Power of Belief | Magic of Believing – Claude Bristol (2012 -2013 Magic Mix)

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Adam White says:

Incredibly beneficial training video, nonetheless there are other strong
methods to having plenty …

fiddlestickszz says:


max alburg says:

whats the deal with this funky backround music? its distracting.

if you had faith in what you were saying you would have said it as naked as
possible. for truth has no weakness.

and im not saying your message is wrong. i didn’t list to the whole thing.
im just talking about the presentation of your ideas. … unless… you are
secretly trying to hypnotize us for our own good. in that case.. thats
pretty vain of you.

Alec Jones says:

That is the coolest thing I have ever heard and worth more than a million
dollars thanks :-)) 

fiddlestickszz says:


Pretty Pinky says:

I had this book. It’s good. Excellent read. I love it. Changed my life. 

Kenyetta Grimes says:

Take a moment and listen to this. A little of your time can change the rest
of your life. Step a bit out on faith and try these practical teachings to
see a difference in your life.

Alicia Bella says:

I love when people take the time to help others, Thank you for downloading
this. If there is a curiosity for finding answers I recommend you go to
robert smalley’s web site he has a 64 point test that unfolds all the
mysteries of life through kinesilogy
( calibration) it turns out that all the questions you have, there are
answers through this technique ( akiashic records are something to tap into
by Edgar Cayce talks about it. Good luck to you, just Google Robert’s

iichingg says:

subconscious/universe/god all the same.

Brenda Yaeso says:

I will not get tired of listening to this!!!

carlos gomez says:

God bless this knowledge, if you close your eyes and focus on the words
you will fall into hipnosis , if you do so all this knowledge will go
straight up to you subconscious mind. And you will feel the power right

Lela Strika says:

@Ace x haha like your comment. Lol

Ibzar Sanchez says:

Believing, seeing, seeing, believing!

Kerry Sidberry says:

kill the music

Lady Killer says:

Love it! The music 2


Believe in your aim and work towards it,
With elation, determination and dedication.
Believe in yourself and you’ll feel blessed,
As you are the god’s special creation.

Tim Brockhum says:

This book changed my life.

Denice Myles says:

This always encourage and help me . Ive got track but, im on my way back. I
especially like chapter’s 6’7′ -and 8. Thsnk y gor having thid available.

Ivon Mishelle Nagy says:


Ferose Nihar says:

I am already RICH.

Davida G says:

Great stuff, thanks for sharing

Java Dark says:

What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our
lives, we need to stretch our minds. — Wayne Dyer

Victoria Banks says:

Thanks for sharing :)

gheradus says:

Loving the vid and the music, my new fave on the topic :)

Robert Coleman says:

Take a listen and BELIEVE

lastfanstanding999 says:

kryptonite is negative thoughts and negative people,
keep them away from you… !

vesna noble says:

I find the music very disturbing, it makes it hard for me to concentrate on
the tekst. If there is music it should be soft in the backgroung , unless
ofcourse the music has particular purpose, and if so I would like to know

Dustin Portillo says:

Absolutely wonderful. I’ve read this and now listened to it unfurl.

jaime martinez says:

WTF, kept losing audio even though the music kept going! Doesn’t even make

Ace X says:

Danm!!!…. WTF….THE MUSIC MAN!!!

Jeannette G. says:

I would love to listen to this without that music, please remove the music
from this great video.

Aslam K says:

I have the book and one of my favorite .

anastasia kyriakidou says:


Mikkee33 says:

What is the name and artist of the back ground music? I love

Victoria Generao says:

AUDIOBOOK (54 mins.) — THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING, by Claude Bristol … In
case you missed this posting on my personal profile, this audio is a
must-do. Mr. Bristol’s formula, put forth in 1948, is THE formula for
successfully navigating through Life as we know it right now. Does his
theory work? Yes … and my life is living proof that it does work. But,
don’t believe me … check it for yourself. No bullshit or frilly New Age
nonsense here. 

Abundanteur says:

veery good mix

Ana Calderon says:


Pamela Bradford says:

One of the best and most powerful discourses on the power of Self Belief.

max alburg says:


please copy and past that all over the place-

Brenda Yaeso says:

The 2nd times I listened to it and I enjoyed it except the background music
is a bit annoying…..
Thanks for uploading anyway…..

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