Peak Potentials Training : Enlightened Warrior Training by Harv Eker

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Isaac Palmquist says:

this is amazing training and the the mmi event was hands down the best
training I have ever gone too.

Juan Figueroa says:

awesome trainning

Anita Justice says:

“At the Enlightened Warrior Training, the yelling which is promoted
throughout the program almost damaged the hearing in my left ear. While in
a huddle of people during one of these many processes, I felt something in
my left ear pop as one man was screaming in my ear, resulting in a ringing
which did not go away for several weeks. I feel my hearing is at risk in
future Peak Potential Trainings.”

proximaism says:

to be honest,this person helped me to be a better person in all
aspects,thank you harv eker.

Danny P. Valdez says:


MrArkad says:

que senor tan picudo.. MR Harv es ested un picudo

Mei Ping Tan says:

Thank you for sharing.

Omar Bilal says:

Allah says “So, Verily, with Every Difficulty, There is RELIEF:”
(Al-Inshirah 94:5-6)

jaguarllu2009 says:

that’s so true

vunak2000 says:

not a scam…he is endorsed by many people including trump, robbins etc

Anita Justice says:

He did not earn any degrees and dropped out of the metaphysical school
program he was in in Missouri. University of Alaska has no such degree
plans as wilderness studies. Ronald Downey was arrested and sued in Alaska
for scamming the airlines. If you want a healing from him you better have
plenty of money because he will only “treat” you as long as you pay and
when you ask why you don’t feel any better he’ll tell you that you aren’t
doing what he told you to do and charge you more.

Anita Justice says:

His business practices cannot be validated through any legitimate means.
there is no listing for Christ Ascension Trust, Tree of Life Trust, or
anything else he involves himself in. He is never in one place for very
long and it is difficult to contact him unless you sign up to send him
messages through one of the many social media outlets on the web. I cannot
stress it hard enough that everyone needs to steer clear of Ronald Allen

Dan Travis says:

@beadya Can I ask what your net worth is? And did you make it yourself? If
you are already a self made millionaire and didn’t need anything like this
then I will understand your point. I know many people that go to these
seminars and earn back far more than the money they pay. Not just financial
gains either.

beyondnlpvideos says:

Poor teaching skills when the teacher talks to the flip chart instead of
the audience.

BelKaren says:

This section of the training was some of the most powerful learning I have
ever done. Harv’s courses go on to give you a slew of opportunities to put
it to the test, and this is the core of that teaching. I am endlessly
grateful to Harv for the powerful teachigs he has made so easily available
to me. This is a grreat path to learning the meanings in your every action,
not just your doodle meanings.

yogiraw says:

Yay I’m going to EWT next summer!!!!!!!

dojistar says:

To all of you haters below me.. Haters are going to hate.

beadya says:

@vinylmerchant I see you’re point. Thanks. I guess I’ve just never felt
that I need to have my life “changed”, as I’m happy with the way it is.
It’s unfortunate that there are so many people that feel they need to
attend these seminars to make those changes to their lives that they so
desire. The founder of this company is “brilliant” to see there are these
people out there that will dish out thousands to attend.

goldblooom says:

The principles I have learnt at Millionaire Mind Intesive have changed my
life for the better. We can have such enriched lives, and I dont mean
having money, its goes beyond that. I cant wait to attend his other
seminars, T.Harv Eker is incredible and what he shares with us is priceless.

drewby7777 says:

This is a GIANT SCAM!! I was just at a hotel in N.Y. and this group’s
“warrior training camp” was going on. We didn’t know this when we booked
there. The participants couldn’t smoke or drink even after the lectures. I
saw ADULTS turn into a bunch of automatons that did everything this clown’s
staff, all dressed in drab green, told them. They were up in the tennis
courts at 6am yelling at the top of their lungs military style. Of course
the fact that everyone else in the hotel was awoken as well.

Anita Justice says:

I know that one of the so called “healers” associated with peak potentials
is a scam artist. I have know him all my life and have watched him scam
people for whatever he could con them out of. Ronald Allen Downey
associates himself with Peak Potentials and that fact alone is enough to
know that this company does not check out the people who work with/for
them. Ronald Downey has information about himself all over the web but none
of it is true. He uses vulnerable women wherever he goes.

chris peterson says:

a bunch of noise

beadya says:

@vinylmerchant You’re right, maybe I shouldn’t judge people who try to
better themselves with this training. I was blessed with having the best
parents a person could ask for that gave me all the motivation I need. Fact
is I know people who have joined this cult and are more screwed up than
ever, sad part is they can’t see it. As to the answer to you’re question, I
am a self made millionaire that started with “zero” financial handouts,
just an upbringing that taught me hard work.

Anita Justice says:

They offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their
course, but they will do whatever they can to not honor it. Everyone is
entitled to their own opinion – and some people get value out of what they
teach, which is wonderful. Other don’t – and there isn’t anything wrong
with that. Please see my review:

Alison Grimston says:

Harv’s courses are life-changing; each one is worth 10 times it’s cost – as
long as you take action. This video is a great reminder of what separates
the great from the rest – taking action in spite of fear. It is not that
they don’t have fear, only that they have tamed it. Thank you Harv.

geekintheperimeter says:

Man! The coin this guy is raking in! Each of those zombies poneying up all
that dough… wow what a gig he’s made for himself.

Anita Justice says:

Peak Potentials Training, Nevada Complaints & Reviews – Big Scam – No
“I know that T. Harv Eker supposedly prides himself on having integrity,
but I fail to see how this policy has integrity. If becoming wealthy means
you have to “trick” people out of their money, and then they have no
recourse for getting it back if they are unhappy with the product or
service, then that is not having integrity.”

Azren Raju says:

yeeeeaaaahhh!!! 😀

iworkforme says:

this guy is speaking to the ones who are ready.

born2termin2 says:

this is a fucking scam i hate this mother fucking shit!~!!!

Gabriel Holl says:

oh my god this is such bullshit… i feel so bad for all you easily
suggestive stupid people

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