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nwalds says:

I loved this so much – I bought several of their mp3s. I have listened to
literally hundreds of hypnosis programs and this is by far tops (all their
programs are). How generous that they make this wonderful program available
here on youtube for free. Thank you!

Rory G. says:

coolness that we all need

Growl Kpops says:

Oh this made me feel so so good! Thank u so much! 

Lucie Kotoučková says:

Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic video with us 🙂 ♥

taya919 says:

This is my favorite guided meditation on YouTube 

headtonix says:

You need to upload more videos like this please. I need this in my life

IshtarCelt says:

Thank You so much – This is really wonderful! L<3ve this guys voice !

Laura Lucy says:

at first I was like wtf is going on this is going to fast but wow I’m so
glad I didn’t stop the video this was the best meditation ever. I was
actually hypnosed and almost fell asleep at the end (didn’t see that
coming, if I needed to fall asleep I would’ve looked for another meditation
video) but still great meditation thanks an awful lot!!!!

Sky Bird says:

Positive thoughts

Victoria Woolley Parry says:

What a gorgeous and generous offering of alignment and love. Thank you!

Michelle CASTILLO says:


Arts1992 says:

I really felt like i was being hypnotised i mean i didn’t feel mybody at
all felt like completely taken over and my mind became calm!

JAM Miyuki says:

Great video!! I feel much energy after seeing this! Thank you!

Anita Perrault says:

Merci pour la suggestion Jean-Pierre … mais la langue française serait
exagéré pour nous maintenant …. alors peut-être à un moment donné dans le
temps 🙂 rester heureux et nous vous aimons!

mary jane says:

awesome thanks

Svitlana Novikova says:


madison reinhard says:

Hey thanks for this so much it really helps

森 史 says:

Self becomes being that move the world and have tremendous generous big
influence on the world practically and indicating the power come. It is
existence of the one and only. 現実に世界を動かし世界に影響を及ぼし力を示す存在になるんだ。唯一無二の存在であるのだ。

samina wave says:

samina awesome soothing video THANK U SIR bless you

Jerry Roman says:

voice is so calming and relaxing thank you for brightening up my day with

Partyfreakers says:

I really needed this man! Thanks for your help 🙂

DeathRot2012 says:

This is just what I needed too! Thank you so very much! Knocks the
depression out completely (^_^)

SoulSista3000 says:

Simply Amazing, life changing even 🙂

Sarah Holmes says:

WONDERFUL! SO VERY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you stranger. 🙂 You made my night.
Blessings to you.

CosmicUndeadElf says:

The voice sounds kinda like David Carradine

joel o'donnell says:

i have tried many meditations and not sure if i have ever achieved a
hypnotic state but this one certainly got me feeling like i was at least
close and definitely made me feel good…thank you for sharing

yoharvey martinez says:

really relaxing thanks

Jerry Rubin says:

I greatly appreciate your video. It is positive and healing nourishment for
all parts of one’s being. And a very joyful experience each time I tune in
to it. I highly recommend it because of the continual uplifting of spirit
that it provides.

Anita Perrault says:

All of our music is original and was created by Geno Mcmanus to use as a
background for our hypnosis products. So it is not currently for sale as
only music…But if you are interested…in a music track only…I could
talk to Geno to see if he would be interested to release it as such. Please
send us another email….to further discuss this…as to whether you would
like it for personal use or to use as a background for commerical purposes.

Speedycvo says:

This is beautiful! Thanks you!

samina wave says:

Thank you so much amazing video

sierralovesturtles says:

Dude these things never work for me, this made me almost pass out i was so
freaking relaxed! Freaking awesome!

Madeleinespiritlove says:

Wow! 😀 SO powerfull!! Thank you,Namaste *** <3

PositiveMindHypnosis says:

XXX BETWEEN BODY & MIND XXX Hypnosis is amazingly effective and often
directly responsible for major changes in an individual’s life patterns.
The hypnotic state or trance state is natural for all humans and many
animals. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non – invasive mode of alternative
healing which employs the use of your subconscious mind while it is in a
relaxed state. And we love this relaxed mental state just as every day we
are daydreaming, staring out the window, watching birds flying by.

benaxor says:

I need positive affirmations to counteract verbal abuse; I’m sure others do
too. Verbal abuse can be so full of mind games that it’s hard to remember
which way is up.

headtonix says:

So relaxed, make more please and more after that

denice hoover says:

Bless you delightful being for the pain that has left my body as a result
of this meditation thank you dearly for sharing this here

MrLghtspeed1 says:

wow great video!!!! Thank you

TheMasterAquarius says:

What peaceful meditation amazing thank you -_- You’ll relax completely…

Lisa Alderson says:

I fell asleep, awesome.

amey0002 says:

This is a wonderful meditation. Thank you.

Ljiljana petkovic says:

that was amazing..thank you!!!

aralia uno says:

great! didn’t realize it was sleep hypno, just did it as my morning
meditation, may be useful to label it! =) I loved it!

森 史 says:

If sleep and get up awake, as for own, the world figure changes completely
now today at this moment. Accomplish epoch-making revolutionary makeover.

Anita Perrault says:

We have some wonderful news! If you really liked the music in our videos,
Geno has just released an app for his latest song….We wish him much
success in that endeavour!!! Once again beautiful work Geno:-) We have
added his link to the top with the other links.

ketut sunaba says:

good video thank…………….

Brandi James says:

Luv this!!! I recently started Listening to this every night until I fall
asleep and now I wake up every morning with a clear mind and a smile on my
face….I don’t think I can go a day without listening….Thank you so very
much! This is much needed for someone like me (a over thinker)….. 🙂

DRIKAN says:

wow umbeliebly relaxing and making me motivated and focused

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