Positive Thinking – How to Use Thoughts?

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http://www.InnerEngineering.com/ http://www.IshaUSA.org Sadhguru talks about “Positive Thinking” and its relevance to individual growth.


Honey Goode says:

Thought has no existential relevance to life.. 

James Simpson says:

it is a well known fact that humans can only use 10 or 20% of the brain at
any time, but it is completely possible to expand that and use more of it.
humans tell themselves that they can’t go past a certain point, and in
doing so make it true! like the flee in a jar, you put the lid on, the flee
try’s to jump out and hits the lid a few times, and when you remove the lid
the flee won’t jump any higher then it did when the lid was on, it’s stuck.
you only have to look at the most brilliant people in history, most did not
start off so brilliant, but they new what they wanted was possible and they
made it happen. while everyone at the bottom of the mountain said ‘if you
climb the mountain you’ll die’ they climbed and they reached the top.

Richard Haust says:

He’s also saying that psychology and sociology isn’t as real as
“existential realities”. This is also silly, they are all intertwined. This
guy is a tool – don’t listen to him.

Vincent Menard says:


Dwight Dunker says:

Interesting thoughts…

Rahul Bhaskar says:

Sadhguru is very right….thats one of the reasons..i never think…because
existence is bigger than ur mind.. I have failed all my exams…….I still
refuse to think.

Nicole Lamb says:

I thought this was great until he said something about our within always
wanting more. Does that mean we will never be happy? 

Richard Haust says:

It was Descartes who said “I think therefore I am.”

It was not to make a philosophical argument, it was to challenge solipsism,
and to build a foundation on Plato and Aristotle. Descartes said that you
can not prove that anything exists beyond yourself, but you can prove your
own existence to yourself. This guy doesn’t have a basic philosophical
education. Western philosophy is the foundation of all modern thinking and

I agree with his perspectives otherwise, but his criticism of Descartes is
silly and misunderstood.

Pintso Namgyal says:

This man speaks really deeply on any subject.
Great man.

VI Spex says:

for binary code awarness join my facebook, Vi spex, free for all,
especially if you disagree with me :)

Gwenn Dana says:

+Richard Haust Even solipsism falls short of it. It comprehends the mind
and the self as belonging together, as atomic. That’s the very thing that’s
being challenged by Yoga and Vedanta.

Challenged not only by philosophical argument, but by invitation to self
experiment. Try it. It works.

Dwight Dunker says:

Interesting thoughts…

VI Spex says:

personal physical experience now is life

yin taichi says:


A Happy Raven Moore says:

“hey spooky” hahahahaha

PeruvianAyahuasca says:

It feels like I’m gonna explode. Here I am listening to Abraham Hicks stuff
and then I read this blog bout Jerry’s death and it took me out of the
‘vortex’. Its been a year and I still can’t get back in. Now I don’t even
know if what they teach is true or now. Although I have manifested a lot
with their teachings – the biggest thing being a confidence to take on
anything life throws at me!
I hear people saying its fake, its reptilian manipulation, blah blah ! I no
more understand what is true and what not. Anyone could be lying, anyone
could be a con !
Any thoughts ? Any help is appreciated! 🙂

Sean Richter-Walsh says:

If all of the great scientists over human history didn’t think and “stretch
their intellect” we would have no electricity, internet, medicine or
literally know anything. Thinking about the right things is good.

reido720 says:

isnt it?

nikkii daniels says:

“The greatest poverty of all is the absence of love. The man who has not
developed the capacity to love lives in a private hell of his own. A man
who is filled with love is in heaven. You can look at man as a wonderful
and unique plant, a plant that is capable of producing both nectar and
poison. If a man lives by hate he reaps a harvest of poison; if he lives by
love he gathers blossoms laden with nectar. Osho

lucas pruim says:

Man.. i love this guy

bitchexpress says:

His reality is the opposite of creativity. Without thoughts we’d have no
imagination, without that- what would there be around us, anywhere,
everything we interact with every day. I listened to him and it took me
down a level partially because he contradicts himself at the end. Low level
talk here. I took negativity away from watching him.

Praveen Reddy says:

the only positive thinking is no thinking…so how do we get to having no
thoughts is the real question….

Sunil Alisha says:
Alpesh Patel says:


Sammybizness says:

He did not fully understand the concept of the question. It’s completely
reasonable to understand that thinking positive is a correct and healthy
way to live. Even mystics get confused sometimes.

Andrew Jackson says:

I see it as thought being a form of kinetic Energy. A potential inside us
that can become motion, if desired to do so. The way we think developes
into energy and motion or in short our emotion. It is true that all can
think what ever we like, however it is thought or thinking collectively
that creates things that an indevidual may be incapable of manipulating. We
don’t. Ex-is, we simply is. Thought or thinking. Is how we be come. Or get
where we are presently

Nikitarose Raelloz says:

thanku universe 4 these types of people

Gary Pace says:

your subjective thinking is what forms your personal essence and helps
create your existential freedom. To say thought has no relevance is like
saying gravity doesn’t exist. A thought held in the formless substance of
the universe for more than 20 seconds will start to manifest itself and if
constantly thought about will manipulate the forces of the universe so as
to create its existence in reality. Everything around us originated as a
thought. To me thoughts are the essence of life.

christian arseneau says:

isn’t it?

Durugan doss says:

He insisted during meditation by telling my body is not mine or I am not
body: I am not mind….

yin taichi says:

Sahir I am impressed with your openmindedness. ! You see, I come from the
Ramakrishna lineage ( Not the Vedanta Society, which is LAME ). There is
enlightenment and illumination in one page of the Gospel of Sri
Ramakrishna, than
Mr. Beard could produce in 2 1/2 lifetimes. ” I think therefore I am”
Should have been – ” I think, therefore I THINK I am .” Duh.

Loganthan Mg says:

good to listen must watch

Tifosi Nelson says:

Man of wisdom..So simple and pragmatic. It works! !

Zion Grayson says:

Expanding your mind won’t help you. Do the exact opposite. The goal is not
to think, but to live. Get started by reading *The Present at Truth

harsha A says:

Is this why it has been said the world is ‘Maya'(Illusion)

adrian newman says:

only one fool richard haust is it, sadguru would tie you up in knots if you
were interviewing him, you just havent spent time enough with real life by
the look of you all you seem to have is an ego

jacob ladder says:

i think, so i suffer …
its as simple as this

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