Relax – Buddhist Meditation Music – Zen Garden – Kokin Gumi

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Romi Jain says:



peace blackman

Seek Within You | Meditation for Health says:

*Monday Meditation – Zen Garden*
Sit back, relax and enjoy 7 minutes of exhilarating, yet calming meditation
music. Just focus on the sound and let all other surroundings fade from
your reality.YouTube

*Purchase Info*
ALBUM- Zen Garden by Kokin Gumi


Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Free Game Maker says:

I like this very much :)

sourena mirdadian says:


Jacob Young says:

What instrument is that at 4:38, the one that sounds like a flute.
Is that actually just a flute?

Guerreiro Guerr says:

Search Lis-Andros on Google. Free and authorized new age music. 

Vic Cepeda says:


scezix gideon says:

Get your focus naturally, through healthy nutrition, meditation, and

fiestyginger says:

That barely even seemed like seven minutes! Thanks for the upload. 

Ant Bob says:


N soufo says:

stop reading the comment and enjoy the moment:D

Peter Pan says:

Thank you, dear 233………

Khedorian says:

Great music! I’m riding on my channel music for the soul! regards

Ruth Jaramillo says:

Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing music and images =)! 

Mathew House says:

This is great for beginner meditation.

campgt says:

That was amazing thank youuu 7 minutes passed like 30 seconds !

Petra Heylen says:

I love this piece of music, it Always gets me in the wright state of mind
to meditate.
It makes me realy zen!

Brad Jacob says:

Hey guys/gals! If you enjoy this then chances you will also enjoy my music.
Check me out:

Lucy Pang says:

suitable for meditation.

LoriLynn97 says:

wow I felt like I was in china and I had a sweet massage with this music I
was foucused

builtman2 says:

This music helped me get through tough times. Thank you 

Pasthai Xue says:


Mary Taylor says:
luiz antonio Guimaraes says:


Jorge Alberto Lara Sánchez says:


Frederic Vandewatere says:

ZEN !!!

Macy Huang says:
Thiago Molick Domingues says:

I completely agree. Christ preached that we have free will. We can choose
to believe in Him or not. It is our decision. More, Zen is not a religion,
but a philosophy. It is a form of spiritual refinement and focus that is
directed to gaining inner peace through a vigorous mind and fit body. I’m a
Christian, but I find it calming and an excellent way to vent my negative
energy. Besides, peace is learned not from one source alone.
We should seek peace in all things.
Peace be upon you, brother.

Nataliia Marushchak says:

bikic aleksandra says:

Relaxing :)

Đorđe Radovanović says:

Good morning!

Saskia van Tatenhove-Meijnen says:
Александър Томов Томов says:

Relax! :)

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