Proof That The Secret / Law of Attraction Work!! $10,000 Success Story

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New Channel: Xybana Interactive This is a story about how I utilized the Law of Attraction to bring $10000 into my …


Daniel Mac says:

YOUR A TOTAL FALSE INSANE MAN, go away you insane begger FraqtalReality.
*NONSENSE* why do you lie for TEASING people………

Steven80 says:

You are fake and a blind puppet!!!

Li Francis says:

Thank you !

Barbiee Twinzz says:


TheCondensedVersion says:

Thank you for the testimony.

Wake uphumanity says:

I have done the exact things you described in your video and it worked!
the weirdest thing in the world happened! the bank called me a week later
and said that i was approved for a loan of the exact same amount i had
Guys this is 100% real!

EvilZeroSc says:

I attracted a $1000

venturous1v says:

Great success story my friend. 

Porsche 911 Turbo says:

Honestly I believe that it is not the law of attraction but
faith…remember that God said when you ask believe that you already have
it and you shall have it or something like that oh and also he said that if
we have just a little bit if faith we can do mighty things…because as
Jesus believer I don’t believe the Universe gives us things it’s God but
people just can’t see that

Rachel McDaniels says:

Quite a few details to figure out… I would like to look for a technique
to manifest things simpler and easier?

Jackie Hammerton says:

Your video made me cry. Thank you so much. I discovered the law on Feb 28
and it’s changed the way I experience my life. Thank you for sharing your

Tony Monk says:

The feeling is the prayer.

brittany mccann says:

love this!!!!! 

MindMovieSiteReview says:

The law of attraction is very true mindset and action are both needed.

Madge G Holdings says:

I believe you, bless you for sharing! It’s your faith. The Bible says, “all
things are possible to those that believe”. And your faith has to be just a
size of a mustard seed to manifest anything you want in your life. I am
living it myself! You are right about “waking up” it’s like your eyes are
being open to what Joe Vitale calls the “abundance paradigm”. There are
stages in life you have to go through SOMETIMES to get there. Which is also
a gift or grace.

William Campbell says:

would love to hear any updates if you are still practicing the LOA.. thank

Loveena Luximon says:

God bless you dear..ppl like u are God-sent. Thank you again.

WyreWizard says:

Watching your video, I can see the honesty in your eyes so I know you are
telling the truth.

shana grant says:

Amazing Story!! Thank you so much for sharing. You are so right, everything
you said is was perfect:))

xsouldeath says:

Have you attracted more with the law of attraction? I won 2 tvs + speaker
system in 1 contest, won a laptop in another. Really I did. 🙂 

WendyO GoffO says:

Thank you so much for this video. I really needed it. Sending Much Love <3

Marianne Vedøy says:

I´ve seen the secret twice now. The more i learn, the more i focus. This is
so cool!
And congrats too you! I know that it is true :-)!! Keep up the good work,
i´m working for it myself, but i think i don´t work hard enough yet. But i
will sit down from now, and really wish for something that is important for
me! Thanks for you inspiration ;)

Estatira Afrazmand says:

That’s brilliant and I am very happy for you ! I was wondering if you
could help me. I’ve read the secret books but I cant believe that it will
happen. How did you bring yourself into believing that the money is yours ?
thanks in advance .

Kumudu danansooriya says:

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us..I knew that it
works..some people around me try to let me down saying that it’s a
myth..but it’s not..I have experiences really for
everyone even they believe it or not it works..

Loveena Luximon says:

this LOA stuff really works. am watching videos on youtube to keep myself
inspired and be on track of what i want…thnks 

Caressa Clark says:

I have attracted so much using LOA that I am actually kind of frozen/afraid
of it now. I was strolling in the bookstore in the self-help section 5
years ago… I need a lot of help : ) …and I came across “The Law Of
Attraction” by Michael Losier. It is written in kindergarten format, very
easy to understand. After reading the book and burying myself in other LOA
writings and recordings, and applying what I learned… I manifested a
relationship, going back to school, and several international travels etc. 

Stephanie Cox says:

When I saw this year ago it helped me 🙂 so much His faith is awesome. You
are as Big as your Faith,You are worthy of what u believe u are worthy of

cql says:

Are you currently getting close to this much money? I’ve been ripped off a
lot. Not long ago I purchased Homely Software System and it’s working
already. $175 thus far today and $350 last night! It’s possible it’s not as
much as you say, but yo, it’s real cash and I’m happy with it. Look for
Homely Software System if you wish to see for yourself.

Rusty Kuntz says:

Am I the only one, who would like to believe in this video, but the
directing to websites just kind of screams spam to me. I’m not hating, I’m
just saying as inspirational as this is. There is just something screaming

milliondollarzach says:

Dang, this is awesome!! So if i do this for 1 million dollars i bet it will


It isn’t unusual to hold an intention religiously for a week or longer and
see no apparent results. Then suddenly the floodgates open, and the
manifestation comes pouring through.

sinistertim101 says:

Load of garbage! Want to attact money? Go Work! Unless you provide a
service someone is willing to pay you for you wont get it. I just saw this
as a related story to Larry Winget “Secret of Sucess” which is work. To be
a better husband you need to work at your marriage. To be rich you need to
spend more time at the office or go invest in yourself to gain a new skill
to serve others. Otherwise everyone would be a millionaire right?

Keakboxer says:

@amusicated I guess we just share a different perspective on life. I don’t
really view life as being hard or scary like so many people. As long as you
stay focused on what you want without fear or being discouraged, you will
get it. From my experience, it’s that simple.

xsouldeath says:

so how exactly did you intend it? Visualization?

Brett Olsen says:

Good on you man! It’s a wonderful thing that’s for sure. I can only imagine
what u have created to this current date. It definitely works for me !
Thanks for sharing

Gooodwitch says:

congrats. the same thing happened to me after i learned the secret., i told
my husband dont worry because we are going to have plenty of money. the
very next day it happened for us where he was making 3000 a week at his job
for a couple of months. we got to buy things we needed, and catch up the
bills. then however, he was out of work and so was i and now we are right
back where we started, struggling. i dont know what went wrong, but im
feeling so pessimistic and i know i have to stop.

Jason Drummond says:

How do I manifest though ?

Gooodwitch says:

my husband has always wanted a squirrel and he manifested one lol

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