Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success With Subliminal Hypnosis & Brain Entrainment

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Twitter: Facebook: binaural beat Phase 1: Alpha (12 Hz) ; Phase 2: Theta (6 Hz); Phase 3: Delta (3 Hz). Subliminal …


Lukin Tagui says:

In the ear from the right i just listen like a car alarm

Marc Vince says:

Malte thats not true. this is not hypnosis or positive thinking. Its
getting your brainwaves to slow down and get you in tune with the universe.
Thats the goal anyway. Who knows what it can and cant do.

myndzyeful says:

after 20 minutes of listening, I have had this annoying twitch in my left
eye and it feels like an antler is growing out of my left temple, and it
hasnt gone away after 2 weeks. anyone else having this issue?

Larbi Nemdili says:

Did anyone notice the voices in the middle ?

Peter Nolan says:

This does work if you allow it, im a musician and music vibes create life
you may tune in or tune out choice is yours. thanks for the upload.

OMdogOM says:


Captain Hook says:

Neurolinguistic programming is an interesting subject for anybody
transfixed on the subject of [re]programming oneself; though, this must be
done while in the upper circuits of consciousness, which are sometimes
difficult to enter, as our lower selves are meant to have minimal access to
the higher self and subsequent source-code/destiny writing/lesson planning
areas of mind. It can be done though.

Iliq Tsvetkov says:

Thanks for this if you realy wants to help for all us. But my dog is look
very strange when i listening this. Is this a normal?

Ne Plus Ultra says:

Successful people believe events in their life are caused by controllable
factors such as attitude, preparation and effort. Underlying all of these
factors are their core beliefs. For example, if a person believes that they
will deliver a successful sales presentation, they will spend a lot of time
preparing, they will put in a great deal of effort, and they will have a
great attitude during the entire process. I personally have found that
subliminal messages help me believe that I can and will achieve my goals,
which cause me to put in the extra preparation and effort, etc. So it’s a
continuous cycle that builds on itself. If you are starting at ground zero,
I recommend installing subliminal software on your desktop, to flash
messages on your screen all day. It costs $40, but it has been the most
effective tool I have found. You can learn more here: Or, feel free to
send me a message with any questions you might have. (Full disclosure, I am
an affiliate for this product, but only because I believe in it 100%.)

sweetmsroslyn says:

I’m sorry bug I hog nothing but primary static from this. Is that what it
was supposed to be?

Najee Shaheed says:

if i play something else with this such as movies music and will it still
work subliminally?

Kazzzzzo says:

To listen to this it is probably advisable to sit, not to lay down I guess.
Falling asleep may occur while listening to Deltas, right?

TeraAigle says:

oups, broken :p

Samancia says:


BinauralBrainwave - Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

if you PM them to me I can maybe add them to a future video

OriginalRipndip says:

I. listened through my phone trying to sleep but it does nothing. Any real
tips? Is this based on science?

kritim25 says:

Bonjour, je ne pense pas que cela fonctionnera si vous ne parlez pas ou de
comprendre l’anglais. votre cerveau va seulement comprendre les
instructions dans la langue que vous êtes habitué. essayer de trouver des
vidéos en français. espérons que cette aide 🙂 j’ai utilisé google
translate donc pas sûr si ce français est une traduction exacte

kane92ish says:

only at 6 minutes -_-

gold2053 says:

thanks Footrek, for pointing that out, it just goes to show, how negativity
is a part of the gigantic hill, people climb everyday , we on the other
hand, see that as futility and just ignore it……………….

Harry Gordon says:

Intriguing, Going to try each day before bed and in the morning when I wake
up. I understand it usually take about thirty days to program a habit so i
look forward to practicing this for the next thirty days-at least.

Nunyo Bidniz says:

I just don’t get this crazy damned “new wave” music these days!

martin pratley says:

How often do you have to listen to it for it to take any sort of affect?
Also when your listening to it, do you have to stop thinking negative
thoughts or anything of similiar resemblance?

ERMARTIN2011 says:

Sounds like you will be positive or is my mind playing tricks? Serious

Dustin Shappee says:

no must be with headphones

indigo child says:

Well… how did it go?

iKOHVI says:

Hello, I accidentaly happened to watch this video. It’s kind of new and
interesting experience but there are some things i’d like to know. Can i
run it as some backround sound or do I have to be focused on this sound for
30 minutes ? Further more, if its something that’s meant to our
subcounsciousness then how can I be sure that I’m not letting someone else
insert something negative to my subcounsciousness. I’m new and it seems to
be fascinating. Hope to see your reply soon. Thanks !

55dbau says:

Are there any documented results of anyone achieving riches from watching
this type of videos ?

Omlehc710 says:

Ha ha. I was just rolling off of a spelling error. I am assuming that you
meant to type ‘mind’ and accidentally hit ‘e’ instead of ‘d’. I played off
of the idea that you own a mine, as in an underground mineral/elemental
harvesting location… I was trying to be funny- apparently I succeeded
about as well as N. Korea did with their ‘model rocket club’.

InternationalGamer1 says:

I feel different in a Good way everytime I hear these Binaural beats. They
are seriously having a positive effect on me.

L.S. Moodie says:

Current research indicates that subliminal messages that are audible (even
though they may not be understood) are the most effective and that
subliminal messages that aren’t heard at all aren’t very effective, at all.

mitchell robinson says:

i can do it

Dustin Shappee says:

Is it normal for your right ear to be gringing afterwords?

4470rob says:

if the program was so good, first the government wouldn’t let to publish it
out, government fears that other nation will get benefited from it. its
just a way to make money

Rache Knauff says:

Good on hypnosis

sarah jones says:

o.k. I am going to sleep now.

Dave Yttri says:

How many years have you been programing your subconscious ?? Yrs. ? Kind of
like losing the weight a person spend yrs putting on. It’s going to take a
little time. Easier thean the weight analogy tho !

shadetabi says:

Omg this worked for me like after ten minutes my arms felt tingly then my
whole body got num and then I fell asleep two times but towards the end my
head hurted but the pains stops as soon as the vid ends

myyoot says:


Garett Cameron says:

21 to 30 days to be fully effective

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