Positive Thinking Meditation: Endorphin Meditation with Positive Affirmations

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http://www.audiomeditation.co.uk/relaxation-self-help-meditation-cds/positive-thinking-meditation Guided Positive Thinking Meditation by Linda Hall, personal…


Fluxjection says:

Can this meditation help me stop worrying as well? Thanks!

Michelle Allen says:

this is awesome :)

johan ericsson says:

Dont listen to this video, i relaxed so much that i pooped myself.

Andria Fuller says:

Thank you so much. This experience and time I just spent with you
was/is/will continue to be amazing and so helpful. I knew and felt in my
heart the moment I heard your voice that you are going to play a very large
role in my pursuit and success of my better well being; emotionally,
spiritually, physically, and mentally. Beyond beautiful. 

69a2h3s says:

This video helped my mind out just now I just had reaching thoughts and now
they are reduced. :)

Allan Dacruz says:

WOW Linda. Your marvellous production is immensely helpful. Elated to have
come across it and will be making great use of it daily. Best wishes for an
awesome 2015 from Mauritius. Allan.

Suzieana Uda Nagu says:

I am only echoing the praises that the rest have showered you Linda 🙂 I
smiled the moment I heard your voice as something told me that with your
voice and guidance, I would be deeply immersed in the meditation. I was!

I liked that there was no reminder to focus on breathing “right”. That is a
breath of fresh air (pun intended), because I find that constantly being
reminded to breathe deeply distracts me from paying attention to the

I honestly feel refreshed and positive after just 10 minutes. Thank you!

jaci greer says:

Thank you Linda for sharing. Self acceptance is wonderful and sets us free.

Hanna Sajdak says:

is she the voice for a movie yet?!? she could be the female morgan freeman!

Marie Madeleine Koch says:

I really love this meditation, it makes me so happy! Thank you!

aalyoko says:

This really helped. I feel awesome right now 🙂 Thank you 

Jocelyn Guzman says:

Beautiful ❤ thank you! 

Eri Shikorina says:

Thank you Linda for this amazing Affirmations . god bless you

caroline gregory says:

Thank you Linda, I find your voice is perfect for the meditations and the
background sound not too intrusive like so many other videos. I’m looking
for a longer meditation/s contacting inner child perhaps. Do you have any
longer meditations say 40 mins to an hour?

Alaina Ive -Prior says:

This meditation has really helped me this morning. Thank you so much,

Love and light

Georgina Sapak says:

Thank you for this meditation. Was smiling without even meaning to!
Brilliant start to the day.
Much appreciated. Namaste x

Fillemexicaine36 says:

This was great. Thank you!

Lynnie says:

I love this one

glasto12345 says:

Your voice is like velvet. Thank you :-)

lizzie eldridge says:

A beautiful meditation, thank you. It was exactly what I needed this
morning so thank you very much :)

Ian Abernathy says:

This meditation cooled me down from an anxiety attack and helped to restore
a sense of balance in me. Grateful. Om

Danica Findlay says:

With nice lite music and a calming voice it truly allows Us to enjoy being
Thank you for sharing your talent, you are helping to heal Us and Earth,
many blessings!

Brendan Keegan says:

What a powerful, moving meditation! You have such a calming, strong voice.
Really enjoyed it! Thank you.

Corey Harrill says:

Great way to start the day:) Thanks for making this available to the

shpetim sylejmani says:

best guided meditation ever .thank you!

Dakota Griffin says:

As a gatekeeper I am delighted to see that people are awakening and going
through there acending process to the 5 dimensional plane.

Cody Dicken says:

Thank you very much. Exactly what I needed today!

Stacey Taylor says:

Thank you very much, you have a wonderful voice!

Sandra Wilson says:

Thank you Linda. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable meditation. I truly
needed your guidance today and your voice was very soothing. Love and

Amy Johnson says:

Thank you!!!! Simply beautiful

Danny Caffeine says:

You have a very soothing voice. I feel much better now :)

phil2856 says:

Very Nice Linda,

bernadette eggimann says:

thank you.

Nelly S says:

This put me in such a positive place. Thank you so much. ♡ 

Amy-Claire Walsh says:

This was by far the best guided meditation I have come across on here. Your
voice is incredibly soothing, and the way you say things is truly
beautiful. I love that you have such beautiful descriptions, but explain
them in such a simple and understandable way. Definitely listening to this
tomorrow. Thank you <3

joe mort says:

some days my world seems to shrink and every little thing bothers me….all
the things i am grateful for evaporate and are replaced with confused
musings of what has happened. will happen, or might happen….things like
this short meditation help remind me of the true nature of the
self….wonderful beautiful and free….thanks for this little video it
helped me today, a day when my world had begun to shrink =)

David Strack says:

That was nice.

Yokiamah Akuna says:

You’re vocal guidance is so calming, and reassuring. I’m beginning
meditation and this was just a perfect find. I’m so grateful. Thank you.
I’m subscribing. This will become part of a regime to save myself with. 3

alisha gaskin says:


Nathalie Madera says:

great video… thank You Linda

Juie Gregory says:

Wow i needed that, what fun and up lifting experience. Great relaxing

Amber Raney-Kincade says:

Such a great video. Really helping with my new routine for relaxing and
taking a break daily.

popolynn2 says:

I would totally bang your voice Linda

just sayan

Missy Lynn Charles says:

Lovely. Thank you.

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