Programming Yourself for Success

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Anthony Galie describes a simple way to program your own Subconscious mind. Visit for more.


john green says:

if you interested in making 10k to 20k fill free to msg me thanks

this video its awesome…

Mariya Klapanova says:

Think of your mind as a computer and the driving information as software
that can be run automatically whenever needed.

roniepao says:

why is most motivational speakers and personal development coaches are men?

Inessa Leahu says:


Brian Atack says:

Will this work with procrastinating?

Chokula99 says:

so true how our subcontien works against us making us feel we don’t want to
ask for refferals like our work didnt worth that much. Im changing this I’m
printing a refferal sheet for my self to show to my clients.

waystosuccess says:

The most important thing: TAKE ACTION right now, as soon as possible.

Andrew Jones says:

i think you should train people to do what you do…

eadnkae says:

Thank you for putting this VDO 🙂

impactgreatness says:

Your advice is great! It’s very inspiring and please continue to upload
more videos on your channel. Youtube is such a good place to continue
spreading motivational videos that would inspire people really well.
Continue giving impact to people!

nthawani1 says:

Promising, will try and see, feels like it would work!!!

reiwell del says:

this rudimentary conditioning of the human mind, nothing magical about it,
its making sure your plans are implanted or carved in your brain so you
dont deviate from it, but this can also be dangerous, what he calls
“distraction” can be your family, friends, or something little that you
overlook and pushed away because of your goal. but hey this would
definitely help you reach your goals, the problem is, was that really what
you wanted, but you wouldnt know that listening constantly to your cd’s

TheNanaJann says:

Absolutely Brilliant concept. I know I am going to make my goal CD Tonight!
I Love it!

Chip Smith says:

Thank you for sharing this Mr. Galie. Don’t know you personally you but
your message here just touched my life and I would feel less than a decent
human if I did not write something here to say thank you.

Sally Marengo says:

this guy is awesome and he REALLY NAILS IT here 01:18 ‘these people are
doing something EVERY DAY to kick up there motivation and enthusiasm. WOW.

Mansour Abdullah says:


Debra Berndt says:

This does work. Your thoughts are the fuel of your creative life. Success
is internal not external.

boylanconsultants says:

Great video

Vicki Dau says:

sounds fantastic!


Environment affects the way we live our daily lives and gradually
manifested into our attitude. Attitude become our culture… And culture
drives everything in our sense of being. Environment of pure motivation for
success. Very basic yet probably the most effective one I come across with.

Shoukat Hossain says:

this is a awsome video …thanku … 😀

Joseph De Vito says:

What’s so bad about money? joseph

ahmed lish says:

motivational !! motivational is what i was looking for and found it now!!
all thumbs up for this guy

bringer2me says:

If you have to convince yourself this much to be successful, you better
reassess why your doing it and find a job that your actually passionate

Rory & the island says:

what the hell is a refurrell???? i want to ask for 1

Lisa J. Peck says:

Anthony Galie is a genius – thank you for the tips! I certainly agree that
in order to get more success in your business, you need to create the space
so that the success can move in.

milescarlota says:


Patrick Reason says:


mentalfortune1 says:

This video is great. I always use positive affirmations and they work
great. Puts you on auto pilot. Helps me feel comfortable with things I
otherwise wouldn’t have. Thanks again.

iwan fk says:


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