Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective – By Kent Healy

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A scientific approach to explaining the power of thought. We have all heard it before, “Your thoughts create your reality.” Well, new quantum physics studies…


Flittashy Da Boss says:

Woah. Just, WOAH. … My life is changed

conferencereport says:

This is hilariously bad. Really. Hilarious.

Steven Roberts says:

Understand the Amazing Power that You have in Controlling How and What You
Think About!

Erika Kovich says:

The idea that the power of thought, especially the power of collective
thought, affects what has been called ‘matter’ or ‘physical reality,’ is
emerging into human consciousness.

Is it possible that it will be the collective thoughts of the people that
will ultimatley change our world? 

Aaron Dominguez says:

For this reason faith came; it dissolved the division and brought the warm
pleroma of Love in order that the cold should not come again but there
should be unity of perfect thought. What is Love? So when we do the laws of
love to Love the lord our God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength
and only serve Him and to do the new command Jesus gave to Love our
neighbor, as yourself, we have unity of perfect thought. Jesus said these
two laws sum up the entire law. Again the Word says that Love is the

John Layman says:

Yes, the musical water-freezing tests parallel my own research: heavy metal
generally gave a shattered look to the ice, and classical produced a
hexagonal crystal. However, Mozart’s “Dissonance” quartet produced results
indistinguishable from “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. I’m about to
begin testing “The Birdie Song” by The Tweets, and Joe Dolce’s “Ah,
Shaddappa ya face.”

shan bholla says:
JadeClay1 says:

Awesome, thanks :)

Foo Fixers says:

Much truth – too much random music

IskrenIvanov says:

I was thinking about a iPHONE 4S for about 2 days, and at the end, a friend
got one…

Clyde Ward says:

All I could say about this is question EVERYTHING. Don’t trust this guy or
anyone else, just try and understand it for yourself. No one who is
actually trying to understand quantum mechanics believes that a conscious
observer effects matter. Try and understand why they say that and what it
means in their field of research. Everyone wants their to be more to life
than what we are currently experiencing. People also want to be able to
wrap their mind around things. Every person has the capability to change
their life, and every person has profound experiences in life seem very
important, self assuring and so wise that it seems to come from something
greater. Try to honestly understand why that is happening to people of ALL
beliefs. Don’t think that new age quantum mystics are the first last or
only people making claims like this. They all do in fact. Reality is
beautiful enough and life is amazing and important enough to me that I
don’t have to add anything to our understanding of it than what is already
there and available for me to honestly experience. 

Matthew Moore says:

I want to use my mind power for earning more bucks …

Boris Chan says:

I don’t think you know what “observation” means in QM. It does not really
require your eyes observing, and it does not go back to quantum state if
you look away.
Any kind of measurement or interactive will cause a quantum object to
exhibit its eigenstate.

Andrea Samadi says:

I find myself coming back to this video time and time again when explaining
to others the power of our thoughts, Quantum Physics, and the power of the
unseen! Almost 1 million views says it all! Powerful information.

Pain Relief Power Strips says:

Inspiring! Thank you. :-)

Felix Delgadillo says:

Thought + action = success

solaroneproject says:

This video mis guides a whole lot ! As of yet there’s no direct scientific
link between Quantum mechanics and the inner workings of mind. Your video
is the worst i have ever seen about QM. please read Richard Feyman,
Lawrence Krauss & Richard Dawkins books or watch videos of them on youtube
at least. 

Jamais Biedermann says:

Simple, straight + mind-boggling #science #quantumphysics #mindset
#attitude #video

Arthur Norvaisas says:

Power of Thought .And it’s realy is.THINK POSITIVE and this will change
your life.It’s so simple…:D

Nancy Molina says:

Inspiring and educational. Thank you

Sam Samson says:

That was Budai not Buddha

A van Druten says:

Nice! Remember what Niels Bohr Said….If you are NOT shocked by Quantum
Mechanisc, you have NOT understood it…..

Vir Honestus says:

God is the objective reality.

Ascendant Equity says:
K estes says:

So, music in its most positive form can change the pattern of water as it
turns to ice. Music succeeds where politics and religion fail. Our
unbalanced distribution of wealth creates negative thought. We can balance
the equation or, Mother nature will balance it for us.

Imoni Brown Williams says:

Nice ! Love it! 

Arif Ahmed says:

shocked pleasently

Edward Rogers says:

great video

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