Positive Affirmations – Meditation Part 2

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Persephone9ish says:

I’m glad I found this video tonight – it’s adding to the benefits I receive
from many of your other ones. As always, I thank you for caring so much
about us.

JROD Rodriguez says:

thanks well done my soul brother

Stephen Rogers says:

This is great!!!

Maria Winkler says:

Food for my heart and soul…..I cannot imagine getting through this block
of pain without your videos…what strikes me the most is that when I try
to repeat certain ones the tears just start flowing….and it’s always the
same ones……I guess those must be areas that need to be healed….I
don’t know!

rangsima yui says:

OMG!! stop hiding it. you are an angel!! and unlike some of us.. you know
Blessings!!. :D

Linga Lilley says:

Thank you for this post, it is just what I needed.

flseajewel says:

Thank you, so beneficial.

Janice Scott says:
Laintain K says:

What can i say other than…wonderful !!!!! 

A Ramesh Kumar says:

Thank You.

Marycruz Tobar says:

love it, been doing this affirmations for three days now, and also writing
them down and it’s making changes in my way of reacting and how I feel…

jeffreydebra1 says:

Thanks for this. 

bill rhea says:

My 65 years of life, nothing every touched me so deeply. “Ask me for
nothing”. Now, I know how to do this. You have made me enjoy a single ray
of sunshine. Thank you…All around me and all the globe shall benefit From
the gift you sent to me. I ride on a “CLOUD”. Now I now how to give back !
You changed my life. Thank You ! William

Mitch Boglin says:

This is great to listen to when your being bullied

Dru Miller says:

I sleep to this affirmation daily.. YOUR THE BEST THANKS FOR THE HELP

marcia robles says:

This is a great tool. The beginning breaks up in several spots.

Lori Pouttu says:

There are different kinds of meditation. This one provides positive
affirmations that I paused to share with you! I love the soothing voice
from The Reach Approach. Actually, the best voice I think I have come
across for meditation. See what you think. 

Douglas White says:

I have been on this optimization of self quest for a long, long time. I
have seen, read and heard many affirmative videos of this sort and, will
honestly tell you that this is one of the purest experiences. Thanks. This
one is God inspired.

Patricia Castillo says:

I love it here

Garry Hesser says:

check out if you need to be cool

Jhen Tripp says:

Positive Affirmations – Meditation Part 2

Charles Ngcebetsha says:

Thank you for your positive affirmations.

Gray Lawrence says:

Positive affirmations part 2

velescu stefan says:

I started this treatment with positive affirmations, 2-3 months and are
confident that it will help me ….. thanks and bless

TMO25 says:

In stead of ” I can ” you should say ” I am….”

stels2756 says:

wonderfull.thank you

velescu stefan says:

You send a positive vibration……thanks 

SeniaCal says:

I listen to this video at least once a week. I feel that it has helped me
out in my job as well as life in general. Any time I am feeling stressed or
upset I put this on and it helps me a lot. Thank you so much for all that
you are doing! Much appreciated.

Sat Panesar says:

Very impressive and uplifting; it’s a great way to start and/or finish the
day. I use this video (and many of the other equally useful Reach videos)
regularly as part of my lifestyle routine and cumulatively benefit from
each viewing; Repetition really is the key to maximise benefit. I love how
the words materialise seamlessly into the beautiful imagery and synchronise
with the soothing, calming and reassuring narration & background music. For
me, the most captivating image is 11 mins 52 secs into the video, where
droplets from the sun rain down onto the sea – awesome! Hard to believe
that this video, along with its partner Positive Affirmations 1, was
produced 22 years ago! Truly ground-breaking and way ahead of its time! I
applaud all those involved in the production; the time & effort applied
from creative concept through to technical execution should not be
under-estimated or taken for granted. We should all be thankful to Reach
for providing the world with ready access to such positive and inspiring
material. As I approach the latter stages of the Lifestyle part of my Reach
‘Journey of Truth’, I really appreciate the Reach YouTube videos as
excellent introductions to Meditation. 

Wanda Miranda says:

I LOVE EASTON HAMILTON he’s truly the BEST the is look no further. Bring us
more guided meditation pleazzzzzze. Love and light always!

Reza Ahmed says:

Positive Affirmation to heal yourself <3 

Jermaine Francis says:

i replace i can with i am and doing great at it

thereachapproach says:

Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Although we may not see the
issue you raise in the same way your comments are nonetheless respected.
Thank you.

Lily Mn says:

how can i activate my third eye???

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