Powerful Free Online Vision Board in Facebook

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Vision Boards now in Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/onlinevisionboards The Law of Attraction, The Secret and why use Vision Boards? Dream Timeline bought…


Gheckoblaster says:

Useful tool or what

TheWeekBlog says:

I’m loving it true dat

Nasser Ali says:

whoop whoop

satyajeet kumar says:


chrttus says:

where do you find the FB App?

dreamtimeline says:

To find the app, search for “Online Vision Boards” in Facebook. We’re
making changes and improvements all the time and please do help make it
better 🙂

Jhoonf11 says:

what ever next…

dreamtimeline says:

@joker39939 You can download your vision board, just hit the download
button 🙂

macfarthead22 says:

don’t stop believin’

dreamtimeline says:

@tefata98 This is similar in some ways to Pic Collage, but very different
interface being on the web native to Facebook.

XDareDevilMonX says:

simple yet powerful

MakeItHappen2013 says:

Does this stuff really work?

joker39939 says:

Can I download my board?

GetFreeYourViews says:

cr8 the life you want today –> this really works <--

tester5252 says:

is this gr8 or what

dreamtimeline says:

@cgproductions2010 We need enough users and to settle on the features you
want before we make the iPhone/iPad apps.

Dylan McCaughin - (Stuntman) says:

If you do not build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build

disasterpiece1212 says:

Me likey a lot

tefata98 says:

It looks kind of like pic collage for facebook – thoughts?

The Best Sony Vegas Pro Tutorials says:

#rocks #visionboard #visualize

cgproductions2010 says:

Does anyone know if this works on iPad or iPhone?

MusicManiaW says:

Food for thought or what…

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