Powerful Deep Delta Binaural Beats Meditation- Trance, Sleep etc.

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Powerful Deep Delta Binaural Beats Meditation Trance, Sleep etc. Free Full Meditation Program http://www.joy-meditation.com This Video Features Very Powerful…


7starscollective says:

This track got me through a very intense and horrible divorce about 2 years
ago…thank you! Only now just subscribing.

xristiana sophia says:

Have a great morning everyone!

707istimeforLOL says:

I know, It could be better without them.

Joseph De Vito says:

Thank you HIU 🙂 joseph

TheRubsi says:


Leah McAllister says:

I’m sure it’s great but I can’t tell with all the NOISE AND STRESS AROUND
ME. Rrrrrrrggg…

Ben Stone says:


Skie Proxy says:

Sounds like you’re just nervous

jac5562 . says:

go to sleep listening to these with headphones,binaural waves have 2 diff
freqs that affect both the male and female hempispheres of your
brain….saying stuff like “im a very smart person” completely cancels out
what you are trying to reach by having an ego trip…..peace

Black Rose says:

this one had me twitching every time the notes would get higher..guess its
not for me worth a try – thanks anyways

Desidirea says:

wow absolut gigantisch schöne bilder wahnsinn danke

Holly Hobbie says:

thank you for upploading this

matt d says:

He said he is afraid this will fu*k with his brain listening to one after
another different types of this kind of music.

moonhowler369 says:

About 5 minutes after listening to this, I realised I could not recall
anything I was doing throughout it… Wow :3

Zach Catania says:

mmmmmm, yes. thank you hiuplight 🙂

Cara Musica says:

I’m afraid that this is gonna eff up my brain, listening to diff. one after
diff. one…

MrBeewatch says:

I would like to download the sound track to my mobile is this possible?

Michelle Sanders says:

That was so weird. I listened to this laying down and with my eyes closed.
I lost all feeling and when it was over I think I was asleep I don’t really
know to be honest…

petelimppu says:

gets relaxing, if u cope with the headache for a little while, i listened
to this with my eyes closed, legs fell asleep, dafuq

andrasiboti says:

@hiuplight Yeah, sign up, sign up… Fuck advertising! -.- Nice vids though

dooby doo says:

this binural shit just hurts my ears. I think the brain works on a chemical
level. sound isnt a big part of it.

TheMysteriousD360 says:

i listened to 3 hypnosis videos in a row for relaxation than this one with
my headphones. I Just woke up 4 hours later and had the most crazy
spiritual trip.. It was a very lucid dream the first thing i remember was
flying out my body as if i were an eagle, Than i had a nightmare woke up
now im paranoid. Dont take this video lightly. Great video though def

Trippcombustable says:

youtube to mp3. Google that 🙂

Sierra Cabral says:

I just felt very deeply sleepy.

fractol says:

Download Audacity sound editor and make your own tracks. People, if you
want to buy this stuff nothing wrong with that. But you are being sold a
bill of goods. However if your willing to pay for a new toy, and you just
consider these tracks a kind of toy, then by all means, Have fun. I used to
enjoy this kind of stuff, until I learned that enjoyable meditation can be
attained quite easily, just by closing your eyes, and listening to the
sounds around you.

B-Loli says:

@MultiSilentNoise so… you just died?

Barbara McClintick says:

Powerful. I listen to lots of these as I have severe chronic insomnia. This
is great. I love the whale-like song in the background. Thank you for

CosmicUndeadElf says:

Definitely not good

Gui F. says:

Didn’t felt nothing…

Cam Berry says:

@LughGarrick Start researching astral projection and OBE it will probly
come easily

Scuba Steve says:

Too Stoned!

mrNyanCat101 says:

Idk bout u guys but I had a big paper cut and when I listened to this it
didn’t gift then I felt refreshed A LOT

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