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eurus pulsare says:

this is so great, i need to learn all about this.´╗┐

Vanessa Klinger says:

I’m curious though.. What if that world exists after I exist this world..
Maybe I’m creating my future reality because a it already exist and I have
to evolve to that reality and to only “live” that experience is to exist
again. Or? is it possible now?´╗┐

11newlaws says:

so who else believes positive thinking is the right choice? its much more
than that´╗┐

Tuncs Apoo says:

we learn from experience whether it be physical or not.. everything we have
ever known is from some sort of experience.. People need to stop relying on
written text to tell them about themselves because if they just experience
they will know.. Life: the universe’s way of experiencing itself´╗┐

WatchYaze says:

I’m fucking awesome, handsome and so smart. I can do everything. Nothing
can hold me back. I am completely happy.

Who agrees? :D´╗┐

pickersplayspop says:


sharon johnston says:

I think this is interesting. What u think?´╗┐

shinigami19xx says:

People watch videos like this and read books like the secret and they get
the wrong idea.

In part, their theories are true. An idea isn’t nothing, it has substance
and can change the physical world, tremendously sometimes.

But the idea in your head is only a part of it. Unless you act on that idea
and take actual physical steps to achieve it or make it a reality, it will
just remain an idea floating around in your head until it starts to rust
and decay and slowly break apart.

These concepts of envisioning something and the universe will provide it.
They are just aimed at selling books to lazy people who don’t want to put
in the hard work and effort of creating something or earning wealth to buy
the things they want. “Why should I work my ass off to get what I want when
I could just ask for it and the universe will provide it!?”.

I’m not a religious person, but I do have some spirituality and I believe
the universe or whatever force will help you to a degree but it’s up to you
to walk in the right direction.

For example, Micheal Angelo might have envisioned a giant statue of a naked
guy but David didn’t just pop into existence, he had to physically calve
David from a giant hunk of rock. Now, his idea did become a reality and it
still stands there today in Florence, over 500 years later. Now, maybe the
universe helped Micheal to find the right peace of marble but the universe
certainly didn’t do the bulk of the work.

You can buy into these sorts of ideas if you like and your wishes and
thoughts may have some small effect on the universe. But don’t forget to
put in the hard work to achieve, create or attain the things you dream of.

Even if the universe could provide everything for you free of charge, where
would your sense of self worth or achievement come from?´╗┐

Bella J says:

Awesome video. Shared a lot of confirming things, the puzzle pieces for me
are coming together. Loved the insights.´╗┐

Galavya41 says:

With all due respect to Mr Braden I would like to point out that there is
no such thing as ” Sanskrit Traditions” Sanskrit is just a language the
correct terminology would be “Vedic Traditions” or “Hindu Traditions”´╗┐

Marc Jacobi says:

If you like this, go read up on Law of Attraction / Abraham-Hicks. ´╗┐

Samir Ango says:

im so glad i saw this video´╗┐

11newlaws says:

Video That Changed My Life =)´╗┐

Desaree Haber says:

I LOVE the way you share your extensively learned truth. I CAN SEE that
this is SO incredibly true. “let him who have an eye see and an ear to
hear” if you BELIEVE it to be true, it IS true. “When thought and emotion
become one, when the two become one, you will say to the mountain move and
it will move.” It’s as simple as that. “I AM THAT I AM”. Peace, Love and
Keep Sharing, Greg, I SEE & HEAR YOU.´╗┐

Tom james says:

that hair is fucken awesome´╗┐

Bronson Clarke says:

NOW I get it. Wow – I’ve been struggling with the thoughts and emotions
from the heart thing for several years now. Our teaching as Catholics,
within the bible make it sound as though it’s ‘two people’ we have to have
in agreement with what we want. Okay – I understand it all now…and I can
see why Gregg (boy I love this man for his intelligence) was not in the
movie, “The Secret” – He’s not selling it, he gives it away and writes his
own material. Fantastic!! Thanks for posting, and although I’ve listened to
Gregg many times before, I’d never seen this particular segment…or paid
so close attention as I did now. THANK YOU – ’cause I slowed down enough to
absorb it all. :)´╗┐

Rich Pham says:

Thank you for sharing,,´╗┐

Daniel Hooker says:

The Divine Matrix´╗┐

Flute Raman says:

I love this ´╗┐

Rondo Cat says:

Shame on you Anik Messier because of that thought you had there together
with many other, you just chose a reality where toddlers get sick from
dirty toys ­čÖé Welcome to the reality of infinite realities where you are a
co creator, be careful what you think and say lol

“Anik Messier2 months agoin reply to vyshakd”

“Are you saying that toddlers and young children have colds due to negative
thoughts? Don’t you rather think that it’s because they share dirty toys,
for example?”´╗┐

MsGuard3 says:

There is the physical. And there is the SPIRITUAL. And the two are
connected. God, who is SPIRIT, spoke into existence the time-space-matter
universe. And His vast, complex plan began.´╗┐

Connie Miles says:

This is far more than just positive thinking or the law of Attraction, this
how and why all of that works! Just because you might not get it, right
away does not mean it isn’t so. It isn’t new technology because the
ancients had all of this understanding and some how down the line, it was
lost. So, this information seems new to us now! Thank you Gregg Braden!´╗┐

Johnnie James says:


By T HURA says:


Juniper Bartlett says:

Watching Gregg Braden’s videos was part of my journey toward developing THT
and EZDS, emotional clearing techniques.´╗┐

Kari C.Tudorache says:

Powerful, truly meaningful !´╗┐

Sid Ney says:


Alex Lawson says:

Your own realm of possibilities is one felt thought away. Ya know, there
could be a god if u wanted there to be. Everybody creates their own
reality. U have the power to creat planets. My consciousness took me to a
realm guys. I had before believed in Jehovah god of the Christian bible..
Well as I got deeper into science and history, those (I respectfully say)
ideas felt primitive. I sought more. I found my answers through Egyptian
teachings and self experiences. Everything is connected.. It’s quenching.
But in my mind took me to the (I hope I’m right) the Orion Nebula. The
Egyptians created that eye in the sky. I’m not yet sure what, or if it
serves a specific purpose, but I like to have my own ideas about it. When u
access your full potential…when u connect the trinity, mind body and soul
(emotion)….the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. And I
dedicate my life to expanding these horizons and name my own star in the
sky. Follow your positive influences´╗┐

john blenkiron says:

After having read the lost Gospel of Thomas which was rediscovered in the
Nag Hamadi texts I can fully understand why the early church and political
powers made sure at the Council of Nicaea that it would never be included
in the Christian bible. It threatened the very power structure of emperors
and bishops in that it preached that every man had the nature of the divine
within himself and was capable of manifesting this awesome mind power
through self discovery and empathy for others. Gregg Braden has uncovered
the meaning of the enigmatic phrase “Seek and you shall find”.´╗┐

Gregor Rice says:

I’d love to hear the rest of it but the instructions are not clear… I
clicked and … wwhhhhaaaat? Saw Gregg in Sedona and elsewhere. His
words are the truth. So why isn’t there a group practicing all this?´╗┐

Iris Morales says:

You have no idea how much I enjoyed this video, it is a direct confirmation
of something I could never explain, or something I’ve never understood. I
would love to place this video on my website, and share this wealth of
information. This was an awesome video, Thank You for posting!!´╗┐

tanbir chowdhury says:

We are more than what we are´╗┐

bobby PF says:

is revealing. how do you explain this …… matters a lot. many do not
understand. no matter what exercise or meditation you practice. if the mind
(imagination / emotions / intent) is free (really free) with patience and
perseverance you can do more, or anything you want. both good and bad. have
been years to realize that, man can do whatever he wants. there are no
limits. limits are imposed by the power that leads us: music, commercials,
politics, news, laws. and so on. if you are good and right. you will have
patience and wisdom needed to overcome problems. With patience and united
we will go over everything that is harder´╗┐

Green Valdimar says:

This man is very intelligent.
Im so happy you shared this man so happy´╗┐

Spirit22g says:

If you think it, and believe it with all your heart………… it will
happen. I know.´╗┐



jdvicvega0 says:

All I can say right now is “HOLY SHIT”´╗┐

likfrikbik says:

If you want to know more about what he is talking about,browse for Thomas
Champbell on you tube.He will explain all this in a way anyone can
Good luck in your searching for truth.

bino mejia says:

go visit guatelama and theres no doctors but great healer… they heal
anything ´╗┐

Pat B Sangaroon says:

Power of Subconscious Mind … yes, you must watch this … again:?)´╗┐

Serah says:

This is so profound. Thank you truckloads for posting such a powerful

I am currently reading this book called ‘The Genie within your
subconscious mind’ by Harry carpenter and all the information that Gregg
gives in this video resonates with what I’ve read in the book..

I’ve been practicing the LOA and affirmations but i knew i was missing out
something . Now I know what.
“The Feelings ” They are a language our bodies and subconscious mind
I am so grateful to you for posting this video for I have found the
missing link.´╗┐

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