POTENTIAL – Motivational Video 2014 – Motivation for Athletes w/ Les Brown Eric Thomas Tony Robbins

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GreatthinkingJK says:

This ladies and gentlemen … Truly listening to videos and speakers like
this. That is what truly lays the foundation for YOU, to achieve greatness.
If you want to be great. All you have to do, is TRULY listen to the
message. It is that simple.

AMENAZAwarriorbear says:

the guy figthing the wolves
what movie is that ?
anyone please
i need to see it now

Iceteakilla says:

Les Brown is a man who betters not only the people around him but all
people who take those few minutes to listen to him. He may believe he knows
how many people he has helped, but the truth is he has helped far more
people than he really knows and I would like to say I appreciate his help.
Everybody needs a bit of reinforcement throughout their lives and I can say
he has helped me a great deal. I do not believe in god as I am an atheist,
but speeches like these are what can help others and so I thank you Les
Brown for your help.

SupermanBB says:

Don’t type your dream here. Take action. No more talking about it, be about

Ray Gotoman says:

no matter how bad it is or how hard it gets i am going to make it.

Matthew Molyneux says:

got me smashing revision

Li Cheng says:

Victory had defeated me.
I crashed cuz I forgot, I didn’t see Or believe. Others were taking somehow
the upper hand.
Yet, when you are down.
When you realize and see again.
What you realize is noboddy is going to come down to save you.

Just as how it all started back than when I had a depression. “Noboddy” is
going to give it to you. Noboddy is going to be there.

When you realize this. You remember how It all started and why You are the
one to do this. Why you are going to be that One Legend. This is your life.
You legacy we create.

You think again about how it all started and what you used to say.
“I need Noboddy. Because noboddy was there when I needed the most. I am the
one. This is my Dream. My life. And I’m willing to die for it.

I am the one”

Simon Byrne says:

*One of the most powerful clips on Potential*
Take a few minutes of your day to listen
it will fuel your desire for sure…

Edward1975 says:

Such a thought provoking and self-introspective video!!

Kara Nicholas says:

Motivate. Germinate. Populate. Your DREAMS 

Hi I'm Oscar Freetoo... too soon Leonardo? says:


You got piece of everything, well paced, well chosen illustrative videos.
Well done.

Kyle Jenkins says:

This is a little longer then others but worth every second. Understand the
power of your Potential!
POTENTIAL – Motivational Video 2014 – Motivation …:

Samir Khaled says:

really great work.you are an artist. keep on; waiting for more videos bro

juice2111 says:

Question: whos the speaker who says “discovery moments… not moments where
you discovery how hard life can be but how strongly you’ve been created”…
he’s not listed. This is an incredible video

SuperGamerzHD says:

make more please this is fucking amazing

mat White says:


Masrex says:

Was that bill britt who spoke about diamonds? Nice

Yuri Kravchenko says:

russell crowe writing something
what movie is that? 

marciojpq says:

7:07 anyone knows the movie?

Eon Robby says:


Kyle Uhlenkott says:

What is the movie with Matt Damon

Takatso Molekane says:

Guys does anyone know the name of the sound track that plays from 5:27

Ian Kallay says:

Amazing Video!!! What song is playing at around 3:00??

Adam Hjiej says:

Excellent video ! thank you very much !
Is it possible to have the name of the music in the beginning ?
(Several person asked but i couldn’t find the answer)
thanks !

Jacob Linker says:

There’s are no other words to describe the video but simply amazing. No one
understands what I’m going through but simple YouTube video has changed my
prospective. And I’m so appreciative of that. As simply as it seem this is

tmntkool101 says:

THE SONG AT 2:55 ???

Timerlan Kaiyrmagambetov says:

Could you prodive the music list for this video?

Elija Massetto says:

..This is Magnificant…Like from the scene nd last words from that movie
called the Grey..sort of Chillin.


Who is in 39 s …??? , Name please

Evans Chu says:

great video. boxing is life.

Akram Bougherara says:

subtitles english please . i’m sorry to bother you but i need it ♥ ^^ +

Jamie Robertson says:

Anyone else lying in bed when they should be working out?

Simon Byrne says:

Who’s voice is “this is a discovery moment” after Les Brown epic voice who
is it please great video keep them coming :))

Nick Melow says:

God I love this shit! Amazing video very powerful 

Get Motivated to Sport says:

Hey nice video man! If you like to post videos on my blog contact me!

motivation4u says:

Brings tears to my eyes everytime i watch it… I watch this every day

GABRIEL506 says:

what is the name of the song starting at 7:55 ?

itSBreezyBoii says:

such a good Video. touchin me deeply. i know i have to improve Motivation
is the thing which is needed to achieve the goals i have set for myself.

.> someone knows the name of the song at 8:20

Perry Bhamornsiri says:


Alexandru Ionut says:

how can make a subtitle?

Jonathon Carter Schall says:

Nicely done, but too long, and the final notes in the tag were too dark —
they detract from the climax.

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