Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success (With Audible & Subliminal Affirmations)

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ch5080 says:

will this work? i have maladaptive dreaming disorder, extreme depression,
low self esteem and suicidal thoughts? where can i get help since i live in

Best Fitness Bands says:

“I am highly motivated and selling a shit ton of resistance bands.” -me

Sstirr says:

“success comes to me easily” …he says in a highly ironic voice… XD
…alrighty then! time to stop thinking negative….

Eonian Leoni says:

Love the voice – beats ordinary…..

55dbau says:

Sounds creepy.

Cailey L. says:

The audio sounds better (less creepy) if you have headphones on IMO. I put
headphones on and listen to this while doing homework….. I get straight
A’s, baby! :D

Дмитрий Кибирев says:

I am not sure but I find it necessary to note and ask you one question.
Would it be better if you would use YOU instead of I – in this recording? –
For example.- YOU accomplish your goals. Or it doesn’t matter?

Frank - no mustard says:

There has got to be a better way to do this!

Innovater6 says:

does this work

ufoubo says:

Is it normal that the voice is not audible?

Robert Hewett says:

People ask me if this really works. I tell them, “If you believe it works,
then it works.” What more can I say to them?

jaysweetxetu says:

Dude, just one round and my mojo is boosted. Can’t wait to see what happens
over time. THank you so much. 

Toko Barang Bekaz says:

Awesome strategy, gutted I can’t listen to the audio properly! My brother
has been making money with Crib Cash Generator (search for it on Google).
We made $765 yesterday :).

Ysabel Castillo says:

Thanks you for this video and take you time for helping peoples,awesome!
The voice impact,good job!

Mariah Smith says:

Yeah. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I see others feeling the same. If
you’re going to make an inspirational video, please use a less creepy
voice. No offense – I love this kind of stuff…just less creeper. He has a
great voice – just not for this kind of audience. 

Tyrone Smith says:

T yt? Tt yt? Tt turret ttttt vert ttt c.f.

Drake Knight says:

This video isn’t working?

Elle Casal says:

How about you make music to beat your cravings foor food

Ivan Rosa says:

A nice soft woman’s voice with a British accent would’ve done it for me!

CloudsofEuphoria says:

D: Wish you could re-make this video with a less creepy voice. The messages
are great but the voice just gives me shivers & it’s just uncomfortable
listening to it. :l

diana Afandi says:

great but the ringing echo in sound makes my eras ring, I wish he had
better background sound than the ear ringer

Melanie molloy says:

Great video. I love it. Well done. Thank you for sharing!

Fatima Zehra Yusef says:

lmao to all the creeper comments. hope this works for actually listening to
him seriously!

Diana Green says:

Please redo this video with a less scary voice… Who’s idea was it to use
this guys voice yeah

Patrick Paynter says:

so this is what duke nukem is up to these days

sundai kaimans says:

I’m sorry…I can’t even close my eyes to relax the voice is kinda creepy.

Darlene DeCicco says:

your voice is too scary for me to listen to it night when I’m sleeping
though I do like the video and audio

likadooa says:

Awesome! We all own our brains so let’s use it to the max!

kodakstar57 says:

Why did I feel slightly nauseous while listening to this video? Did anyone
else feel this way? Or am I the only one?? ._. 

MIMIX015 says:

Listening with headphones in the morning before work really helps prepare
for my day!!!

Toko Barang Bekaz says:

Awesome strategy, gutted I can’t listen to the audio properly! My brother
has been making money with Crib Cash Generator (search for it on Google).
We made $765 yesterday :).

Samy Sam says:

Merci bien pour ce que vous faites! c’est formidable! à très vite

J&A . says:

I love it but the voice creeps me out!

Em Green says:

Thank you 🙂 and be well 🙂

songstress lynette says:

ow my brain @_@


Is it normal to have GREATLY increased energy levels and confidence after
the FIRST DAY of listening to this several times? It’s not clear if
listening to this was the cause, or if it was something else.

BinauralBrainwave - Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

Many thanks for your comment, I enjoy making these videos

BinauralBrainwave - Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

Any positive affirmations that are constantly hammered into your mind daily
(through whatever means) are bound to have a positive effect, changing your
attitudes for the better. The important thing is to express your new
beliefs/attitudes by taking positive action.

BinauralBrainwave - Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones says:

Thanks for the comment! I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for a future

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