RELAX: Meditation and Sleep Music

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Meditation and Sleep Music


sandmbmx says:

I just took a shit load of speed

Leza Seagraves says:

ah, to go to sleep ! Way above in the clouds. ALL MY OWN, AND NOBODY CAN

Eren Mckay says:

RELAX: Meditation and Sleep Music with HD Video (READ DESCRIPTION!)

John Hyun says:

Here we go again…. hope everyone has a good morning. Peace, love and joy.

foxskinn says:

so beautiful…

Cakemeister Watson says:

Good night from Scotland

death is boku no pico says:

Me back again good night from CA and USA let this be a peaceful day i ‹3 u
all =3

Antoine Tarta says:

Good Night from Cuba

alexhamilton1226 says:

Smoke a blunt and listen to this.

Sherry Lynn says:

Goodnight all my wonderful and amazing friends!! 🙂
Be blessed!
(Make sure you watch this because it is soooooo beautiful) 

Rainer Baldauf says:
Voytek Pavlik says:

Today is a meditational day!

Zoe Shane says:

Good night from Canada! I’ve been listening to this song for years!

L. S. Jackson says:
Justin Thomas says:
bailey rowe says:

Good night from new zealand and merry christmas xx

Marin Niioka says:

Goodnight from beloved country Japan.

Zynexz Nexus says:

Goodnight from Philippines

Colin Devick says:

Listening to this while attempting my first lucid dream. Wish me luck.

campbub says:

Good night from the great lake state~Michigan

Zeeshan Qureshi says:

Gud night from 7th-heaven 

kendrin lapaglia says:

Goodnight from Texas. Sweet dreams. 

Jemife Lamange says:

Goodnight from the Finger Lakes

Darkzero Apache says:

Wow I’m so happy to see how this video has grown! This was my first time
watching it 2 years ago! This brings back waves of nostalgia. Good evening
from Pennsylvania, USA namaste

LeEcHeR 1 says:

Good night from Belgium!

Timmy Peiffer says:

good night from North Korea

Miharu67 says:

wow really good thanks

علي العجمي says:

good night from kuwait 

miguel vazquez says:

Good night from Hawaii, USA.

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