Procrastination & the “Perfectionist”

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Brendon Burchard says:

If perfectionism or excellence keeps stalling you from completing things,
this is a must-watch 5mins.

Austin Duffield says:

I’ll watch this tomorrow.

morningmayan says:

So great and right on I loved it!

Sherrod Lowe says:

We all go through this phase. But of course with time comes change. Just
put yourself out there. Do it now. You’ll be happy you did. I promise. 

John Coltrane says:

Czy jakimś cudem ogląda to jakiś Polak?

Lee Barrett says:

This is like a Job interview question.
■Question : What is a weakness of yours?
■Answer : I made a mistake believing that being perfect was more important
than being effective. I learnt that refinements are important but not as
important as getting the main job done, and as a result, I get more done.

Angie Shines says:

this right here…almost drove me to tears! I seriously needed to hear
this, it came right on time! I put the question out there and this video
beautifully answered it!

Lori Losch says:

I love the quality of your videos. So perfect! 😉 But i know when you
started out, they were simply DONE! That’s been my mantra for a while now
… DBP – Done is Better than Perfect! (Or Don’t Bloody Procrastinate!)
Thanks for the reminder. 

Confessions of an English Lopium Eater says:

You have now been ‘triggered’…..I for one welcome it.

Abdulaziz Alqulaysh says:

This is what I really want to hear.
Thank you Brendon.

Madison Heiderscheidt says:

I’ve never used my perfectionist mindset as an excuse for not getting
something done. I accept that I’m lazy and get distracted. And then there
are consequences and I regret not doing the thing. I try to tell myself
that this day, I’m gonna start that thing and get it finished by this other
day. But it usually never works out. I get distracted. I know that I’m
supposed to do that thing, but I get lazy. Never have I ever thought of
using my perfectionism as an excuse. I usually don’t even have an excuse.

Also, someone finally got it right. I’ve seen other videos saying that
perfectionism is the fear of failure, or the need to get something 100%
perfect. But for me, I’m afraid that what I put out will be judged the same
way I judge myself. That they will find everything wrong with what I put
out and then criticize me for it. I’m afraid of what people will think.

Also, is it normal for a 13 year old to have this much insight? I kinda
feel weird commenting these types of comments… I just don’t know if it’s
normal. If it is, then who even cares.

masso172 says:

I needed this today

Eveline koole says:

yes, today I will start, no more excuses, Thank you

Diana Orozco says:

Brendon this video is “perfect!” Thank you for this, it is exactly what I
needed to hear.

Eirin Gonzales says:

“at least hey released, at least they completed….” Some words can leave
you reflecting about your own life :)

David .David says:

Thank you for sharing those things, Brendon. It’s such an appealing video
and very helpful for me. All the best!

Artwork by Denise Busko says:

Great video, Brendon! 🙂 

Isilda Adrego says:
Miha PoP says:

You are amazing! Thanks for sharing with us…

uleizgusheonka says:

This is sooooo true !! Sooo good ! Very inspiring and motivational.Thank
you very much for sharing your experiences!

Sannah I says:

Amazing. Great advice. Thank you sir.

Cathy Belyea says:

so inspiring, i listen to this man every day…

pyrokinder says:

This was powerful for me.

The Perfectionus says:

look out ladies here comes hades :/

What You Need To Know says:

Ouch – relies on automatic substitles

Devon Lawes says:

Brendon is a true leader and an excellent teacher!!.. thank goodness I was
led to find you just before I gave up on my goals !! Thank you for
recharging my batteries :)

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