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Andrea Hypno says:
Jon Rhodes says:

FREE Positive Thinking Hypnosis Session
Hope you like!

Jon Rhodes says:

FREE Positive Thinking Hypnosis Session

beniamino16 says:

@bashinmybishop Hey, How did you find this after a few weeks ?

GTRrocker666 says:

This video is awesome. Im on my bed with headphones on in the dark

The Amateur Parkour says:

Not a bad video, but I couldn’t even make it half way through,

persian123boom says:

I feel so much released now thanks

ChristyFreakinRoss says:

I have a HUGE final tomorrow and after I tried this video I feel so much at
ease and was able to clear my mind and study. I am also not so stressed.
Positive thinking, positive thinking!

Orcfood says:

This is amazing! 🙂

purplehaze165 says:

Nothing is unrealistic to obtain. I can get everything I desire. I truly
believe that 100%

Danielle Dudek says:


Mirani2 says:

I think we can get anything if we try!

vgrandja says:

This video is better and I can concentrate on what he’s saying. Thank you!

bashinmybishop kindredspirit says:

Have faved this recording…in a few weeks time I shall judge

Ellie Harris says:

I love listening to these, I try and listen to them every night as I get
really anxious about things easily which has bad physical and mental
effects, this has been one of the best ones yet!

Brian Potter says:

Wow, well, I wanted this to help me do my homework. I know I have to do it,
but do everything I can to postpone it. Which I know isn’t good, but I do
it anyway. I’ve just tried this and I already feel more motivated, but I’ll
message back on here in a few days and tell you honestly if I feel more
motivated or not.

Jake Rhodes says:

Glad we could help you!

bellabambina18 says:

@sunnykimmy Exactly! My negative thoughts are coming from a place of
frustration that it is hard to achieve my dreams. This video is basically
telling me that I should tell myself that it is unrealistic to achieve me
dreams. It isn’t. I stopped listening after I heard that

Tyler Jones says:

So relaxing, thank you! Definitely helped change my outlook on things, and
let go of negative things that hold me back from moving forward.

Priti Shukla says:

This was a good hypnosis but I have to disagree with not having what I
desire. That’s putting a negative info in my sub conscience mind. Things
that I want done are not accordingly could make people tick but not things.

joeyxl3456 says:

Thank you 🙂

MrCharleysmom says:

Can these videos be as effective if I listen to more than one each day?

ikhlas gasim says:

what relaxing words!<3

NunofAthos says:

Thank you for putting this on here for free; I’ve done it 3 mornings in a
row now and will continue doing so for at least another week. I actually
like your voice – it’s nice to have an English accent and it’s soft enough
without sounding like it’s trying to be a meditation voice. I think this is
actually having an effect – I feel that when I’ve done this in the morning,
as I go through the day and have negative thoughts, I’m more aware of them
and can stop them. So thanks!

sandradixon says:

With a accent like that u must be from my neck of the woods . Manchester ish

MissSally19x says:

wow that was amazing i feel actul relaxed i didnt think it would work as i
was very stressed but wow it did and the fire thing was amazing i could see
it so clearly in my head. thankyou

Mocha2007andcoco says:

I am more satisfied.

3abee6oz says:

i’m an Arab and i think this video is understandable and clear. Thank for
posting,it helped me a lot. (:

laroza1000 says:

this is a great video n specially the audio is awesome….your voice is so
relaxing jake o rhodes i wish you happiness all your life

panthercat38 says:

I WENT FOUR LAYERS DEEP! LOL! These are really great, and help relax when
nothing else will. Thanks for offering these! 🙂

SailorOooft says:

I wish I could of listened to the end but I fell asleep in 5 minutes :’)

strawberryskittle99 says:

I often find myself smiling throughout your videos. I don’t know if that’s
a sign that i’m not deep enough into the hypnosis but i enjoy it,

TheGreat_Tdub says:

I dont care what ppl say about you doing this or it didnt work. I needed
this, I just lost a very close friend and I need to be strong for His Wife,
family and friends. Thanks for putting this up. You helped atleast me to
get me through this time in my life. Thank You

Angela Conner says:

This helped me so much! I love your voice. I booked marked it and you
really help me to calm down.

darvishdivona777 says:

very helpful !

Avtar Cheema says:

it was cool….thanks man

Addis Johan says:

Thank you so much for posting this video.

John Wagner says:

Very nice. thank you.

taniayalis says:

Excelent video! have done hypnosis before with a hypnosis pofessional for
my bar exam 7 yrs ago and I can say this truly works. The person in this
video did exactly the same steps as the session I took. So I can state this
is a professional hypnosis video. Thank you very much for posting it!

regulus says:

Happier now?

bilalbabar111 says:

very great hypnosis video really worked,,,,

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