Positive Thinking: Relaxation Meditation Music,Relaxing Nature Sounds, Zen Meditation,Massage Music

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https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/autogenic-training-zen-music/id647025264?l=it&ls=1 www.meditationrelaxclub.com Positive Thinking: Relaxation Meditation Mus…


Amy Arrieta says:

I like it. It help me think a lot with my writing

Thomas Jahël V. says:

Music relaxing for a good day …

Sorin Petcu says:

The best relaxation music! Universe, Earth and Umanity – Sacral Trinity

Kela Davis says:

This is perfect for calling my soul

Abdualaziz Baroun says:

It’s the music that’s help you to reduce body and mind stress

elisabeth holyday says:


JohnisoneGR says:

Fabian! You moron, don’t touch my woman!

Sachidananda Mishra says:

Mind body ,spiritually relaxed.

Ano Nymous says:

Thank you!!! 

abhijeet arya says:

Namaste to all my global friends.

william smith says:

Good stuff

Corinna Bhy says:

I just love it! Thanks for the upload!! Peace out!

TOM GOh. says:

relax with NO STRESS!

Lunikmon Digan says:

belle music de meditation love

Sangeeta Bahadur says:

Very soothing. Helps greatly with focusing and centering yourself. 

Judy Latshaw says:


marius mejias García says:

Good nigth from Catalunya, next estate in Europe

Cindy Hammons says:


CJ Jorgensen says:

Namaste!! AWESOME!

Rane Pun says:

I love meditation good to make wisdom. 

Pang Kristine says:

This will makes me feel relax and refresh. 

Esteem Engine says:

May this music guide you on a journey to true peace and freedom.

Funmi Campbell says:

latisha dumas says:

Very relaxing and calming thank you

bestfly974 says:

A good video and a good relaxation …… thank you a beautiful journey of

Chessie Roberts says:

Welcome Home Everyone! Hope your day has been wonderful. CR
ChessieRoberts.com #in

Yolanda Ayala Hernandez says:

I can only feel peace with this music :)

Abdualaziz Baroun says:

This kind of music helps my mind become power full

Sachidananda Mishra says:

Mind body ,spiritually relaxed.

Sorin Petcu says:


DrPradeep Sharma says:


Chrissy Jagroop says:

Sue Powell says:

Absolutely beautiful , I look forward to more

bellalobo13 says:

Bello (;

Andrew Ramsey says:

I had tried many other meditation videos, most of them did not workout for
me, but this meditation video really does enable me to meditate:-)

how2dochannel1 says:

I personally find it hard to listen to music while I meditate. That’s why I
made a video on my channel called “Sounds for Meditation”. It really helps
me tune out all distractions. Beautiful video though! -Peace and Love

Miharu67 says:

so peaceful! this really got me into a deep meditation

wesley jarvis says:

Did it with my homework

derpy hooves says:

try watching dis video called sleep music delta waves: relaxing music to
help you sleep deep sleep inner peace it da most relaxing video ever

Elizabeth Tomlin says:


Andrew Yi says:

seems like your computer lagged it says 330,000+ people viewed this video
on mine lol

Tsur Yohananov says:


luciano josé says:

ouvir.meditar saber que somos importante para DEUS.

Brian Rozon says:

To feel love is a gift from above and to enjoy this music we must live far
beyond the clouds to a place called

Marife Crisanto says:

I do really love this kind of music. It really soothes one’s soul..Thank
you so much..

Ayush Kesarwani says:

Relax Relax Relax

margo Falkenhahn says:

Thank you very much…***


i just started lisning to meditations they are wonderful. thanks

Thought Programming says:

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Activity. Behavioral Activity can be programmed. Using language as a mind
software we permanently are repeating our desired goals through spoken
words, just like a mantra. This way we are establishing a specific pattern
of information and literally downloading as well as programming the
subconscious mind, which in response will trigger the programmed action.
Our subconscious mind works like a computer. It turns commands..

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