Putting off Procrastination

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Why you procrastinate – and how to stop! ­čÖé Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedo…


MomoTheBellyDancer says:

This is not a bad video with some interesting insights, but *man*, is it
long-winded. Perhaps you could try to make a new video in which you present
the same ideas in about 5 minutes.´╗┐

Chimera Mirage says:

So we our talking about tricking the subconscious into freeing itself from
obligation ? I am not so sure I am buying this one. I know so many people
that our chronic procrastinators who did not have authoritarian parents, or
were not sent to a strict private school etc. I think the reason is much
more simple. We wish to avoid pain and maximize pleasure. Work we
associate with pain and thus try to avoid. ´╗┐

xPNova says:

One of my teachers consults us, the students, for advice on how she should
teach us and how we each learn.´╗┐

David Ward says:

Great interview. Describes a lot of our global human state of affairs.
Practical advice at its finest and a real wake-up call for many of us. I
really enjoyed your expression when it came to the solution, and what a
great solution that is. Thank you for putting this out there, Stefan.´╗┐

df393 says:

For those who find this video too long, I’ll summarize the main points:

Parents order their children around with chores and assignments without
asking for their input. It’s a one way street where parents order children
yet children don’t get any say. Children feel enslaved and as a result
develop a passive-aggression.

Children do a job poorly, try to avoid doing the job or they do it
begrudgingly. When we’re an adult and we’re confronted with things we
“have to do”, it brings back those memories of when we were enslaved as a
child. So, we treat things in life as assignments we have to do rather
than things we truly want to do.´╗┐

Sm├Ârhunden says:

Our teachers actually asked us what we thought about his/her teaching and
how she/he could improve. ´╗┐

Lord G├Žrneheia says:

That said in the end after calculation points to Absalom… He did as he
wanted… Just something that should be mentioned to what said… ´╗┐

Antony Franco says:

It’s funny… because I ended up watching this video to procrastinate on
finishing my laundry ._.´╗┐

Oliver Andersson says:


Cesar Barriga says:

There’s a problem with his theory. He makes it clear that procrastination
can be traced back to master slave relationships in childhood. While this
can be a causation, he completely ignores the authoritative power structure
in the work place, and its effects in working adults. He declares that open
consultation and organic decision making are essential elements to cohort
procrastination. This might work during childhood, but try to implement
these systems of participation in the workplace and you will be immediately
dismissed. Its unrealistic.´╗┐

Igor Krupitsky says:

“Few understand that procrastination is our natural defense, letting things
take care of themselves and exercise their antifragility; it results from
some ecological or naturalistic wisdom, and is not always bad — at an
existential level, it is my body rebelling against its entrapment. It is my
soul fighting the Procrustean bed of modernity.ÔÇŁ
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder´╗┐

Alexander Gillespie says:

Is there any scientific research to back this?´╗┐

HubertGeorge says:

There is more to my procrastination. Every single goal I have is deeply my
own at this point. I am sure this is the reason behind most people’s
procrastination but it doesn’t cover everything.

In my case, there is something about the nature of my work which causes me
to procrastinate (I am a software designer). I picked up on one of these
patterns I am falling into recently. When writing software one consistently
runs into road blocks and dead ends. How to resolve them is often
uncertain. This creates stress as the individual feels helpless while
trying to resolve the issue. What I have noticed recently is that in order
to maximize the feeling of well being, I subconsciously distract myself and
start procrastinating as soon as I stumble upon a promising idea. I am half
scared to actually try out the idea because doing so often exposes problems
and leads back to the original state of uncertainty and stress.
Procrastinating lets me delude myself by thinking that I have arrived at a
viable solution and just implementing it will solve my issue. ´╗┐

James Dueck says:

I guess he doesn’t have kids.´╗┐

kaminarinhero says:


gheorghe cojocaru says:

If i don;t have to do anything ……then i do anything….so i remain a
looser……my parents made me…….to not have to do anything´╗┐

silverslivver says:

Thanks for this. This video is 100% spot on for me. I have internalized
the master and I’ve been shuffling for quite some time. I’ve recently
subbed to this one and the fdr one and will contribute more to the
conversation once my mind stops being blown. You are appreciated. Your
clarity and precision clears up some murky waters.´╗┐

Jesse Irvin says:

It can be hard to find that drive to motivate yourself to work. One of the
common hurdles I find myself constantly trying to overcome is
procrastination. http://youtu.be/h1WC6hNTONg

Yes it’s a half hour long, all I can say is that it helped give me insight
that I did not have before. I hope that it might offer those who take the
time to view it something similar. I don’t know that it will apply to
everyone but it certainly applied to me.´╗┐

Rhiannon Bullock says:

Procrastination and Resistance explained at its core.
Basically, blame your parents. . . and your parents parents.. and your
parents parents parents.
If you have children, you’re going to want to watch this.
#parentingtips ´╗┐

Denise Jackson says:

When and Where is the adult held responsible for growing the heck up? I
can’t imagine an adult man or woman behaving so childishly (dishes example)
without recognizing that they are doing so. ´╗┐

Some Broski says:

i just have to remember i ain’t gotta do shit´╗┐

Tom B says:

Powerful Stefan Molyneux´╗┐

jamesjacob21 says:

Intresting theory on procrastination´╗┐

Layers And Frames says:

Very inspiring message and interesting, plausible theory. Finding your
video was good timing since I’ve been overwhelmed with everything I “have”
to do with a recent move. But I feel that tomorrow will be a much more
relaxed day, so thank you! I might even turn your message into a song.

The Art of Langdon Foss says:

“Putting off Procrastination” Stefan Molyneux has some compelling insights
into why we might procrastinate. http://buff.ly/18yOhu6´╗┐

atolliver91 says:

i like that perspective…´╗┐

Claire Muir says:

It’s a bit long, I’ll watch it later.´╗┐

matt mattic says:

Fucking subscribed. Not doing shit today (maybe a quick workout later)´╗┐

scott campbell says:

very instructive´╗┐

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