Procrastination Help With Ellen DeGeneres

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http://procrastination-help and tips to overcome procrastination Ellen DeGeneres talking about procrastination then procrastinating about procrastination! Do…


Roland Byrd says:

*Have you ever struggled with Procrastination? Here’s a great bit by Ellen
DeGeneres on the topic!*

Danielle Heller says:

The cat thing literally just happened to me AND I didn’t even plan it.

Francesca Pesci says:

“I have a problem with procrastination […] This procrastination
thing…Whenever there’s something I’m supposed to do I’ll do anything but
the one thing that I’m supposed to do, and then I feel bad about myself, I
get depressed and then I don’t really get anything done because I’m
A kingdom for an Ellen! (Nella nostra tv servirebbe proprio qualche altra
donna con gli attributi come la Littizzetto)

ganaraj P R says:

*Have you ever struggled with Procrastination? Here’s a great bit by Ellen
DeGeneres on the topic!*

Nicole Menegol says:

my final project is due tomorrow and i havent started yet… 🙁

witchelphie says:

Procrastinators unite!

Bloodsteri667 says:

im aware of the irony of procrastinating by watching this and i do it anyway

Cristian Valladares says:

i have 2 papers due in 5 hours, havent started its now 4 am….watching
this yup

littleprof08 says:

yeah writing a term paper, started watcbing this

Mark Sokol says:

i’v got to do my homework but i’m watching this..

Zack Hoff says:

i’m writing an essay on procrastination. time to vent.

Skux32 says:

Does someone think this is strange, not long ago mw3 came out, but the
funny thing is this came out when students were coming up to exams or study
week… Conspiracy here I think, is the government wants to get students
who paid shit loads of money to institutions, to fail, so that they fall
into more debt and give more money that some don’t have… Conspiracy, i
think not! Procrastination may be intentional manipulation to the masses,
from the people in power and prestige.

velvetinetable says:

have an assignment worth 30% of my grade tomorrow, hardly started fuuuck

Aprinsa says:

Hahahahahaha. I must be the only one watching this who’s not

corrray says:

I hate finals.

Mako Eve says:

@geobiochem Hah I know that feel. Its happening now… D:

Mickehd00d says:

Well, what happened? I’m supposed to be preparing a German monologue, and
it’s 9 PM. I know how you feel right now. xD

yesaliya says:

if you’re watching this, you’re procrastinating right now)))

kalypsopurple says:

the really depressing thing is that if i can actually get down to doing
what i’m supposed to do, i think i’d really enjoy it. but then i never
start. so i’ll never know.

oXKariiChan says:

got an animation project due tomorrow.. haven’t even started.

Bocani says:

Is there more to this or is this where it ends? Seems like there should be
part 2.

Van Fitzgerald says:

@witchelphie Tomorrow.

Dreadlocks AndDruggies says:

3000+ word essay 2000+word essay… Me searching how to stop
procrastination. Me spending 3 hours watching Ellen DeGeneres. Life is

PoPPi Sa says:

Lol Its funny but true

Ritesh Man Tamrakar says:

Watching this i can not procrastinate laughing 😀 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ixgs says:

Thumbs up if your Ex’pression college teacher brought you here.

KC Little says:

2 tests tomorrow, 5 online assignments due at midnight and have to renew my
financhial aid. Watching YouTube instead.

SummertimeAndMusic says:

i am alwayssss procrastinating..

onceme2u says:

Its 12:00am I’ve got 3 pages of a report to do and some math homework all
due tomorrow….I literally only wrote my name.

pillspoo says:

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby way, Sydney

nusha2907 says:

@auju123 U right! studieesss!!

CedarPointerAPEXer says:

Haha its so true!

Phen Loo says:

I have a goddamn 7 page research paper due on Monday.

LucindAkk says:

I have two tests tomorrow

buibuoy says:

I came to this video to learn how to stop procrastinating, haha then it
became procrastinating.

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