says:


Meditation1805 says:

It’s great for meditation and relaxing too. Thank you!

CELTE says:


m. Félix da Costa says:

Marletta Priscilla Fomby says:

This video hit all the spots that it was meant to hit inside of my inner
self. Very relaxing in my thoughts, clearer visions and inspiring sounds,
great job!

Aurora BENIDORM says:


Tremayne Douglas says:

Thank you

jtocrey says:

Exquisite. Is there a way I can purchase this selection of videos for my
DVD player. Do I have to subscribe to the site? Can I just order the

Teresa Pyrek says:

🙂 deep relaxation. Thanks!

Moon Maiden says:

This song gave me nightmares in the middle of my sleep. xD And then when I
woke up at around 1:11:08.. I see red letters in a black background saying
“I hope you liked this.. etc etc etc..” ROFL! Oh my goodness. Que susto!!

abu hamed says:


googulisevilscum says:

Absolutely astonishing combination of music and video!!! And the young
woman “Queen” of all wildlife! Is she supposed to be “Mother Gaia”? Who is
she actuactually IRL? Love this!!!! xoxoxo :)

Nagy Mester says:


Daniel Nelson says:

Very relaxing combination of sounds! Now the hard part…..staying awake!

Julia De Souza bastos Alves says:


Electronic Chillout Lounge & Entspannungsmusik - Liedschatten says:

Hey Pedro!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing that video and music mix.
I subscribed to your channel and I am looking forward to seeing more video
uploads from you.

I wish you a wonderful Xmas time and all the best for 2014!

Cheers from Hamburg.

Graham Rolland says:


Rabia Hoes says:

Hi, I’m 22 and just wanted to say..
that I was searching good vibes to start meditating every day..
To gain more peace and patience for me, my man & my 3 year old son..
And I gotta say I just found it 😉 Thanks a thousand times!

Ben Telu says:

This is the music that goes through the mind and heart, as one sits back
and rest and view the ones life and let this music take you to where ones
life lost and started puting the life back. WONDERFUL MUSIC N I LOVE IT, IT

DonD1986 says:

is it normal to get an erection?

Musa Marley says:

Bi boka yaramıyo la

Ceassar Cat says:

very beautiful relaxing music

globalcitizenn says:

Aijalon… “I like your Christ but I don’t like your Christians…they are
so unlike Christ – Gandhi” Seems like you didn’t understand Christ’s
understanding, compassionate, inclusive spirit

lolno says:

Why shall people bring in Gods and more of unknown. I respect and I learn
from what you say but as a teenager I think I would just like to enjoy the
music, flim, and such that others say is not good for me. It is a way of
connecting and a way of showing ourselves peace. Why not have peace with
yourself and with others. I am wanting to and needing to be happy. c:

Mike Matthews says:

Mac sync music

Fritzgangsta says:

Good night from Switzerland :)

SaoriJennifer Numata says:

you are a genius!

Teresa ruiz sanchez says:

thank, is very well

Brittin Beckstrand says:

it says in the bible to meditate. just because you meditate does not mean
its demonic unless you create that yourself. as being created in the image
of god (if thats true) that would mean (like in every creation) part of
himself is part of us which some people like to call higher self. or the
light within them it is all the same. instead of argue over what its called
why dont you enjoy the music, peace, light, and simplicity of life.

Maya Life says:

I listen to this a few hours before 2014 comes, and I meditate. I thank all
my healers of the soul and body. I thank you for your beautyful creation. 

Maro Qaiser says:

This s awesome dude cool

Alex Pipa says:

O prostie

Kodi McGough says:

Excuse me, I am a “Christian” and I meditate. I believe in Jesus.

It’s rude to denounce a whole way of believing and living for some people.
Jesus wouldn’t like that very much. 

Ammar Shahid says:

Great for meditation!

cerrane1 says:

It’s great for méditation and relaxing too……Thank you !!!

Robbin McFall says:

Very nice and relaxing

Gabriel Gheorghiu says:

A wonderful clip. Thank you!

RelaxStation says:

great stuff, very calming. I have just started a channel with the same
spirit, and I would love to have an opinion if I am on the right track..
Any comment, good or bad, would be gratefully received….

Marija Velimirovic says:


Josy Ely says:

Chuuuut…..just listen…….and you’llbe so fine….and peacefull…..

Khedorian says:

Great music! I’m riding on my channel music for the soul! regards

kaspars Freimanis says:

Relaksējoša mūzika! 


Beautiful ,very relaxing, .thank you. from GREECE.

Stoyan Djingov says:

Thank you!!!

janie whiteside says:

I am a christian and I enjoyed ur music :)

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