RE-EDUCATE YOUR SOUL Guided Meditation 3D Sound 1000’s Of I AM Affirmations PURE MAGIC Paul Santisi

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TheStranger66280 says:

I am God.

Caprice123 says:

Love the 3D effect. Lots of voices all around the room. If I keep saying
I am slim, will this happen? 

Angelina Thompson says:

I AM wealthy, I AM rich, I AM prosperity, I AM a lottery winner, I AM a
lotto max jack pot winner!

Ingrid Johansson says:

This style of meditation is a bit to get used to but it is a kick in the
pants you need to get your mind to think positive and put a smile on your
face. Stick with it and get great results! Try listening to this meditation
while working on something that might be difficult to help you persevere!

Z Stone says:

any logic why this is true?

Frevonna Mazique says:

I am a DIVINE SPIRIT!!! Thanks Paul for uploading!! 

Nic Hau says:

I am enjoying this audio!lol :). I love this meditation! It has helped me
greatly. When listening to it, it raises my own vibrations. :)

Publishing SOLO......Publish without Rejection! says:

I just started ME UNIVERSITY this new year, and now this mediation is a
part of my daily Curriculum. Thank you Paul…thumbs up to you; and
blessings to the 207 who gave this video a thumbs down!

Wilson Dyer says:

Wow i was in tears from the energy i received !! thank you paul for this
opportunity from the humbleness of my heart we are one !

MidlifeCrises says:

AMAZING !!!!!!

R. Candy says:

your meditations are the BEST I have ever experienced. Great work, truly
great work!

Divine Monte Lepre says:

I am grateful and thankful for your post Paul will definitely support.

tyler hoitenga says:

i love you paul thank you sooooo much 

Carrie Condon says:

Love all your videos I have been feeling more happy and at peace since I
have been listening to them thank you so much and I look forward to any new

Gloria Qui says:

Thanks to Paul and all of you. Would you please also share the real changes
in your lives after listening this video? God Bless! 

Mikey Boy says:

“I am grateful for Paul Santisi.”

Df Jansen says:

thank you dear paul ! your are!! amazing!
i,am a bilionare i,am thank you!

Myron Schrader says:

OMG. This is great but 1 part where you say I AM alive for a reason sounded
like you were “right here w/ me” I actually turned because I got startled. 

Larissa P says:

Whenever I ‘real’ise how fortunate I am, when I look at my awesome dog, my
three legged cat, my lovely little home, the food on my painted table… I
always say aloud “I am so Lucky.” without even thinking of it as an
affirmation, though I FEEL some kind of energetic emphasis happens when I
say it… and I AM actually pretty lucky, even though there have been many
struggles and challenges… I guess they are all lessons in the end. Thanks
for this reminder! Happy New Year. :)

Anthony Tidwell says:

Is it okay if I fall asleep while listening to this? Cuz I always feel like
I wanna fall asleep…

topmp3mobi says:

Thank you, Paul. This is great

fuzzyballs8726 says:


Alexander E Poet says:

Great work ! God bless 

Wayne Donnay says:

I Am, You Are, They Are, We Are, Together We Are One

Donielle Johnson says:

Wow! This is like no other guided meditation that I have listened to yet! I
absolutely love it! Thank you so much for providing this to everyone who is
fortunate enough to come across it. I know I’m going to share this with as
many people as I can. I feel great! I am looking forward to the rest of
what you have to offer. Thanks again Paul. You are helping change the world
one concious as a whole concious at a time.

intuitiveworker says:

Still # 1

Vivian Dansereau says:

Mr. Paul Santisi is a tad chatty at the beginning of this video, but he’s
such an animated character as soon as the unique meditation starts! This is
a pretty interesting, and probably a very effective way to practice
Powerful and positive “I AM” affirmations in order to reprogram old beliefs
deep within our subconscious mind that no longer positively serves us, and
replace them with a new and positive belief system. I’m listening to it
while working on my post. Enjoy! Let’s DO this thang!!! ^_^

Brigid Steele says:

I am recovering from late stage Lyme disease. I believe this has helped me
block the mind chatter that stop the healing process. Thank you for your
amazing work. Yours in healing….

Christopher MF Elmwood says:

I am Jesus.

DJ Michael Paul says:

Thank you Paul. Good job, and it works too!

James Trice says:

This was incredible!

Darla Stacy says:

Popeye would love this! I do too! 

Gina Ulmos says:

I AM That… I am that, I Am!!

uznnal says:

I mean it with my utmost when I say “THANK YOU” for this magnificent video.

Wendy Boyd says:

Thank you and Namaste! This is an amazing meditation!

Eduardo Dorado Mendez says:

I am that I am

joseph rain says:

Grateful! Thank you

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