Powerful Affirmations.

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The following write up on Affirmations is from a great guy called Remez Sasson at SuccessConsciousness.com I strongly recommened the site to everyone who see…


James Powell says:

Strong affirmations are working beyond what we think, they can change the
universe and lead us to prosperity.

Jeanette Williams says:

Affirmations can create a transformation inside and outside of us, I wish
to get a lovely lifestyle.

Zeeshan Raza says:

I believe affirmations do work but they are only one factor if you are
serious about changing your life around. Through extensive research I
noticed there were 5 steps that need to be taken to change life completely.
Affirmation is the last one of them.

I am glad that I did this research as it changed my life completely.

georgetaylor100 says:

Added to favourites

Sandhya Kakkar says:

power of affirmation

Delores Randall says:

Have a positively wonderful weekend peeps!

Anuttara Annie says:

Watch this every day for 21 days you will become totally new person!

beyondmisery says:

Fantastic! These are also cool: watch?v=mIFlR6DrQTY

Florence Redman says:

I like this video as it shows the affirmations while letting the music
assist with the retention. The music could have been softer which would
have help for visualization and meditation. curly9

Eddy Aizad says:

this is so simple yet so powerful

spiritualmind7 says:

@jtking2504 I’m not sure what you are saying, however this is my original

rvanavr says:

Great affirmations app on facebook

Kevin F says:

Thank you higher Self for guiding me to your helpful video. I use it
weekly…sometimes daily before i set out to accomplish the goals i set for
myself. Thank you and may all the good things in life be bestowed upon you.

srami004 says:

Nice beat to this. Do you have this on a cd?

true2ashie says:

yay 4 this 🙂

Xiroi87 says:

Thanks for posting this. After some specific affirmations HUGE resistence
showed up the moment I saw the words. This really helped me realise where
I’m stuck. This was really helpful, thank you.

earl light says:

this is how ive allways been, it makes me happy everyday, i never do
anythin i dont wanna and i will only do things that make me happy but i
would never hurt anyone to get me happy, coz it would make me sad hurtin
someone, if i didnt love everyone and everythin i wouldnt be like this i
think, very nice way to put how ppl like us are. xx much love and happiness
to u xx

Tony Turner says:

oh if anyone would like the list of useful affirmations I’ve collected then
just send me a message! 🙂

Nathan Whatton says:

Do i need to say these words aloud for it to work or can i say them in my
thoughts to myself?

OneSpot71 says:

i see aliens!!!!

ActionFigureWorld says:

E d d i e + L o s t + A n g e l+ e s

blessissuccess says:

Another good one!!! 🙂

reppnkillacali says:

This..for some reason was under “Recommended for you”i never watch things
like this..so it’s odd that it happened that way,i had goosebumps once i
realized that.But i indeed needed to see this,and plan on watching it
often.Thankyou for you’re video.

Seamus c says:

Lovely…and good…….we are after all God’s children.. Good thoughts to

Rhamses Silva says:

i love the music what is the name of this song?

TheOpenmind7 says:

This is very good! However not everyone can afford to pay the man. Those
that can, probably will pay him, and the very best of luck to him! He’s
just using his knowledge to earn a living, and there’s nothing wrong with
that, is there?

818peacefulspirit says:

if you love affirmations check out my channel

belley669 says:

@intothebest low value or nonsens, The world you see is your own world
perception and opinion. Then in facts You are matter seeying other kind of
matter. Matter Do not exist (think about the 5 feelings “sense” and than
how you get the information from the exterior world to your brain and back
to your body). Everything is consciouness. Consciouness is “the illusion of
all matter”.

TheOpenmind7 says:

Keep on trucking! Okay,so I’m an ‘old git’, but I love this music x

desijatt..sandhu says:

sometimes i dont feel what im saying in my affirmations if i keep saying it
will it still help?

L.S. Moodie says:

This is an excellent, excellent video stating exactly the correct
affirmations one should be saying to oneself. And, in such a short video
length. Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and generosity in
putting this on YouTube so that I, and others, can benefit from the
perfectly stated affirmations. Kindest and warmest blessings to you for a
wonderful, wonderful life

T4AVideos says:

Awesome… thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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