Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

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When you don’t give up..You cannot fail!! I want to say a BIG thank you to ‘everyone’ who has commented on the inspiration that they’ve received from this vi…


EpicCraft0723 says:

They showed this to my school today

David Lawrence says:

your daughter died? sorry for your loss. god bless that shes in a better

Susan Delaine Daniel says:

I watched this and cried like a baby, there are only a handlful of times in
life you see love this strong in action :):

milan kadovic says:
William Bowers says:

Happy Fathers day to every father. I encourage you to love and lead your
families. Seek God for direction. Give God thanks for the children you
have. God bless you in Jesus’ name.

#fathers #Dad

Thilina Rajinda says:

This Video open a new window to see who I am.

Herobrine Gir1 says:

This is amazing. I cried. I have learned never to give up through some
things happening in my life. My dad, he is always yelling at me and saying
hurtful things. My mom broke her leg a while back (12/26/13), and I was
devastated. My dad was worse than ever. I thought my best option was to
give up, but soon I realized that my friends needed me, my family needed
me. They needed me to finish and never give up. There may be people that
have it worse, but to God everything is small, but as small as it might be,
I promise you, He’s ALWAYS there for you. Keep up the good fight, my
friends! God bless! 🙂 ~J-Liz

victor johnson says:

that’s right fight until the end that show’s that he is a human

annie jackson says:

Give up Give up.

dapunisher1000 says:

Fatherhood…..try it you might like it.

andrew p says:

best nike commercial ever!!

Suada Mustafa says:

Goddammit how put this damn onions here?!?! And u stop sweating from your
eyes.. that’s disgusting.. D:

Sri Flora says:

This is very good example for “do not give up”

enjoy my friends

Cristi Cristi says:

Amazing video, i cryed.
Don’t give up !

Frank. says:

Amazing story

Victoria walker guerrero says:

It is not about winning but it is about persevirence and not giving up

prince shah says:

damn..who cut those onions..

Lalitha V Raman says:

When you don’t give up, you can not fail!
You can not see this video without crying…

Yhek Yet says:

my life is in quite a mess now – gosh, this video impacted a lot!!!!

Adrian Papp says:

If you don’t give it up you can’t fail.

Krishnaa R says:
Ed Clem says:

Here. Try this one.

The Solo Light Up Your Life says:

Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

Warm Embrace says:

What #inspires you today?

Lily Kotze says:

Something all of us can remember when times are tough.

Rishi Patel says:


Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

Anderson KA says:
Eacy Tan says:

Failure is not defeat unless you stop trying…

Kwan Mun says:
Mahei Foliaki says:

*Bring on the London Olympics I say*

Some moments are remembered forever.

Bebo Elnagar says:

what ever happened , do not give up 🙂 

Jyoti Arora says:
Ana Calderon says:

Have a great day ! ttyl! hugs =)) busy day …for me .

gege ihalauw says:

don’t give up…

Goran Horaček says:

Beautiful! :’-)

saami haamid says:

Determination: Don’t Give Up!

Flavius Vieriu says:

If you don’t give up, YOU CANNOT FAIL! 

Marlon Richards says:

If he didn’t… Why would YOU???

Stephen Joseph Vincent says:

Winners don’t always come first but quitters are always last and the real

Lorraine Wyatt says:

That was amazing, it really resonates with me today because my oldest son
is particularly feeling like this through the struggles of life and I try
to show in through my life and words of encouragement that you can’t let
the struggles get you down. You won’t fail if you just keep trying.

Inspiration Daily says:

When you don’t give up… you cannot fail

StockyDoccy says:



Rajapandian Raju says:


Tainaka RikuRoblox says:

This video is always showed to school about achieving ur goals :D

Valeria Landivar says:

Good Morning! Have a great day!
“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they
are determined to”

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